Question to women

Is it true that sexually you only want white chads?

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Idk I currently want an aspie with mental issue but yeah he happens to be white and has Chad traits

Not a woman but you are wrong. Besides how do you even define chad?

handsome, tall, white

Question to men: Is it true that sexually you only want one specific type of woman?

What a very very silly person OP is

Oh, so the ideal man of homosexual incels. No, most girls do not find him attractive.

no, it is not true. Men have very low standards when it comes to women. Here, I answered it. Wasn't that difficult, was it?

Another poor coping attempt

Women are unevolved and lack the awareness to understand what they really want.

> average man's requirement for a woman
loyal, not fat, kind

> average woman's requirement for a man
.0001 percentile of human height, dick size, and facial genetics that has 7 figure salary but has enough time to party and travel every single day

>this is what incel cultists actually believe

No u

>tall, white
Not necessary, my bf is neither. A nice face is enough.

Normies be like:
>if you want a gf you need to man up, work out 5 days a week, get a good job, be very social, be more interesting than the other dozens of guys in her immediately surrounding, be X Y and Z

Also normies:
>Nah dude women can pick who they want because vagina

Those are what incels believe others think, and project their own insecurities on "normies".

I mean, I’m married, don’t work out, have an “ok” job, and I wouldn’t say I am interesting but I know what I want and it’s my girl’s booty. I think you’re just pulling this shit out your ass because you’re too afraid of rejection.

My partner is a chubby Transformers collecting dork so nah. Love him to bits.

>there is no one on planet earth who works out less than 5 days a week who has a gf


You're probably a landwhale tho

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>because you’re too afraid of rejection.
Putting your self-worth in the hands of a woman. What's not to fear about that?

I won't date anyone who follows a religion based on Judaism like Christianity. They are LARPing as Middle Easterners.

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we know exactly what we want it just probably isn't someone like you.

no i do agree its hard to choose sometimes but that can be for various reasons. like i prefer light brown hair and green eyes and going out with him but i may be talking with another guy with blond hair and a little taller and also really funny and like him. see what i mean?

I'm 5'3" and 115lbs


so what if she is?
people should looksmatch

Yes but women lie to save face even online or anonymously

And incels lie about everything, so what?

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The thing is, you don’t need to put your self-worth on the table unless your ego is fragile. A healthy relationship should be a partnership where your life trajectories are more or less pointing in the same direction. It’s like acing a job interview. It’s stressful, but the employers are always looking for the candidate who is relaxed, knows what they want, and can commit. While the pussy may be good, you have to be ready to leave or quit if there are fundamental problems. Basically, respect yourself enough to know when you have a bad deal.

He's hot
Post more

and why shouldn't women be allowed to pick who they want to fuck? after all the shit we fucking go through we deserve some grade a dick, dumb fucking incel

No I just want a cute boy who will love me and not take advantage of me and play video games with me sometimes. I'm single by the way

yeah for all the shit you incels talk about race, women do prefer the european archetype
blacks, asians and hispanics have it way tougher

That's a man and they're probably promiscuous trash

>blacks, asians and hispanics have it way tougher
Not if they stay in their own damn countries and date within their race.


>and why shouldn't women be allowed to pick who they want to fuck?
If you're seriously retarded enough to not see how millions of sexually frustrated men can be a problem to society, you should just kill yourself. Or an Incel you created will just shoot you soon anyway. tsktsk

Incels and whores should be shot.
Women do not have an obligation to fuck horny, degenerate men. To the contrary, everyone should wait until marriage, men and women both.


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Incels kind of deserve the noose, man. No functioning, progressive society has a place for a bunch of men who refuse to
>actualize that they're their own problem
>stop chasing exclusively whores
>stop taking everything so deeply personally
>stop criticizing everything that doesn't fit their myopic world view
>stop pretending inactive/passive approaches get anything anywhere
>make peace with the fact that they're owed nothing, and entitled to nothing
>learn to accept the fact that people are at large too multi-faceted and varied to simply generalize
>focus on anything except having sex and build their entire esteem off of exclusively sex-- which they never actually have

I don't know what they want. I can keep going. I can keep going for a long fucking time.
Do they want us to socially acclimatize them? Do they want us to find slaggers for them to rail? Do they want a friend? Because everything I see out of incels is bitterness, denial, escapism and ultimately self-fulfilling prophecies.

false too
most minority women still prefer the euro archetype over their own race

That’s not true in Asia though

Stop dating americans you fucking daft cunt.

as a man, I find this comment to lack any kind of wisdom
>thinking men think with anything other than our dicks
youngins today

Hi, femanon here. Yes and no. If you mean at first sight, yes (even though it depends on what one would define as chad). Normally what happens is that you see someone who's a 6/10 and at first you don't feel much down there but he's actually a confident guy and that 6 becomes a 9. To me, it's a matter of confidence and sense of humor. Of course looks are important, but as long as your hygiene is good and you take care of yourself, the rest is entirely psychological.

>most girls do not find handsome, tall white men attractive
How much of a fucking deluded spazz can you even be

What kind of "confidence" you seek in men

unintended kek

I don't particularly seek out "white chads," no, I have odd fetishes and kinks like everyone else on this underwater basketweaving forum.

How low are we talking? Would you literally fuck a fat chick who weighs over 200 lbs?

Have you even met a woman?

This is only true on dating apps, because men are hungry dogs that will eat anything.
If you step outside and talk to people, women are just as clueless as men and don't have particularly high standard.
>if you want a gf you need to man up, work out 5 days a week, get a good job, be very social, be more interesting than the other dozens of guys in her immediately surrounding, be X Y and Z
Except you do that for yourself because you want to be the best version of yourself, not for getting a fucking girl.
Males need to stop caring so much about getting a girlfriend. It's OK to be single.

The "stay calm, make eye contact and don't try it too hard because it becomes awkward af" kind I guess

My job requires that I leave my house pretty regularly. I also have some social relationships that dictate I spend some time in public. I'd say on any given day I spend between 5-6 hours looking at and sometimes even speaking to other human beings in common public gathering places. During these hours I often see human beings of the female persuasion out with their boyfriends or on dates or flirting with men. The vast majority of these men that I witness engaging in these interactions are not "Chads", although admittedly, I'm still not positive what a "Chad" is or how that is applicable to anybody's life. So, in summary, no. I see pretty shlubby, regular looking dudes with women all the time. Again, if you'd like the source of this data its public. I gathered this information by leaving my house.

I love this post user, we must strive to become our own personal Übermensch, for no one but ourselves!

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You sound like the competition bothers you.

Does it?

Non hostile qn.

I'll take anyone that could love me

No. The other user said it's worse for the nonwhites, so you picked an odd rhetorical tactic.
Women who would date outside their race aren't worth chasing anyway, but even a 300-pound landwhale can give birth to mutt kids--and that genetic damage is permanent, both for the poor kid deprived of an identity and the society.

All I want is non fat. That's literally my only requirement. If we can be specific, a woman that takes care of her health, both physical and mental. Anything else is not important.

>a cute boy
Doesn't that discard pretty much all incels?

Have you tried surfing?

If it's all about sexual frustration then fucking pay a whore and release everything. I simply don't understand why incels don't do this. Anytime I want to fuck I fuck my gf, and if I don't have one then I pay a whore. In both cases I'll be spending approximately the same amount of money so who cares. Why does it have to be so hard to just. Have. Sex.

>Actualize theyre their own problem
No one is entirely their own problem. They got fed bullshit and ran with it before their brains developed enough for them to filter it. Anyone can make that mistake (i did, exincel), and then suddenly you're all grown up and competing with a majority of welladjusted people. There's the inertia of delusion, the need to confront the spectre that you are both ugly AND stupid, and objectively shitty women who exploit orbiters adding to the problem. GOTIs are never their own problem; neither incels.

>Stop chasing 100% whores
It might surprise you the number of queenbees who dont have any intention of putting out for anything less than Chaddeus Cash III. They arent all whores, is my point.
>Stop taking everything so deeply personally
Not sure why parents whose kids werent shot by incels playing CS:CHOOL are freaking out. They shouldnt take it so personally.
>Stop pretending passive is a mating tactic
Are you a hetero man? If not, please be advised that men have to put themselves up for rejection everytime they say hi. It is 20 times harder to say "please" than "no". Incels have very injured egos; every rejection is a confirmation of blackpill. Lots of incels arent pretending that passiveness is a good tactic; its just the only one they got that doesnt involve the vertigo of terror of just MAKING an approach, and the crushing rejection upon failure.

>Stop criticizing everything that doesnt fit their ideas
Applies to every tightly held belief, not just blackpill. This is a human problem, not an incel one.
>Make peace that they are owed nothing
This is dangerous cause it leads to the conclusion that they owe nothing either, and are free to fire at the graduation stage with an AKek-88. I think everyone is owed civility.
>People are too different to generalize
Your post paints incels as one breed with a suite of common traits. Not stereotyping is hard, isnt it?
>Focus on anything but sex
They want love, but ideate it as sex.

Because, cabrone, they are not after just sex. It is love in the shape of sex.

No it doesnt. Eliot was a looker, if only he wasnt a sperglord retard. He'd fit right in with a 90s boyband.

Not a rhetorical tactic, sorry if it came across that way.

Why do incels pretend there are millions of them? Your cult has a few thousand members at most. It has never been easier to get sex. Only actively avoiding it makes you celibate. Incels refuse to do anything that would get them a girl, it's against their religion.

Not poster. No hetero man avoids NSR sex with 5+/10.
>Refuse to do anything
Let me correct that.
>Refuse to do anything THAT WORKS
The problem is not lack of effort, but misdirected effort.

National Swine Registry?

Read roastie twitter

Stop gaslighting

gaslighting is like gangstalking; it doent exist.

No, not true.
I had a huge crush for years on a twinky 5'9" guy with a weird face and crooked teeth. Literally obsessed over the guy for 4 years.
My boyfriend is pretty Chad-like, tho: he is tall, has wide shoulders and has a handsome face. He is incredibly hot.

Not him but i would, and have. Legitimately have a fat fetish though, so other guys can think what they want