Why do people in public stare at me it makes me so insecure?

Sorry for the filter but this is the only photo I took yesterday plus you get the jist of my outfit & stuff. All day people kept staring at me it was normally couples. They would say something and the other person who had their back turned to me would completely turn around and then they would stare at me together & talk. This happened twice. Let me cancel some things out it could be to save some time.
1. I don't stare at them first, I normally don't even notice them in my surroundings until it happens.
2. My shorts cover my butt.
3. I'm not fat enough for people to actually talk about it.
4. This happens at the mall where every girl is dressed similar & wearing shorts & crop tops, and loads of makeup. So it can't be any of those things.

I have social anxiety so I just want to cry when I see everyone from A group turn and look at me makes me feel degraded and it makes me feel like I'm being a freak show.

I normally get a lot of stares & I normally cope with all the attention by pretending they think I'm a celebrity or something so I don't feel bad about myself Lol What could it be about me that draws so much attention? Yesterday the attention felt so negative.

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Because you have a vagina.

Gee, I fucking wonder.
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I dont usually react like this to adv thread and always try to be comprehensive but this one is blatantly asking for validation you already get from men in real life

I'd bet both of my hands that you dont have any anxiety, its not "cool" to have a mental illness, please just stop this shit

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How am I a attention whore? I actually don't like the attention it makes me miserable. If you're talking about posting the photo most people on advice thread normally ask for a photo to figure out what the problem is & my question probably couldn't be answered without it.

Your puss smelled and they didn’t like it. Need more vagisil

What makes you assume I don't have it?

Your anxiety makes you hyper aware of people looking at you. You're making a big deal of something that they won't even remember.

It's perfectly normal for people to people watch and make observations. Plenty of them thought you looked good, and they all forgot about it 5 seconds later.

It's not all about you. Just get out of your head a bit and ignore other people

No confidence is not a mental illness

Ooooooo the edgy kid on Jow Forums that's going to bully me because I'm not up to his standard for a future potential mate or fit a specific aesthetic therefore I'm worthless.

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You simply see what you want to see.

Didn't read your drivel, since it's obvious that you're an attention whore, so I'll make this fast. First thing, you're overweight and probably a 5/10 without all those filters and make up. Second, your boobs might be kind of large and the reason some people stare. That combined with the fact that you probably live in some shithole with really, really starved men (something like america)

I'm op. Men in America are starved? Huh?? I'm interested in that theory.


Also, you posting this entire thread online, with a picture, instead of considering the facts through observations of your own, etc, comes off as attention seeking. If you had not posted the picture, then it could be chalked up to social anxiety—shit, I have it when I’m in class, it’s why I sit in the back, always. You might have some form of it, but lets be honest—your bottom line is a compliment.


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>"""Social anxiety"""
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