How do we stop the widespreading cognitive Triads surrounding sexually frustrated, antisocialized Men that get a semihomosexual obsession with perfect facial features, tongue posture techniques, interracial hardcore Pornography, Hormone blocking pills and body height or how do we stop this bitches to drag down entire Blueboards? Weren't Jow Forums and Jow Forums meant to be their quarantine zones?

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Are you okay, user? They're not nearly as big a problem as you're insinuating. Did they make you angry or something?

Incels are not born but made. Blame society for accepting immigrants which are mostly men outsourcing native male population deining them their sexual needs because there are simply not enought women to fuck.

god i fucking hate the word incel now. i remember 3 years ago when it actually had meaning. i really like how mainstream internet openly mocks and dislikes people who label themselves as involontary celibate but the real truth is some guys just can't get fucking laid. it's the truth and people don't wanna see it. yes everyone can self improve to a certain point where they can very likely get laid but some people just don't get to have sex. normies don't like this idea because it makes them an accomplice to loneliness. louis ck quote:
There are people out there who there’s just nobody for them. Yep. People like to say things like, “there’s someone for everyone.” Nope! Not at all true, and stop saying it ’cause it’s mean to people who never find anybody. There are millions of people out there who we’ve all unanimously decided, they are light speed ugly and nobody kisses them on the lips, even. Nobody touches their genitals their entire life. They just wash it, and then they die. That’s all that happens, “aww,” and if you’re feeling bad for them, you can go find one and fuck one tomorrow, you can just solve the problem right there with all that kindness in your heart. “Aww.” Well, go fuck one. “Nah.” I didn’t think so.

fuck you and your shitty shill thread op

>incels make bawwwwing threads about women
>op makes a bawwwing thread about incels
What for? Just report their threads/posts and move on

Government mandated girlfriends

Eww. Gross. No one wants to fuck an incel

Nah, years ago we had at least a little bit of genuine advice here but now you either get rhetoric threads on how you must be chad to have a good life or threads about relationship- and dating issues get derailed with le imb4 blackpills and some twitter and tinder screencaps of the bitchest 0,1% of the fwmale population saying/going for dumb shit which are meant to "prove" their points. We have daily incel threads in here and nonbait threads are getting fucking rare.

Incels should just date Jow Forums trannies. It's a win-win.

Good to see that I fucked this board over :)

The incel problem is just gonna get worse and worse because the rift between men and women has grown too strong. Even Chad is starting to fear women due to cancel culture. We are seeing a man vs woman war emerging, in fact you could argue it is going on right now.

Once people get tired of fighting men and women will go back to more traditional values.

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Literally everything you said is false. What else would you expect from a basement-dwelling shut-in who gets all his worldviews from his incel echo chambers?

You sound like a person willing to fight for your beliefs.

Question is, are you willing to die for them?

What are you talking about? I'm just a guy who pointed out what you wrote is retarded and wrong and only delusional brainlet incels could believe it.

>I'm just a guy

Stay safe out there.

One start would be to drop all the pseudopsychological and pseudosociological jargon and try thinking in English

I agree with Louis, but that's literally why plastic surgery exists.
If you're 35, KHHV, and can't even put 5 to 10K on a credit card, you're a miserable failure of a human being on all metrics, and you can take some of the blame for that.
If getting laid has been the driving force behind your life, you can grind for it.
Yes, other people don't have to. But other people are also born into the SC Johnson family and ride helicopters to school.
Gotta worry about yourself and what you can do to get where you wanna be.

That jargon is what feeds incel beliefs. It's literally their bible, religion, reason to live.

>Mfw I wanted to be many things like a chemist and psychologist but can only go into electrical engineering since I'm only here for a blink of an eye

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Nah, terms like Maxilla, 80-20 Rule, Looksmaxing, Manlet but not cognitive Triads since that sums up the mood of their believe set.

It's just some dumbasses being edgy online. They don't really care half as much IRL and in fact would be pretty much elated to be approached by "average looking" girls in real life.

There are still genuinely useful threads and genuinely useful answers. You can't control people in an anonymous setting and it's useless to expect it. Just be chill and filter more while you browse about

Probably when the ruling classes stop pushing this man vs woman bullshit to keep us divided
So probably never

of course, blame immigration, it makes perfect sense

Based loonie

Remove single mothers.

Im gonna go ahead and reply to you because that was well thought out and those posts usually go ignored in threads like these

A chad a day keeps the incels away

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