My girlfriend has been mentioning a guy from work once in a while, about once a week for the past month...

My girlfriend has been mentioning a guy from work once in a while, about once a week for the past month. I don’t think the guy is a threat but it annoys me.

Just now she told me her conversation with this guy today. She told him she wanted to fake sick so she could get out of the meeting and the guy replied “yeah bring it over here too.” Essentially talking about swapping germs. Am I right to get kinda pissed at this? I feel now like she is bringing it up to test me.

Feel free to use this thread to ask, give, and receive relationship advice.

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you are trying to create a problem when there is none

When was the last time you took her out for something special?

Lmao she’s riding that cock at work.

We go out all the time, she brought this up on the way home from dinner at a higher end burger place (blue cheese etc)

I can see that

You must be a very insecure, whiny faggot.

>We go out all the time, she brought this up on the way home from dinner at a higher end burger place (blue cheese etc)
Probably nothing, then. As long as you're doing everything right, planning dates, fucking her right, loving her right, etc. you ought not worry about these things.

I wouldn’t be too concerned. But take a mental note and keep an eye on it. Does she mention conversations with other coworkers or is it just this guy? At my last job I had a female coworker and we spent lots of time talking. I’d even say there was a lot of platonic flirting. We knew the boundaries and they were never crossed.

Now if she starts talking about happy hour and coming home late, then you might have a reason to be concerned.

lol i went through this with my ex wife. this was the first signs that set off the divorce

after she mentioned the dude for like the 3rd time in 2 weeks, i told her he was flirting with her because she was giving him signals that it was ok. she played dumb and accused me of being jealous

it’s a losing battle. respond with action, meaning respond by using dread game. start spending more time away from her, hanging with friends. not because you’re “mad” or whatever, but because your time is valuable to you and you won’t waste it on a woman seeking attention from other men

she is tainting herself and needs you to pull away. this does several things. it provides a catalyst that gives her the green light to run or wakes her up and makes her focus on you. it also communicates to her that she shouldn’t be wasting her time trying to play games

no matter the outcome, it puts the onus on her to make a decision without making you look like a needy bitch

what i did was a mistake, but i also believe dread game would have made her into an ex-wife sooner—which would have been better for the both of us because she was toxic af

You bring up a good perspective from being in the position of the guy flirting. I’m sure I have been in that position too.

My personal butthurtedness comes from how they will go on a business meeting together (same city)

>i told her he was flirting with her because she was giving him signals that it was ok.
Sounds exactly right and a measured response.

Thank you for your advice. I kinda started giving her the cold shoulder (as I have done the other times). This time she started crying because I was sitting on the couch and ignoring her when she asked for a hug. Now I caved.

Either you trust her or you don't. Either you allow her to know people who are not you or you lock her in the house dressed in a burka.

Don't be stupid. Not everything is black or white, stop thinking in extremes.

glad i can help, and whatever you do.. “i’m not mad, i’m just disappointed” carry that attitude instead of being mad

never tell a woman you’re mad as a response to her petty games

i can’t tell you that this will save the relationship. you just need to force her hand because right now it’s up to her 100% to communicate to you that she’s still in it

She'll most likely cheat eventually, it always starts like this

That guy is trying to fuck her but your gf doesn't see it. If you try to isolate her from him you'll only look insecure. Try to meet the guy, you two can become friends with him and maybe he'll back off

Ignore her. Treat her bad. Act like you don't give a fuck. She's probably magnetizing towards the guy because he does that to her at work. For some strange life reason women find guys who ignore them and treat em like shit very attractive. It's how you keep a long marriage. Don't be clingy or show feminine traits, (like being annoyed by this guy at work) scientifically females will mate with the most aggressive dominant male.

>he thinks you can satisfy women
>he think women are loyal when their cell phone is a bag of dicks.

good luck with that buddy.

My current gf had some cunt say he had feelings for her at work and she said the usual bull of he's no threat, not interested, whatever. That was February, fast forward to now and as suspected she's been seeing regularly and doing God knows what. I'm currently seeking legal advice of what to do with the house we purchased together when we break up.

Of course, she doesn't know this. Yet.

No sweaty. it's called intuition, and he's feeling compelled enough to make this thread for a reason.

Usually when you get a feeling something is wrong, it's because something is wrong.

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This. I've experienced it first hand.

You're pretty within your rights to do anything. What you did wrong is date a girl who doesn't believe that you are.

My girlfriend wouldn't be caught dead humouring a text like that. My relationship advice? "Date someone who communicates on your level."
Your girlfriend, evidently, does not. People who 'test' people are shitters trying to cover up for their own flaws (IE: infidelity disguised as """a test""") and should be disposed of at earliest convenience as they're the ones who end up dragging a man through divorce hell.

Don't listen to this guy, but learn from him. When you start accusing innocent people of shit, they get pissed off. She may have started cheating just to spite him for suggesting she is leading a man on. Just keep doing what you're doing. Nobody has done as well with her as you have.

True, but the testing starts early on. People don't start that shit in the middle of a relationship.

this is called willful ignorance

women learn how to walk on males like this pretty easily

>Nobody has done as wqell
He ain't doing so well if she's humouring this, friend. In fact, it's arguably worse to be a cuck than to be single.

If someone's ethical character is so flimsy they'd cheat just to spite someone, you're better off single. I don't know what kind of omega-meta cuck you are to believe mind games are okay to humour because holy shit.

They do. Many times because they're being influenced by shitty friends.

Nah, I can tell you've never met a real cuck before. That shit is funny.

>I'm going to kyle's house.
>Baby it's late
> Forget it babe do what you want
> I'll be back!

A bitch is someone so weak that you can stomp on their nuts and make them apologize.

This shit right here sounds like her talking about her life.
As long as OP keeps his chick satisfied in every way, he doesn't have shit to worry about.

OP y'all fuckin' right? She comes often if not everytime right?

That's crazy, but I guess if it happened to you. Quick couple of questions; what were you're stats in the beginning and when this shit started? I'm talkin' height, weight, looks, sex per week, income per week, lifestyle. Were there any big changes like moving or going to college, new job, etc? Anything to look out for either?

My girlfriend never tested me. She just wanted my dick. She'd try new things; perfume, makeup, fake glasses (I'm into the specs), hair styles, anything she could get her hands on to grab my attention.

But she sure as fuck never texted other guys while vying for my interest. Only at the point at which she believed I was no longer available did she do so and the moment I became available again, she was back at it.
She's never played mind games. The worst I get is the silent treatment, which all people do when they're frustrated, trying to resolve it internally, and don't want to inflict the results-- or the process-- on others.

Mind games are not okay. Mind games are not normal. Mind games are not indicative of a good or sensible person.

DO NOT advocate, defend, apologize or otherwise normalize them. It's literally one of the primary telltale signs of narcissism that someone believes roundabout methods of getting their way-- without ever just saying, "I want X"-- are somehow acceptable in any fashion.

Not even once. Not even fucking once. It took me three months to drop the hag who played mind games on me and I've been with my girlfriend since for a total of eight years. Our greatest scare was when my buddy, who was then kind of a womanizer, was aggressively encouraging me to hit on some other chick.
I didn't, but I did talk to her and she did turn out to be a social justice warrior.

leave it alone, chill out. its not worth it

this is unironically a foundation for a healthy relationship and how mine is. this is why dread game should be applied to get her to cut her shit

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m gonna feel it out and see if she says any other stupid things. So far she said she went to the meeting which she said was 2 hours but it’s 3+

Women like to talk about their experiences and how it felt. Just roll with it.

Dont bother the guy is probably a loser

If you give it any attention other than listening to her lame work stories then youre just gonna make it worse.

I'm assuming this isn't a bait thread, it's hard to say OP. For now I'd say it's not a red flag yet but it's not something I would like to hear if it's too often. That's why I'd rather avoid talking to my female co workers, I always establish boundaries to keep things cool and no tension. I don't want to be the reason feelings get hurt.

Hold it user, you're starting to sound like you're pretty insecure yourself. Not everyone in life has the misfortune of being a loser.

I think it’s accurate that I should not act overly paranoid about it. That will just come off as weakness which would make her lose some respect for me.

To be honest I think it’s something like this—my girlfriend never really had many friends growing up and is generally a lonely person so it’s nice she is making acquaintances at work and I don’t want to interfere with that. Their office is probably trying to build some kind of team cohesion and include her, which is good. At the same time this dude is probably thirsty and trying to push boundaries that my gf doesn’t fully grasp which I should pay attention to.

I think my gf also feels like I am a pretty smart and witty person who remembers nuances of conversation, so sometimes she wants to recite things back to me to show she is witty too. However it is also starting to feel like she wants me to think this guy is funny (maybe to show that the people in her workplace are smart?), but I simply am not impressed and don’t give a shit.

>Lmao she’s riding that cock at work.

>She'll most likely cheat eventually, it always starts like this
In my thought she already did and it's very true, it always starts like this.

>Thanks for the advice guys. I’m gonna feel it out and see if she says any other stupid things. So far she said she went to the meeting which she said was 2 hours but it’s 3+
Thanks for the laugh bro.

Dont manipulate your partner. Why are you listening to the divorcee? She could be mentioning because shes interested in him, it could be innocuous, you dont know. You can mention you think hes flirting with her but dont be accusing otherwise you will hurt her much more deeply than you think. You keep your girlfriend by being the best man in her eyes. She cant leave you if shes chasing you and loves you. Dont be a retard

Based, based!

That's the whole point. Unless you want to over-react to extreme, you have to trust her

This guy is an insecure incel brainlet who’s better off living in Saudi Arabia don’t even bother

If he was a threat she would NEVER bring him up.