I'm an 18 year old senior in high school...

I'm an 18 year old senior in high school. I have always gotten straight A's but lately I have been thinking that there is no point and that there is no reason for me to get good grades, go to a good college, and get a good job just to get a lot of money. I don't care about money and I don't need a lot to live. I just don't see why I should keep working hard just so I can have frivolous things I don't need. I have no motivation to do anything so I am considering just dropping out of high school. Is this a good idea or am I retarded?

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You're young, you lack the context and experience of what it means to be among the lowest classes of citizens. Go get a shitty blue collar job if you want to know what it means to throw your education away. You will strain your body, your pay will be shit and you will have almost zero free time.

By having good grades and an education you become a part of the "smart people group" and new doors and opportunities will open up for you. You will be able to work less for more money.

Education is ultimately not about learning, it's about seperating the lazy idiots from the potential smart people. Throw your education away and you have no concrete proof you are smart.

My dad has a shitty blue collar job, but I don't see why I have to get one. Those aren't the only jobs available, right?

Im a senior in high school right now with 4 ap classes, im not sure if I should drop them all for easy regular classes since I know I dont have the motivation to study and get a passing score on the ap exam at the end of the year for college credit. Is there any point in me being in an ap class?

>I am considering just dropping out of high school. Is this a good idea or am I retarded
Yes you're a retard. You will be stuck doing grunt work and working long hours for very little pay while being stuck with low class coworkers. Your peers will basically work much less than you, earn more than you, and have more time off than you.

You should not go to college to earn lots of money. Go to have the adventure of learning, go to open yourself up to new people and new experiences, go to discover new hobbies, interests and tastes that will enrich your life.

It is not the higher salary that is the reward of college. It is the rich full life you find your way into

One day you will want different things than you do now. You might want to travel, you might decide you want to live somewhere specific and buy a place. You might want to save up for a child. If you live in a third world country like the US you may need to pay medical bills. The point is you need money for more than just purchasing luxury materials, and making good money these days is quite difficult unless you work really hard or are really smart. It's worth it to invest your youth in educating yourself for the sake of simply being smarter, not just for work.

>My dad has a shitty blue collar job, but I don't see why I have to get one. Those aren't the only jobs available, right?

You don't realize how arrogant you are yet kid, but you will.

If getting a good nice paying job was easy, why doesn't everyone have one? Why does the large majority of the world settle for scraps? Life might seem easy now, but once you get out in the world you will find people who will do anything to get ahead over you. You will meet people smarter than you are, you will meet people more ruthless then you are, people who school never ever prepared you for; and they will crush you if you are not careful.

Realize that right now you are living in a protected bubble. Education is meaningless >right now< for you, but it wont be later. So what if you are the smartest kid in school? In this world you can fill several schools with people just as smart if not smarter than you.

Without writing you a novel let me just say this. The way you are feeling is very normal for the cultural context that we live in, millions of people are in the same boat or were in that boat including myself. You might not see it now but one day you will have greater aspirations then you do now and to achieve those aspirations you are going to have to do something's that at the moment feel dreadful but are nessicary. Graduating highschool is number one, you could get a GED but the easiest bet is to just finish highschool.

The real problem you have is a lack of dreams/goals you feel like you can pursue to live a greater life. It is imperative that you find the motivation to pursue something greater in life then living in basic comfort, because that life style will not only be harder then you expect, but it will also not satisfy.

Read books, understand yourself and how your mind works. Learn to plan and execute task and motivate yourself, use that as the ground work to create goals in life and check off boxes one step at a time. I'll give you two places to start, one is reading the 6 pillars of self esteem by Natheniel Branden and the second is in creating your first set of goals.

Ask yourself this question: what about the blue collar lifestyle makes this choice appealing to me in this moment? What do I really want from this lifestyle and how do get it?
Make a list if those wants and then make plans to get each one, you will find that what you put down says alot about your current circumstances and what you value in the moment that is stopping you from making greater decisions in life

Go to college dispshit

It shouldn't be about money OP, but more money = more opportunities and free time. If you have a nice job that you like and that can feed you and a family go for it, but ultimately it isn't just about what job you pick but what xou do with your job.

Im studying electrical Engineering right now and my first year went shit snd wasn't sure if I wanted to keep going but now I'm learning as much as I can since the idea of me building my own physical synthesizer with 3 Oscillators by scratch or a speaker system one day is awesome.

Get in the field you like or can imagine you could like, get inspiration on how others have fun with it and try it out. Dont overthink the payment man. Michael Reeves for example makes his own programs and electrical machines and build useless, retarded but funny shit like an eye searching laser or a fully automatical tomato picker which will reduce the job market for mexicans in the US by 70% in 10 years.

I forgot to add. I studied math for half a year before but disliked the shit out of it. I live in Germany, so i had to wait half a year until i could study EE. In that time i worked a blue collar mini job in a chocolate factory. It was hell. The workers and Bosses were turkroaches handling you like shit, the shifts were long and hard and the payment was utter garbage. 450€ a 10€/hour with no taxation is okay for a teen but a full time job would be crap. It was wageslaving. A girl i know that works at Aldi hates also her job and thd only person I know that's happy about getting a trade job was my best pal but only since he earns well but he doesn't enjoy the work that much either.

>dropping out of hs
Yeah that’s fucking retarded.

>bla bla I’m smart and lazy, just get a easy IT job and live on rice and beans, no college degree all self taught.
minimalism, not materialism
Incels not a chad
NEET not a member of society

Just go to college and live the right way you need more motivation you might have depression

I didn't go to college because I knew that I didn't give a fuck, and if I didn't give a fuck I would fail my classes and it would be a giant fucking waste of money.

If you want to go to college to be a doctor and spend the next 8 years of your life if you aren't taking any time off, then yes you can enjoy a well paying job where you are in demand and can have a few weeks off every year if you plan them a half a year in advance. but i'd rather kill myself personally

imo money isn't really that important so long as you have enough, and having too much can kind of fuck you up, even if you think you know otherwise.

All in all, you're still young, so you could try college for just a semester, or you could try getting a job anywhere, even some shit hole for half a year just to see what it's like


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let me just add for all the people shit posting at you, the most successful person in my personal sphere dropped out of highschool in sophmore year, didn't get a GED and was making more money than my three other closest friends combined because he taught himself how to program and his dad connected him with a company, ezpz, well at least until he quit his job to move in with his girlfriend in another state, which was kind of retarded, but that's the way love is

Lol I never claimed to be smart. I just meant that I would rather flip burgers than work in construction like my dad.

Just because some high IQ guy managed to get a business doesn't mean that it applies for everyone, retard.

I'm in the same boat as you. I have no motivation to do anything. I'm about to fail all my classes.
>Go to have the adventure of learning, go to open yourself up to new people
I hate learning and I hate people.
>You might want to travel
I don't even like leaving my room.
>You might want to save up for a child.
I never want a child. I know I'll just fuck it up and they'll turn out useless like me.
>Get in the field you like or can imagine you could like
I literally do not like anything.
>bla bla I’m smart and lazy, just get a easy IT job and live on rice and beans, no college degree all self taught
I never claimed to be smart.

I've thought about doing that when I was in highschool, and I'm glad I finished ngl.
At the very least finish high school to get a diploma.

Imagine being a manager at a job, and choosing a person with a high school diploma vs a person with a GED.
Now think about the hundreds of people that DID finish highschool while you didn't when applying for a job.

On a fundamental level, yeah nobody honestly cares about highschool diplomas because your work ethic is more important.
But also you will be fighting tooth and nail just to get a job compared to just finishing highschool when there is no way of people knowing you got your shit together unless you REALLY know the manager hiring you.
Ultimately it's up to you, but real talk it's going to really suck when you eventually find your dream job that gets you up in the morning just to get rejected because you don't even have a HS diploma. Just saying bro.

>I don't care about money and I don't need a lot to live.
Been there and trust me.
Having money helps out a lot.
Being happy with no money is great, but it's better as a Plan B.

>dropping out of high school. Is this a good idea or am I retarded?
Dropping out gives you nothing.
Staying in school can help in a lot of different ways. At best, dropping out is like throwing away a fistful of lottery tickets before the drawing.
Going to college is another story. No point to that unless you have a plan.

ITT: People talking out of their ass about how "important" an education is.

Let me give you my 2 cents. Ask anyone who's completed their degree, or has an education, such as your professor, if they're happy with where their lives are now. Ask anyone who dares to question your laziness if they're happy, and they will probably say no. Those who fail to find success think it's impossible to do so without school.

Your life is worth way more than a shitty wage job, regardless of the group it falls into.

use it or lose it. don't drive your car, it will break down. don't maintain your gains, you will lose them. don't use your legs, they will atrophy and you will lose them. Your mind, works this way as well. So does the quality of your work. Besides if it exists they will sell it. They are ruining all of our natrual resources to sell from their private supplies or cheap simulacra. Better hustle before you're struggling because you can't afford to use the roads and side walks.

Get you’re high School Diploma. Worst thing I did was drop out of HS

Go to your local mcdank's and ask to speak to the manager. Take a good hard look at them and picture yourself in their shoes. All your life. Till you're 65

I worked the blue collar trades meme and went to college, now I'm a banker and I fucking love it. Yes life is way better. I get paid better to do less work and be comfy all day. Guys I knew from back in the day, not so much. Achy tired and borderline alcoholic. Playing lotto and smoking marbs. Constantly bitching about their jobs. I was a 2cool4school type once and going to school was the best thing I ever did.
>but can't you do that without the degree?
In /currentyear/? Only via nepotism

You're part way there. You recognize it's bullshit and it's pretty much true. 'Education' these days is mostly jumping through hoops. But it is also the only metric used to value you these days. If you have higher than average social ability/charisma you might be able to float by on that for a while. To be honest most good jobs are given out by nepotism and education/resume can be stand in for direct nepotism ie he went to a school with prestige or maxing out your charisma.
I took the path you are considering but I was too dumb to realize how much of the rest of your life it will effect. Not only income but general quality of people you'll have access to even just socially. It sucks but that's how it works

Let me tell you something that may (or may not) sound interesting to you. Right now, you're on Jow Forums. The site you're on right now was made by a 15-year-old student from New York City.

You're telling me that I should graduate to get a job when a teenager can make a site that generates millions?

Why do I need a degree when I can just learn some programming languages online and make a decent amount just freelancing?

I could even become a journalist, and only outsource my job to skilled journalists.

I could become a programmer, outsource my job to some Chinese for a small percentage of my income.

When I was a teenager, I made like $500 weekly from some shit site called Swagbucks just filling out surveys and using exploits to get more.

You're out of your mind if you think that I need a degree to make money. Normies can sit on the sideline and claim you need an education all they want, and WATCH, nothing is better than being your own boss and doing a darn good job at it.

Bottom line is, you don't need a degree, nor a job to make money. In fact, college is dangerous because it lures its students to take out loans and come out with huge debts and unemployed.

since i am 4 years your elder i figure ill tell you something i already knew when i was 18 anyway... theres nothing waiting for u out there in the world, no dreams or any of that shit, it's just deadlines and the fleeting, pyrrhic victory of the weekend... you think you'll have time for shit because you're young... you, being 18, will ingratiate urself on ur various dreams n visualized futures but in reality society isnt gonna give that to you because society, labor etc is nothing if not a vast series of compromises... dreams belong to the fuckin chosen ones bro thats what you need to understand, aint no great thinker in this day and age out there sucking bureaucratic cock for a living... you can finish school go to college or whatever, but just remember that shit, the expression ur seeking, if its to be had at all, is gonna set you against the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD bro just remember that shit you dumbass mentally stunted teeny bopping nose picking eunuch faggot

i stopped going last year so i have to repeat this year

Low-earning jobs suck ass, hombre. Take it from a 28 year old who thought the exact same thing, that I 'didn't need a lot to live.'

You don't. I don't.
But you sure as fuck don't want to be caught dead working retail for more than a year. I pulled off three because I worked in a place where I was the recipient of bueno nepotism; I was lucky, incredibly fortunate to have networked my way into that, and didn't really have to do anything about it. My next retail job damn near drove me insane, though, and I simply didn't get paid enough.
As shit gets worse, and the bottom line gets rougher, retail is going to suck ass more. I started working at 16 with the YMCA, then with retail after, and it sucked. It sucks so, so badly. Nobody wants to be there. Nobody wants you there. Nobody wants anything there, they surely wish shit would just get dropped off at their house free of charge. And frankly, in the ten years I spent on and off retail with my longest stint being three straight years, I learned exactly two things.
1) Retail managers are what they are because they're the kind of people who ride coattails. In literally anything but retail, this makes you basically worthless.
2) Lifers who end up in retail are not happy. They will never be happy. I've met homeless people with more pluck and soul in them.

And yes, if you do fuck all and drop outta high school then retail will be about all that's open to you and the longer you wait to get accredited the worse it'll look. The worse it looks the quicker your options will dwindle down to pushing carts for Wal-mart or something, and having been there, don't.
Get your high school. Get a certificate if you don't want to do anything glorious; janitors out here get their papers and then clean places from fucking 8 PM to 8 AM, unbothered, just them and their gear, for easy salaries and presumably dope bennies.

Don't drop out. AT LEAST get the diploma.

As someone that had no ambition or desires past basic subsistence for years after graduating college, then suddenly wanted a family and a lucrative career to support the shit out of them, here's why. The reason why you should put in the work is to stay in contact with talented people. Better colleges select smarter people. I went to a pretty damn good school. I took the campus body for granted and only realized how nice it was to know them years after I left. And while I can't say I have any regrets, I learned my lessons in exactly the way I had to, I definitely wish I hadn't let myself get left behind.

You should always invest yourself where you believe it matters. Anything else is disingenuous. If you're confident this is what you want, go ahead. I would recommend at least finishing high school though. Having at least a degree is very valuable.

There is absolutely no rule that says that you must have a profession in other to earn money and buy as much material stuff as you can.
Austerity is undervalued.
Go be a professional in the things that causes passion, love, in you. Have a purpose in life that goes beyond this finite, material world, and succeed in it. Donate most of the money you don't use to good charities or causes. Help this world be a better place by being a pro in an area we humans need.

profession in order to earn*

Here is what I wish my shit fuck-all parents would have done for me when i was 18.

First, stay at home as long as possible. If you have a good college near you, go to that. Community college for an associates in a career path you want, then transfer to a proper university, even if it is out of state.

Don't choose a career path you like. Choose one you ARE GOOD AT. These are sometimes the same thing, but you will get a lot further in a career by being good at something than liking something. Then, do what you like at home, on the side, or start your own business as you build your skills toward what you like.

No girlfriends. Ever. They fucking ruin everything, take all your time and money, and if they get pregnant, wherever you are at in your life right now, that's it. That's as far as you will ever get.

IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE MONEY AND PARENTS WHO CAN TEACH YOU MANAGERIAL SKILLS, move towards management in the field of your interests that you are good at. This will help immensely later in life. If they don't pay you well, get a 2nd job. You want that managerial title, or at the very least 2 years minimum of Assistant Manager status.

Don't buy shit you don't want. I too don't buy much, but I have to admit, what I do buy is expensive. The trick is to remove as much responsibility from your life as possible while still being successful. People often confuse need for want, and buy things that just take up their time and money.

Buy a house as soon as possible. All first worlds are only getting more expensive. Apartments are trash, with trash neighbors, and won't do anything for your retirement.

I'll stop there.

>Buy a house as soon as possible.
We're close to a recession and you're telling him to buy a house? What a retard.