Are women sexually attracted to men?

Are women sexually attracted to men?

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only some of them and only sometimes

Only to *attractive* men. Most men aren’t this.

Not in the way men are attracted to women

I hope not

Most women will only be into a guy for the kind of lifestyle and joy he can bring her. Only a very small portion of men can actually be attractive to some girls with their bodies alone.

Yes but only to the top men, the rest they are attracted to their resources and security.

Yes, but only the top 20%. The other 80% of men are left to fight for scraps to even get a fat girl to go out with them.

They tolerate average and ugly guys and maybe even feel some affection for them. Only chads they love with passion and desire.

That's completely fine. It's nature's way of casting failures into the abyss. Incels should not reproduce; that would produce low-quality human beings.

Yes. Most, if not all, are.

But the single mothers who raise Chad's spawn will keep repeating the process. We need to change the laws of women's rights.

>being sexually attracted to men
that's pretty gay

I think woman are sexually aroused by romance and personality more often than bodies.


Yes according to this scientific study conducted by Dr Jackoff he determined women are the number one people who purchase romance novels and women usually care more about personality than bodies in relationships :D

Oh, I heard about that study. God, I love science so much

real life, idk if youve heard of it

only sane ones

>my specific and particular experiences are the only ones that pass as valid anecdotal evidence
Sure thing

That's one way to hold a conversation. Another way is to say, "Oh interesting user yeah I could believe girls are generally (although as said before a hundred times not universally) attracted to things like romance and personality. I mean it is only hammered into everyone's head since youth"

The only places where those things matter are in Disney movies. Grow up

I'm just sick of everyone asking for proof on casual conversations about general observations that obviously don't apply to every single human being on earth.

No, it's only patriarchy

>Are women sexually attracted to men
Yes. 100% yes, in fact I find they are more sexually attracted to me than I to them.

Then stop making sweeping generalizations. You know extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

>hey guys most people wear shoes when they go outside
Excuse me but you have to provide proof for such outlandish claims.

I didn’t make such a claim because I don’t have proof. Furthermore, I would guess the most people don’t if we consider the 3rd world “people”

>I didn’t make such a claim because I don’t have proof
Empiricism is retarded.

Proof? Oh, that’s right; you’d rather just make any claim you’d like and us just believe you because you’re you. No thanks.

No I just genuinely believe what I am saying without proof because proof doesn't really matter as much as you think. There are tons of things you can never prove but that are super important to you. Even if you want to pretend that isn't the case.

Whatever you say, wise man

These 2 guys arguing is funny.