Why do girls match and then never reply or (God forbid) talk first? I'm about done with this bullshit...

Why do girls match and then never reply or (God forbid) talk first? I'm about done with this bullshit, I get like one match a week tops and they never fucking reply. I guess it must be hard to even deign yourself to respond to a regular dude when you have a fucking catalog to choose from

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Always open with a pun involving their name/profile and then go straight to setting up a date. That's it.

Because we get like 20+ matches per day to sift through. You passed the first round but then got lost in the second round

>I'm about done with this bullshit, I get like one match a week tops and they never fucking reply.

Just delete the app OP. Being alone will not bring you more pain then obsessing over why ladies you've never met don't want to talk to you.

Sometimes I match guys I'd never date just because I recognize them and then I unmatch.

This makes me wonder if it is truly possible to have an equal relationship meeting through Tinder. The guy is always at a disadvantage since he is one among dozens, so I don't think the girl can really ever respect him or be afraid he might go away when she knows she has 20 guys on the back burner every given day

You don't see any guys that succeeded with tinder

for what purpose lol

I don't even know. I just do it and I don't know what to say so I say nothing. Sometimes though I'll strike up a convo basically shitting on them for swiping me

Tinder is just a social experiment made to prove that women will naturally just gravitate towards the top % of men and form harems if given the choice.

Exactly, no guy has ever got laid off tinder. Only girls.

I don't know why you'd go to a hookup app for a relationship.
I don't know why you'd go to a hookup app expecting relationship material to appear.

It's funny but most people are in Tinder expecting to find something more than a hookup.

no tinder is for hook ups fool. relationships require communication, the app is about removing the hassle of writing for fuckbois and bunnis

who are these most? your friends? people you talk to? are there statistics?

>Grindr for guys
>Tinder for girls
Are these apps just Jewish tricks to end heterosexual relationships?

Based on Tinder’s own research that spanned many age groups and demographics, the majority users have the app to help find relationships, a spokesman told MONEY.

Tinder says 80% of its users “are seeking a meaningful relationship,” which results in 1.5 million dates each week.

Another study that shows that Hooking up actually is pretty down there when it comes to what people use it for

Funnily enough most people want a relationship out of Tinder and most people convince themselves it's only for hooking up. Talk about a prisoner's dilemma.

I thought you were dead Elliot Rodger

>now complaining about fucking Tinder (something literally every young person complain again) is being an incel

the word has pretty much lost any meaning at this point
might as well call him a tranny and a cuck basedboy as well

Meeting girls at bars or clubs is just so much easier...

Well, these dudes constantly assert failure. We're also not considering all the factors but Imma huge fag who doesn't believe statistics show shit for shit-- just a tally of recycled answers people will give. The image of normalcy is a mighty drug.

Instead all these guys are on here suffering so we tell them to stop engaging tinder for unsuccessful prospects.

To get some perspective, make a fake female account and see how many men message you.

women have a hundred opening messages to sort through

you guys sound like betas seriously. "tinder is were girls go get a pick of the litter" dude same for us guys for every ugly guy theres an ugly girl. you know how many 4 and 5s i ignore because thiere broken trash fat slobs with 3 black kids lol just learn to play the game faggot

i dont even get swiped right by fat girls lmao


I did, 200 likes in one week

>stuck at 3 likes for a week

Worst part is I've had two shots at having relationships with girls IRL but I fucked up both times due to anxiety
I should just kill myself tbqh

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It's because they treat Tinder as a joke and a time waster, not a place to find a serious relationship.

be more productive and go to the hood to kill dont kill yourself