Which would you suggest?

Which would you suggest?
Staying a virgin incel forever or becoming a gay bottom?

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Your choice, it's you who narrowed down your choices to those two.

Depending I need to see your bootyhole first

but im asking for your opinion, if you were in the same position as me

Why don't you explain why you chose those two as your only options.

If I can gay bottom I can gay top. Never settle.

But I, I took the road less traveled...

This is not a normal train of thought op. I think you already have gay tendencies. I don't usually recommend hiring a whore, but it's better than having you ass rammed.

Staying a virgin forever by far. Being a virgin wouldn’t bother me at all if I didn’t have a libido. I have to either jack off or use my willpower to abstain. Fuck this shit

The fact that you said bottom instead of top means that you've been gay all along, dude. Get out there and get some dick

I dont have any other options, i didn't choose this life
which road is that?
idk if im gay because I've never had my ass rammed before, but I just want affection more than anything. There's really no affection involved in hiring a whore.
I would be top but im smol and weak and beta so i thought bottom would just have to be my default spot

Incel, its better to just masturbate to anime girls
Those people wont love you for who you are, they only care to use you like an onahole.

You could get a girlfriend. Why is that not an option? Because you're gay?

im not gay but I still cant get a girlfriend

I can't get a gf irl, im too shy and awkward to talk to people but i know some people online that would be my bf

Try fingering your ass first to try it out. Get at least 2 fingers in there

Being a hard top, fag
Always be a hard top. Those gays will get under you and on your dick, and they'll LIKE it.

Anal isn't that far off from vaginal, just comes with a bit more fine print.

If you want a gf then you can work on that you know.

I do want a gf but i have no social life and can't even make friends with guys so i figured its impossible.
I try everything but nothing ever works it just sucks, no matter what generic advice you give me i already tried it the best i could and failed so don't.
Still stuck on whether i should be forever alone or gay though, this is a really tough decision for me

I tried a few times and it felt fine not bad but not really good, i think a dildo or real life dick would feel a lot better though not sure.

>You could get a girlfriend. Why is that not an option?
Women don't want to be his girlfriend?

Hey man don't listen to . Bitches want what bitches want. If they don't want you, you can't force them, and you shouldn't change yourself just to please some cunt who doesn't like you for you.

Men are a lot more easy-going than women. They'll spontaneously hug you, kiss you, cuddle you, make moves on you, make you feel loved. A good man is the best lover you can ask for. Try it at least.

Neither. Be a volcel and be happy because there's more to life.

i chose the virgin way, but i think because i have no other way

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you're better than that user, become a gay top.

Killing yourself. A gay bottom is disgusting. You can't stay a virgin incel forever, because being incel by nature is alpha. Women love men who are critical of them.

What makes You think becoming a bottom is going to be easier for You?

Men are nowhere as picky as women. Gay men are the demographics that has most sex, lesbians the least.

I already know men who would top me thats why

Dude, this is such bullshit. Have you tried making yourself go outside and talking to people? You never heard about that guy who made himself talk to a random woman once a day for like 2 years? When he started he couldn't even get out a proper sentence, by the end he had megachad social skills, dozens of fucks and a variety of girlfriends (not at the same time). You aren't applying yourself enough, even now you've decided to "give up". Try harder.

yes i have tried going outside and talking to people.
any other advice you want to give me besides "try harder lol"


also being gay is for fags

Why is this an option? You shouldn't be a fag unless you are one. Maybe I'm old fashioned.

Don't knock it until you've tried it

Virgin and voluntarily celibate. Also you could always buy sex with a woman if it's that big a deal for you. There are escort guides somewhere on the deepweb.

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