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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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What did you do with your gf in the early days? I don't have the chance to do much back then but now I have to start thinking about things to do with a girl I like.

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Would it be okay to ask an "ex" if his gf knows that he is texting me? We started texting me out of the blue in a really friendly manner, we were talking once and he told me about some women that were sending him nudes out of the blue just because, but he had nothing to worry about because his gf knows about everying. But in our case it's hin that is texting me from time to time, and I'm kinda meh. I'm asking because I'm okay with him as a friend, but I don't want problems

between men this would be ok, but I dunno if women get extra catty over trying to read between the lines for a message that isn't there

You aren't supposed to keep in contact with your exes, that's a major red flag for both men and women.

Technically he isn't really an ex, we had a really long story of trying to get closer (since we are long distance) but failed everytime. We ended up arguing a lot and pretty much told each other to fuck off. Then no contact started and lasted several months, he contacted me out of the blue. At first I was really cold and pretty much another argument. He tried again a month later and I tried to be friendly and we kept chatting since

Does being mates with an ex ever "work"?
We were extremely long distance for a few years, split up a few months back but we were friends for years before I moved away and neither of us wanted each other out of our lives so we agreed to stay friends.
The way we split up feels kinda weird, she was never really straight up with her statements, it was all "I don't think we're meant to be", "I don't know if we'll be together in the future" etc but then again she doesn't need to be and maybe I'm just overthinking everything.
I'm in several minds about the whole thing. Sometimes I'm cool with being friends, sometimes I feel like maybe I should cut her off, sometimes I want to tell her I want to fight as hard as I can to get her back. It pretty much changes from day to day.
She's someone who really means a lot to me and has been my friend for years and helped me through a lot and I don't want her out of my life but I don't want to constantly be confused about this.

What flags would have women peg me as a virgin? I've have multiple women recently call me out and ask if I was a virgin (which I am unfortunately), but neither time were we talking about anything even vaguely sexual. And why would they even bring it up anyway?

Probably because you were nervous around them. I've fucked 8 women and I still get called a virgin, until I snapped at some bitch at work. The vast majority of women are absolute brainlets, don't even worry.

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I dunno, I had one that I thought was constantly passively poking at me being a virgin, until a conversation about highschool relationships popped up and she asked me (in an a sincere tone) if I was having sex in high school.

That sounds like an awful conversation.
If your dick isn't going into her don't talk to women. My answer to this question is always simple. I tell them, "I graduated early because highschool was a joke and I didn't want to waste my time with anyone."

t. comp sci degree with zero debt

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I guess that could be it, but I'm nervous around everyone. One of the times was in a group setting too

Why are the majority of women disgusted by bisexual men?

Women have no humor besides their vagina jokes, they likely were attempting banter

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It's just disgusting to think of your man fucking another men in the ass or getting fucked by another men. Most women feel like it's degrading, to the man and to then.


how to show that I care? I'm bad at showing my affection physically and I'm even worse with words.
Would drawing a picture for him or something be a nice gesture?

>drawing a picture

this board is 18+

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>Would drawing a picture for him or something be a nice gesture?
Yes, if you are 5. Learn how to communicate with your bf asap or just give up on relationships. Having a partner who can't show their care is a waste of time desu... I had an ex like that and it was the most pointless relationship I've ever been in. Not a good feeling to be with someone so emotionally mute.

But women can lick each others clams with no scrutiny. Even if the woman is straight she could claim it as a college experience and have no reprocussions

prepare some food for him.
initiate sex more often.

Yeah so what?

are you compared getting a part of your body licked to getting a dick impaled in the ass?

women that take too much dick as also look down, so this isn't something really unique to gay man.

This is ask the opposite gender you dicklet. Go away


I'm 22, I do realistic portraits so I thought it would be neat idk
I try, like I thank him and ask him about his work and listen to him and I always kiss him goodnight but yes I am still really bad at communicating how I feel. He's not the physically affectionate type either so it's even harder then to know how to show it...
I initiate sex often

Sorry we didn't tell you what you wanted to hear. The very universal fact of life is that the world in general isn't fair. Lesbianism is generally considered hot or cute, gayness is believed to be degenerate and humiliating. If you want to find a gf who will tolerate your getting zapped in the ass, then date a liberal feminist. Regular chicks don't want to have bfs who are semi-poofters. It's just how it is.

How pathetic is it to sleep with a prostitute? The girl I dated for about a month broke up with me and I suspect it was because I told her I'm a virgin.

I don't want a man who enjoys being dominated/topped by other men. I just don't.

Just lie next time or don't mention it. First time is usually pretty awkward anyway so she might not notice. Just go slow and be careful to not come too fast and try to make sure she enjoys it too

Where do i meet girls as an introvert? I don't go to uni

women: what would you think if a guy you've been mutually-apathetic towards for the past 5 years suddenly started showing interest in you?

We're both about equally attractive (somewhat above average), and introverted as fuck, though I would say she's even worse than me in that regard.
I mostly just realized that we've known eachother for 5 years and I still barely know shit about her other than her basic likes. Dating won't be an option for a few months because of the situation we're in, so I'd rather get to know her better in the meantime to see if it's even worth a shot.

We've both been single for as long as we've known eachother, and I've never seen her show clear interest in anyone, but again she's so reserved that it's impossible to tell what she's thinking at any given time.

I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm disgusted by them, but I most likely wouldn't date one. Most men who sleep with men end up just being gay cause sleeping with men is consensus better. How could I compete?

This too. I feel like maybe it'd be different if he topped, but being extremely uncompromisingly submissive myself, I wouldn't want to have sex with a submissive man of any orientation.

>If your dick isn't going into her don't talk to women.
Would you say this mindset is common? Do straight guys generally only want to talk to women they are fucking/want to eventually fuck?

>Would you say this mindset is common?
only for larpers on Jow Forums

Girls How do I find a cute gf who will read touhou with me?

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real 2hus are illiterate apart from being able to set up a locale emulator, fag

Im talking about the adorable manga, Forbidden Scrollery. Starring our resident troublemaking Demonic bookkeeper, Kosuzu!

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Women, how often do you expect a guy you've been on ~3 dates with to text you? Does it have to be something super funny or creative or is just asking how your week's going normal?

Men who have sex with men catch waaaay more diseases. The sexual practices are riskier and the participants tend to be more promiscuous. Having sex with bi men puts a woman at much greater risk of catching something herself

Went out to nice dates. Dinners and lunches out, museums, walks, plays, movies, arcade, ice skating, hockey games.
When we stayed at home we cooked for each other, we did movie marathons on sunday, watched sports on tv.

Now we do a lot of the same things but also more mundane shit like going shopping together, running errands together. Also we often just get high, watch dumb youtube videos and laugh our asses off.

When my boyfriend and I just started dating we were so fucking all over each other, and we were texting all the fucking time.
Now - maybe don't be like us, but less than daily texts would probably make me feel like you don't care much.

Through your hobbies and friends circle. Online.

I've never met a single girl through any of my friend circles.

>inb4 get new friends because that worked the last 2 times.

Then meet them through your hobbies or online.

A coworker and I flirt a lot. I'm not sure if she's just a flirt in general or has a thing for me. I want to ask her out but I'm horribly afraid of rejection. Is there a way to find out if she's into me?

My experience with relationships and socializing in general is very limited.

My mom wants me to have a big traditional Catholic wedding, with my family on one side of the aisle and my boyfriend's family on the other. I've got a large extended family but my boyfriend doesn't. In fact his only remaining family is his grandma and an uncle. I don't really know what to do. I've always dreamed of a big fancy wedding like that but it doesn't seem fair to my boyfriend? I've tried talking with him about it but he says it doesn't bother him so I should do what makes me happy.

I broke up with long distance ex a few months ago. I'm going back to uni in a couple weeks.
Even on a good day, I can't stop thinking about her. I want to get her out of my head, and I think a good way to do that would be to put myself out there and start talking to other girls. Nothing serious but I think getting with other people will help me take my ex off that pedestal, and maybe I'll even meet someone else in the process.
Only problem is that because we were so long distance, I'm well out of practice, both in terms of pulling and sex. I'm basically a virgin because I barely got to see her, and it's been a while. And I have no clue how to make a move either, which doesn't sit well with my anxiety which gets pretty fucking bad. One of the girls I work with is kinda cute and we were having good conversations but I don't know how I would even initiate something with her so I just keep it normal.

>be me, relatively attractive guy
>dresses well, polite, average body type
>use a couple of dating apps to find gf
>majority of the conversations I start end at the beginning or a couple of messages in

I don't get it. I'm not the best socially and not everyone will find me attractive but I feel like I should be getting more responses. I've had few great interactions with me making the first move and the girl making the first move

You're using a dating app, and admitted that you aren't super attractive.

Nothing else needs to be said, it's all explained there.

Guys how can I make myself (female) more approachable? I don't want to be acting extroverted, I am a quiet girl by default. Thanks

When a girl is acting like she wants the confidence boost and is shy, does she want you to keep going or is it just her playing to gain what she wants and you have to move on to some other possible girl?

how do i lose feelings for someone i really like but cant ever be with

If you don't wanna act out, my play would be when you are in groups with men you should be acting friendly asking them questions and showing interest (not too much). This would give me the boost to ask for you number / fb / IG if i liked you, as I'd see some interest from your side as well.

same situation here.
Met her during our 1 semester studies abroad.
Tried to go to her country.
Didn't make it.

Always have the question what if?
We have a saying in my country.
You get past love by falling in love again.
Find someone to keep your head busy and keep the thoughts away from that person.
Also don't send messages that prove you re still in love with them. It's selfish.

But I've gotten responses from girls. It's just keeping the conversation going

Question for girls:

If you are considerably hotter than your friends do you know it?

I accidentally texted this girl I'm into that her friends weren't hot when we were like across from each other. I meant to text my friend who was meeting up with us.
She responded "sav" then we didn't text much more

She came out anyway with us but left early.

No contact today at all, but we only had 1 date before last night.

Waa that a power move or did I fuck it up?

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Depends on the girl, obviously. I went through the time and frustration of helping a girl be less obnoxiously conflict-averse for her to come out of her shell and... tell me that she doesn't actually like having me around and just couldn't say it before.

Before someone pulls out the inevitable "lol what did you expect her to do, 'nice guy', suck you off on the spot?", I went out of my way to wind up in a worse position than where I started.

Guys,does it matter if the girl doesnt have an Instagram, as I do not like posting my pics to social media?

Not at all
If she has insta I assume she's a hoe

Idk her signals are totally mixed. Like we ve gone out with group but she seems scared to go out only with me. On facebook she is talking and whenever I propose (twice) to go out - later that day she will always ask me what did I end up doing.
Like why would u ask that if you re not slightly interested the least.

She just probably thinks that you were being a dick, not that she is better than them

nobody worthwhile is an instagram regular. I don't even have an account.

My best friend goes to the same college as I do, and I see her everywhere because the campus is pretty small.

Recently she was treating me like her rebound after breaking up with one of my close friends so I obviously wasn't happy with it because she went about it in a way that made her seem different, like her slutty past is re-surfacing and she no longer saw me as a friend, but someone she could fuck. So we argued and it ended with us cutting all contact.

She wants to rebuild the connection now but its been about half a year and she's hanging out with people I don't like and she just acts like a different person and she comes off as manipulative, so I think she changed a lot and I don't want to deal with her anymore. But I do miss her and I get a mini stroke every time I see her, thing is, I see her a lot, every day in college.

How do I deal with getting over missing her, while also seeing her everyday because she just appears everywhere? the college is fairly small. I'm afraid to go back to college now after summer because I'll see her and there's nothing I can do to avoid her. What do I do to get over someone who's so present in my life regardless?

So at the next bar she saw me talking with other girls and then left shortly after.

Think if I ask her out on a second date tomorrow she'll get over it?

not at all.

What do i do if a guy who would ask me out ask if i have an instagram? Would it be an awkward conversation breaker? I also do not have Snapchat or Facebook, I'm a zoomer but I don't use social media in general. Would that be a deal breaker?

No probably not

Alright, guess i was panicking for nothing.

that sounds exactly like the one I was talking about, except mine was probably worse.
Also constantly asked if I had feelings for a mutual friend of ours, always referred to her in a matter like I did (not that she was trying to set me up, she was trying to talk me down from approaching her when I wasn't thinking about it to begin with), and whenever we went out with a group of friends she would make up an excuse to ditch me halfway through.

No, the average mouthbreather male will do anything for female attention

like this incel here

if in public, don't wear headphones and don't spend all your time on the phone.
if a guy attempts to start a conversation be as responsive as you can.

Only do this with the people find attractive. although if they seem nice enough even if not that attractive you should given them a change.

also for your safety, try to be approachable in public places with lots of people around.

>if in public, don't wear headphones and don't spend all your time on the phone.
probably the best one, I was trying to think what makes some girls unapproachable and that's a big one.

God dammit a while ago I asked my bf to delete a bot on a private discord which was programmed to pull and post images of, what can best be described as; his type. I felt uncomfortable with it in the relationship and he said he would delete it. I went on trying to make him see this from my point of view and told him I felt useless and unattractive because of it. I also told him I'd be even more upset if I had found him posting in the nsfw channel that is a part of a mutual friend group. And well now a few weeks later he did. I feel like he has no regard for my feelings and I even doubt he deleted the discord bot now. I don't understand why he cannot just whack it like a normal person why does he have to let our mutual friends see that he's wanking it to twitch girls. I dont need advice I just want to vent. He's just going to deflect whatever I say again like its not a big deal. Fuck this shit.

I've never understood discord porn

What kind of body type do most girls like? Will getting jacked make girls like me?

Just don't be fat or lanky, a mix between a little chubby with a little muscle is very hot, makes me wet just thinking about it lol

God damn your bf sucks. I would have dumped him. Wanking to e-sluts is the probably worst thing you could think of

My ex had a type that he referred to alot (telling me so-and-so was pretty). Now that I'm dating someone who isn't such a fuckwit, it's really nice to not have other girls rubbed in my face and I feel attractive and appreciated again.
Can you break up with him? He sounds really selfish and there are plenty of men in the world who don't have their head up their ass. It doesn't feel that way but they're there if you're patient.

So girls like a mix of both how big would you say that is?

Just don't be fat. Muscles don't count if you bulk too long and get fat on top of it.

I mean what about chubby but can still see your feet?

Mostly homophobia and abandonment issues when they feel inferior to men.
Not me tho.
If that isn't a hint that she isn't interested in you, you need glasses.
He has a social life, correct?
I believe you set yourself up to fail since you insulted her friends.
>Wah I'm insecure about my sexuality.
>Why is my bf so comfortable endulging in whatever he wants and having discussions like a gen z normie?
Cry more to your therapist, hun.
Ottermode, and no more.

"Chubby but can still see your feet" sounds like fat to me. Chubby is fat. Not my type but some women like that.

Im a fucking day away from moving in with him my stuff is already over there. I dont give a rats ass that he jerks it to his fantasy girl bs but he promised me to not post there and went and risked me seeing it. He's flipping its on its head acting like hes the victim because I went and looked at the nsfw channel (where they only post women and im straight). Im fucking afraid that if hes willing to so flippantly and pubically (our mutual friends can see it) cross over one of my boundries he might not hesitate crossing the next one. Next boundry would be paying for porn and strip clubs. I just feel like he's walking all over me. Fuck.


How do I ask my gf to suck me off more? I don’t like to ask because I don’t think she likes it (she says she likes it but I think she’s lying)

Flipping it to make himself look like the victim is gaslighting behavior. Imagine the other bullshit stuff he is going to get up to. Ugh.
It is never to late to nope out of the relationship. There are other guys out there who are not brainlets and are capable of taking responsibility for their actions...or at the very least able to keep their word and make compromises with you. It feels so nice once you find one who does.

they just think gay shit is icky and that being a bi man makes you less masculine (typically unattractive to straight women). there's additionally fear and insecurity about losing their partner to the opposite sex or that bi people are more likely to cheat- you see this with men about bi women as well. i don't have a problem with bi men and wouldn't have an issue dating one.

it's pretty pathetic to sleep with a prostitute, and i have my doubts that she broke up with you solely due to you being a virgin.

the mutual apathy is unimportant, it would depend on if you became interesting in addition to showing interest.

it doesn't bother him, so you should do what makes you happy. if you have any doubts about him communicating honestly about this, you should probably reconsider marriage.

if it were me i'd tell you to fuck off if you tried it.

just dump him, what the hell? let me guess: he ignores or downplays what you're saying until you get upset, then he acts like you're a crazy person for overreacting. don't waste your time, he obviously doesn't give a fuck.

Girls love sucking dick dude
Just put her hand on your hard dick more often and you'll get loads of blowjobs

> (You) #
>if it were me i'd tell you to fuck off if you tried it.

Shooters shoot, just sent the message

Do you wash your dick regularly? I hated giving head until I started someone who took care of themself

I am 25 KV, which i am insecure about, and a quiet introverted person. At the end of last semester i meet a girl, who is also quiet and introverted, in a few of my classes and I expressed interest but she didnt. This semester she is expressing a lot of interest, i think. We study together, we hangout together at school we also text alot usually she initiates the texting, mostly about school though. Im just not sure if she is 100% interested in me. And we dont know a lot about eachother so i feel like we should get too know each other a bit more. Am I being to cautious? What should i do moving forward l? Ask her out on a date? Just ask to hang out with some mutual friends, which we already do at school too. How do i go about asking her out if you think i should? Im just not 100% sure what to do. I dont want to ask my RL friends for advice so thanks for the help

Fyi i posted most of this last night too.

shockingly, this vague middle ground is being brought up because different women are attracted to different things. plenty of women have no problem with chubbier men, for others it's a dealbreaker, some are specifically into it. no matter how you slice it, a good start will be becoming less stupid.

why do you think she's lying?

o o f

Why would you randomly say that to her? What were you trying to achieve there?
People tend to hang out with others who are at similar levels of attractiveness to them.

I don’t think she does. I’ve also done that before and it leads to sex, not bj
I’m very hygienic. I think she hates my cum
Because when I cum in her mouth, she always has this disgusted expression in her face and she really has to force herself to swallow it

>showing interest in a girl who is interested in you
>she thinks it's great
>showing interest in a girl who is not interested in you
>she thinks you're a creep
How do I deal with this? I don't enjoy being called a creep just because I can't read people's minds.

Shy girl here. Ask her to go on a date this Saturday

Do you drink alcohol or smoke? Do you drink enough water? Do you drink alot of coffee/soda? All those things make cum taste wretched. Drink more water, until your pee is light yellow or clear. Cum the day before you see her so the texture isn't clumpy. Don't let her swallow old gross cum. So rude.

hello shy girl, which kind of places / activities would you like to be invited to on a first date?

Girls, how do you feel when you accidentally touch a dick? Whether you unintentionally brush it with your hand walking by, or accidentally back into someone, or sit on their lap, whatever. Guys tend to be in heaven when they get unsolicited boob contact, but I imagine that's not quite the same as these scenarios.

I don't know any places around town. Where do I ask a girl to go? Do I just walk around town and look for a place that looks nice?

I rarely drink alcohol, coffee, or soda. I never smoke. I almost exclusively drink water and milk. I also eat vegetables often.