Does pic related work for picking up men?

Does pic related work for picking up men?

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Yeah. Use your power wisely.

Pretty much. Also start a conversation with him.

Yeah but it you'll need more than that if you want to find a man of good quality.

One person's " nice" is an other persons "flirting"

Unironically just smile at a guy and he'll think you're into him.

this is pretty much fake and gay

just be feminine. women are so forced to be masculine that any ounce of femininity will give the nearest jabroni a 4-hour erection

it's truth as long for like 90% of men.
The other 10% have options and would just ignore you.

Find literally any attractive guy and offer to have sex with him.

I would be likely to cheat if an attractive girl came up to me and asked to fuck

Go from there. Pussy is a powerful motivator, and you'll likely have someone addicted to you

Just because you would cheat doesn't mean most men would.

I got my guy like this:

I added him on Facebook after seeing him twice in public (don't ask how I managed to find him online), and then after a while of chatting online I asked him out and over a year later we're still dating.

It was really easy. Granted, I knew he was attracted to me when I first saw him but otherwise didn't expect it to be that easy

how old are you?

Not that guy but lol


That would be really sad lmao, most girls I make eye contact with smile at me, even when I’m not smiling, I think a lot of girls do that instinctively, so I would hope this isn’t true for any guy

I have had girls tell me I look like a model and that has not made me interested in them. That shit only applies to desperate men.

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More or less.
I still have a thing for a physically-u attractive girl with a reputation for being a whore because she's one of the only people who seems to sincerely give a shit about me.

Though complements in general I just take as most of them trying to be nice. Sincerity is what counts.

>girl calls me smart in a passing comment
>cue me having a crush on her for years even after we move apart and are miles away still have dreams where we're in a happy relationship

Its that easy
Womem are single because they want to be.

Anything works for picking up men. It's getting them to stay that's a problem.

Go f yourself

Wouldn't work on me, no.

This. Tattoos, revealing clothes, heavy makeup, pants, loud voices, heels, nails, trendy fashion, aggressive dancing: all turn offs

Dress like pic related smiles at me? I start planning our family in my head

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Most would

I love those things user. That dress makes me so uncomfortable, I would split before I have answer some sort of religious questionaire.

>pic related
probably has tattoos under the dress.
medium makeup but still very visibly painted on.
can't tell how loud her voice is from a picture.
literally wearing heels, on grass no less, so will probably be wearing heels all the time.
that dress is pretty trendy atm desu.

you are delusional.

How are you this petty dude

Sad but true for most men. I've ascended to the place where any time a girl pays you attention you get suspicious and aggressive.
>at a concert
>miserable smoker
>smoking cig outside
>cute girl walks up
>"hey, can I bum a smoke?"
>try not to scowl but surely my face hardens a bit
>hand her two cigs
>"sure, and there's one for your boyfriend, too."
>"w-what boyfriend?"
>already turned around walking away
Fuck her manipulation. Think I haven't seen that trick a thousand times? Ask the lonely loser for a smoke then give it to your bf?

>at a club
>sitting alone having a quiet anxiety attack
>girl walks up to me
>"hey, you should go up and talk to my friend, she thinks you're cute!"
>flip her off and leave
Don't know what she was on about but it was definitely malicious.

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He's just pointing out how delusional you are, and he's right. You're the kind of guy who'll marry a slut who you believed to be a good girl just because of the way she dresses, then have a fucking fit on reddit when you slowly learn her past.

It can work but not every guy will fall for it if you don't interest them. Let's say you manage to get a guy's attention the first time, if he doesn't say anything or make any move it doesn't mean he's not interested in you. He might be thinking whether or not he should, a lot of guys will do this. If the guy clearly tries to get away from you then chances are higher he's not interested.

it would for me
I'm so lonely

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How do you think people enter relationships?

Wait, women ask men out? What fantasy land is this?

>"sure, and there's one for your boyfriend, too."
>"w-what boyfriend?"

That's actually cool af, but you really need to chill. How about try and go with the flow a few times? See where it goes. The man sees what he wants to see.

Based. Fuck lying and deceitful whores. They want something from you and will play your emotions like a harp until they get what they want and then they’ll cut your strings and leave you broken

if genuine yes big time. ive always tried hard at being in shape and in being sociable though neither are overt, so getting a unique comment on either is flattering. on the other hand, cliche compliments are discarded as shit

It happens, the ones who do it are usually whores, but the ones I've gotten to know are far more pleasant people to be around than your typical roastie.

Picking up? No. But interacting with a guy will make it a lot easier for him to approach you, especially introverts.

youve ascended to the point of being a wizard by technicality. its dangerous to assume every single time a backstabbing is coming. yeah most are, hell ive been burned to the point of being asexual for quite awhile. involuntarily even. but being a prick before even getting to know her name???


yeah, I missed out on a chance with an actually decent one by assuming she was up to something like that guy.
Got to know her better later, weird reverse-friendzone situation.

Yeah, if that's the case don't try talking to one in an enclosed space where everyone is silent. It's almost guaranteed the introvert won't speak to you or will try to cut off the conversation right away. The introvert needs noise to blend in.

I routinely score at the 95th percentile or higher for introversion (usually around 98). While I definitely dislike drawing attention to myself, and I'd be more focused on extricating myself from the disruption than on reading into it, it would still introduce me to them. What I really don't like is small talk. It's exhausting and pointless--I find it much easier to open up if it's relevant to a given task.

I also don't know if other anons reading this do it, but I deliberately act dense to avoid making an ass out of myself. I'll do everything I can to prove to myself that the interaction is purely platonic, so with introverts it might be necessary to be persistent in engaging them, if not overly blunt.

This is sadly very true and I've fallen victim to it before. Unless a guy is a Chad he probably hears a female say something positive about him only a couple of times a year. A cute girl told me a particular jacket looked good on me and now it's all I wear, another one told me I have pretty eyes and now I think about wearing colors that draw attention to them. Had a female coworker compliment me a few times and act flirty then ask for favors like covering her shifts, when I finally asked her out and she turned me down she admitted to only being nice to try to get me to do favors for her.

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>How about try and go with the flow a few times? See where it goes.
Sounds like cuck talk to me. Go with the flow and see how much she uses you before discarding you for someone else? Fuck no.

extremely based and redpilled, except what the fuck are you doing at a club in the first place.

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>revealing clothes are a turn off
>but also pants are a turn off
Nigger what the fuck do you want?

Yes, but those are not the guys you want anyway, statistically. Why do you think they are starved in the first place?

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Shut the fuck up Chad

Guys are starved of compliments because they don't compliment other guys. While women compliment between themselves constantly. That's why hearing a compliment is quite outlandish. I don't trust outlanders tho.

Nah guys don’t want compliments. Any “man” who wants attention and compliment is a tranny

Shorts and dresses.

Men wants validation just as much as anyone else.
Women can provide that.

Pretty much

When women compliment each other, it's usually cause they're being passive aggressive or planning to back stab them in the future.

It does in general. However, if you're asking because you want to pick up a certain guy, chances are he is attractive and not starved for female attention, so it probably won't work on him.

Calm downYou too.
So people want to take advantage of you that's great. That's what it means to be wanted. Take it further, show the world how great you are.

Me and my bros compliment each other all the time.
>Nice shoes
> Nice shirt
>Nice tits around the corner

Fuck off. No one will exploit me unless they physically overpower me. Even then I’d rather die than be someone’s toy

Spit out the pills and maybe you'll ascend.

Here's a tip: Go after higher class women and all this redpill shit and horror stories aren't as relevant. No, women aren't perfect angels, but assuming that they're all gross sluts who are banging a new dude constantly is another form of putting pussy on a pedestal. Women aren't that special that they can just go out and fuck a new dude whenever they want. You're projecting your desire and desperation and assuming that if you had a bunch of offers you'd be out hoeing.

This is the most based thing i've ever read on here

also fake and gay

That's not what being taken advantage of is like. It's more long the lines of "cool, I got what I wanted, now go away before I tell everyone you're being a creep"

Hello based department?

I don't think so. Compliments only mean something to me if they come from someone I already like and they seem genuine. And I'm no Chad, it's not like I get complimented by girls all the time. But who knows, maybe some guys react differently.

A whore only needs to don a classy dress for a moment and you want to give her your name.

What a shallow person you are, fuckjack.

>Be at a festival with a friend last month
>Minding my own business going crazy and dancing on XTC
>2 girls come up to me and ask me to come with
>Go with them, leave festival erea
>Both of them hanging all on me and try kissing me while walking to my place
>Get to my place with both of them
>As soon as I walk through my door, I start to sober up and think a little more clear
>Realize they want a threesome
>Sit them down at the table, smoke some weed
>They keep eyeing me like 'so when are we going to fuck?'
>Finish my joint, kick them out
>Play minecraft high on XTC & weed for 4 hours
The festival was really fun apart from the sluts.

woah, you must be really good with women

>at a club
>sitting alone having a quiet anxiety attack
almost died laughing

>revealing clothes
>heavy makeup
>loud voices
>trendy fashion
>aggressive dancing

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>flip her off and leave
I wish I was this badass. Any tips?

>spends time on Jow Forums
>is planning family with someone
dont do it, your kids are likely to turn out more retarded tham you are