What are women attracted to?

I've been led to believe it was the badboy archetype (arrogant, narcissistic, impulsive, low empathy, emotionally unavailable).

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The badboy archetype is the extension of someone who is confident in themselves/value their own time taken to its furthest extreme.
It's still preferable to the nice guy doormat archetype, where you roll over for every whim of hers/don't have any conflicting points of view/self esteem.
Realistically you want to be an adult man who is his own person and will not be walked on by someone, but also isn't a narcissistic, impulsive cunt.

Confidence, it just happens that the confident ones tend to be the eccentric assholes

It is not. What you describe is what retards and incels believe, the "nice guys" who cannot get anywhere with women. These are not the people you want to listen to regarding anything.

Women are just like men. They are attracted to different things, just like men are. Some girls want a tall black man, some want a short white dude, and some want a funny guy that can make them laugh on queue. The only way to find out is to ask and observe.

The general qualities that will help you are confidence, a nice body, a smooth and playful personality, and a calm, happy, mood. being happy with life is generally a good indicator that you have the qualities to succeed and attract women.

Are you saying that women would prefer to date an "exciting" sociopath and risk rape/violence or worse, than date a reliable, "unexciting" guy?


Absolutely. Never forget that women find vid related to be more tolerable than being with someone who's a bit boring or ugly.

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Damn. How fucking depressing.

very important redpill for the masses. deserves its own thread periodically


jesus christ how do women stand this shit?

You don't have to be "exciting" to be a man. But have some interests of your own. Stand up for what you believe in if you're pressured. Have your own opinions and moral compass.
Everyone is such a fucking pussy that's all you have to do to stand out.
The fact that you jumped straight from "be confident, bro" to "exciting sociopath" is telling.
A rat fink who doesn't have a single strong bone in their body is good for nothing. If you can't stand up for yourself, how exactly do you plan on protecting your gf?

She was probably abused as a child. Most women who date men like that were abused at some point of their lives. It's pretty sad when you think about it.

>jesus christ how do women stand this shit?
It's not like he walked up to her in the bar and just started bouncing her head off the counter.
Sociopaths are excellent at masking their true nature until it's too late. I imagine he was a perfectly charming guy until he could get his hooks in, and then led up to this little by little.
I hate how quickly a frank discussion can immediately devolve into incel bullshit. A woman doesn't know a guy's immediately gonna punt half her teeth out when she meets him. But she knows pretty quickly if a guy is just saying what she wants to hear because he's too afraid to be his own person.

Money, confidence and good looks.

Every time I've demonstrated a moral compass instead of enabling a girl (like say, one selling personalised fetish pictures online), I got "you're not my dad"

>What are women attracted to?
Different things because they are individuals.

They are attracted to height, face, and frame. Anything outside of this, she does not desire you physically

your reasoning is wrong because a lot of women stay in the relationship after those beatings

What is "a lot"? Do you have anything to back up this claim?

There are many reasons for that. They may be used to violence, they may be too scared to leave, or just lack resources. They may develop something akin to stockholm syndrome or so-called trauma bonding. They may suffer from masochism, usually due to earlier trauma and abuse in childhood.

not really, just a lot of anecdotal evidence
that's just even more depressing :(

OP is ban evading. His previous badboy spams got deleted.

>acting like you need to deliberately ban-evade on Jow Forums where having a dynamic DNS can get you banned and unbanned at random

I know that feel, a lot of times when I speak my mind with a girl they think that I'm being mean or I'm bullying them.