Psychology Useless Degree

How do I kindly let my girlfriend of three years realize she is wasting her time with trying to earn a Bachelors in Psychology?

The job prospects of this career path are dismall, and I don't want her to senselessly acrue more needless debt.

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You think wrangling crackheads in a psych ward isn't a career? Pfft, that's good money

Dude are you kidding? Psychologists earn a shit ton of money and therapists are needed EVERYWHERE. Let her do what she wants

Just have her pick a masters path to aim for, psych has a ton of well paying careers if you do grad school

Psychologists make a shit ton of money just to sit on their ass and listen to someone’s bullshit, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Not only that but there are many different areas and specific industries they could specialize in (cop shrink, game industry, military, medical field, etc..) Are you jealous of her or something?

>make a shit ton of money

Psychiatrists make a shit ton of money, not psychologist.,2_IN1_KO3,15.htm

Psychologists make just as much as anyone with a bachelors degree - not a “shit ton” of money

Everyone seems confused. This is a BACHELORS of psychology. Therapists require a Doctorate/PhD level usually. The field seems oversaturated and everyone I talk to that has the degree does not work in the field

For the amount of “work” that they do that’s a shit ton of money


>going into debt for a bachelor's

She shouldn't be going into more debt to begin with. I've noticed that the types of people who usually go into debt for a college degree usually don't make much money outside of college, or don't have much success getting a job.

She might be able to save some money taking CLEP and DSST courses for the credit, especially with low level courses. Just guessing here, but it's probably very likely she'll be hesitant or refuse. She might say something like, "I'd like to learn take the course at college to be a refresher" or something dumb like that.

I'd also suggest you basically grill her about her career path with simple open ended questions, like:
>What kind of work within psychology (e.g. clinical, social worker, adults, teens)?
>Do you have any internships you want to go after?
>What area do you want to work in (e.g. city, rural, near university hospital)?
>Do you have any career mentors lined up that you'll be shadowing?

This is simple stuff she should have mapped out first year, or before attending college.

>She shouldn't be going into more debt to begin with.
This is always true for a bachelor's, usually for a master's but not generally for a doctorate. Naturally, the field is everything but getting your doc degree in a growing med field is worth a little debt

Therapists only need a masters, not a doctorate, and counselors only need a bachelor's

What are her career goals? For what reason is she studying psychology? Is she aware that the degree has the lowest return-on-investment outside of maybe a general liberal arts degree? Does she know it is the most over-saturated major, as in the #1 most studied in all of academics? Does she know that the field is very low paid at all levels?

I don't know what these people are smoking:
Someone with a 2-year Associate of Science in Nursing will on average be paid more than Masters level licensed counselors (which require 3,000 practice hours and 60 master's credits to qualify in many states) and stay fairly even with doctoral prepared psychologists without the extra 7+ years of education.

The only psych jobs that pay well are nurses ($70k+), psychiatrists ($170k+), and psych nurse practitioners ($100k+).

She need psyd

why the fuck would you care?
if you don't like her goals then break up

It can be a little depressing to watch people end up on a subsistence living in debt forever because they lack the foresight to understand that there exists a future outside of a few years at a university. OP is completely correct. There is a real world, and that world does not reward someone for spending $50,000 on a psychology degree, or vastly more at the graduate level.

You kill yourself, proving that nobody really knows what's going on in the mind

For a psychology degree to be useful you need to have a masters and an internship\do journeyman training.

Take her to another psychologist or two and ask them how they got going.

It's a lot tougher than she thinks, and there's a lot to know to be useful.

>getting your doc degree in a growing med field is worth a little debt
No, absolutely not. If it was an actual medical degree in psychiatry I might agree with you as the data shows medical degrees actually pay off as a hole. If you plan it correctly, you don't have to pay anything or very little for a masters degree or a doctorate. In fact, you should be getting a stipend and housing as part of attending and work contributed to the university.

her own fault and you still shouldn't care

Dump her

>How do I kindly let my girlfriend of three years realize she is wasting her time with trying to earn a Bachelors in Psychology?
Tell her kindly psychology is false science bullshit, which it is.