Why is it that every kind of man can get into a relationship with at least one girl, except me?

Why is it that every kind of man can get into a relationship with at least one girl, except me?

>Fat men date girls
>Ugly men date girls
>Autistic men date girls
>Severely mentally disabled men date girls
>Handicapped men date girls
>Men with horrific deformities date girls
>Evil men, murderers and nazis date girls
>Abusive men date girls
>Beta orbiters date girls (just not the ones they originally were fixated on)
>Incels date girls (Yes, it's true. Visit incel communities online and you'll see countless dudes who aren't even dateless virgins posting because they're mad their ex cheated on them)
>Depressed guys date girls
>Suicidal guys date girls (I've read so many reddit posts on r/relationships about girls whose BFs are insane and threaten suicide if they get broken up with)

What is it? I'm not that weird of a guy. I'm not super ugly. I groom myself well, take care of my appearance, dress well, have friends, have hobbies, I get outside and talk to women and try to genuinely get to know them. And yet I am a dateless kissless handholdless virgin at age 23? Why?

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We are in the same boat

Nice. Not useful though. I need someone with a lot of relationship experience to tell me what it is I'm doing so badly wrong. Thanks for the bump though brother.

>this thread again
stop fucking making these

Have you asked any girl out yet? I know this is the cliche response but it’s a genuine one. It’s ingrained in women to wait for a man to approach them and to make the moves. It’s all fun and dandy that you talk to girls but have you actually ever risked it and asked for a date? If the answer is no then that is your problem.

Nope. I don't ask women out, not ever. Why bother when girls don't even show signs of interest in me?

In what country do you live for starters.

Tell me how to get a date and I'll go away forever. Promise xx

user don’t you see the problem? Like take a step back and look at this problem from an outside perspective. Nothing ventured nothing gained...A lot of women won’t show any signs, especially if they are shy, often times eye contact is all you’ll get. Absolute worst case they say no and you’re in the exact same spot you are now.

Once again, yes this is cliche and yes you’ve heard this many many times on this board. There’s a reason for that, it’s the way the world works. Yeah sure you might know a friends brothers cousin who’s gf literally fell into his lap but that’s not how it happens 99.99% of the time.

Ok you have Elliot Rodger syndrome, if you don’t ask them out when are they supposed to show signs of interest? That is literally the whole point of dating, to figure out if you like someone or not.

Every single guy I know who is in in a relationship, always had signs of attraction first before asking the girl out OR there was simply never a formal asking out process, they just naturally simultaneously clicked and expressed interest in each other at the exact same time without either party having to "make a move". I don't know anyone AT ALL who has had to just go around asking girls on dates without any signs of interest from them. Any guy I know who tried such a strategy failed miserably, and became universally known as "that guy who keeps approaching every single girl and getting rejected".

You have to approach women you fucking autist.

>going to reddit

Found your problem

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Alright Elliot. When you talk to girls do you ever flirt? Do you ever suggest hanging out more? You don’t have to formally ask a girl you’ve never talked to before “ma’am can I take you to dinner and perhaps make you my gf?”. This is a game men have to play for women, there doesn’t have to be signs. You need to flirt, be suggestive, and open up the possibility of hanging out again. I can tell right now you’re like a brick wall, you want this so bad but yet you’re afraid to even take the first step due to these ridiculous preconceived notions of how relationships work.

But why don't girls show any signs of interest in me at all? Not even a glimmer of attraction in their eyes when they look at me. Every girl treats me friendly and nicely, but nothing more. It's like I've been "friendzoned" by every woman on the planet.

what are you talking about there's older virgins than you on this site all the time. more effort as much as it takes. if you are such a piece of shit do as much as you can.

I dont want to ask out random girls
1. I am not motivated at all by physical appearences
2. All my relationships and friendships are slow burns. I am slow to trust and slow to realize i appreciate someone.

Why cant i just make friends?
If i see a hot girl im really not motivated to ask her out. I work on something different i guess. Im not blins to physical appearences and im not gonna consider some one im not physically attracted to but im also not the type who ever feels the need to chat based solely on physical atttaction.

>When you talk to girls do you ever flirt?
No. Why would I flirt with girls when they don't flirt with me?

>Do you ever suggest hanging out more?
No. I'm not insane, I don't have a deathwish. I'm not going to try and suggest hanging out with a girl when she hasn't made any indication that she would be up for such a thing.

>This is a game men have to play for women, there doesn’t have to be signs
Then why is it that every single man I know who is in a relationship (or who has been in one in the past) received signs of attraction from the girl before getting together with her?

I'm sure girls can smell the thirst emanating from you.

Just stay incel, you are a hopeless case.

Alright user. Guess you’re just going to die alone because you’re a huge fucking pussy. Afraid of the concept of rejection, it’s not like you’re trying to shove your dick in their faces. How about these wonderful men that you know that have transcended traditional dating practices help you then you fucking asshole? Like why even post this shit if you aren’t willing to take any of the advice? Are you hoping that somebody comes in here and just offers to date you? God you’re pathetic.

I’ve honestly tried to help you, god knows I did. When you shoot up a college campus I’ll be free of blame, Elliot.

I'm not thirsty. I don't want just any woman. All I want to know is why no one will give me a chance. Getting to 23 years old and not even being able to get one first date is not normal. Even most incels have been on first dates, they just can't get to a second. I'm not an incel (I don't hate women) and yet I still can't even get one date.


in general women have more experience socializing with people, both male and female, and when they talk to people the don't immediately assume they are being hit on.
You show them you are interested in them by asking them out, if the accept, they are interested. If they don't, just move to the next girl.

Do you just need one representative of every group you can think of to make you feel defeated?
Many guys don't get girlfriends. I know over 20 in my area who haven't had a girlfriend in more than a year.
Some people need to work harder than others to meet a girl they can ask out, so put in that work and you can ask out girls too.
If you ask out a lot of girls and still get rejected, you need to work on your delivery, your smalltalk and how you present yourself.

Are you not reading my posts properly? What is it that you're not understanding? Are you seriously trying to claim that I should be asking out women who have given NO indication whatsoever that they want me to ask them out? Why?

And stop comparing me to Elliot Rodger please. I don't hate women, I'm not a misogynist, I don't blame women for my problems.

You have a serious case of "I'm not going to do it if they don't" which probably requires some serious anxiety theraputics. Because we can also smell your sweaty ass and hide our signs from you. Pure anxiety encarnate only comes from creepos that don't know how to act and don't want to learn themselves.

You literally have his mentality.
You ARE him, before the rest of his bullshit. A ticking timebomb.

>Many guys don't get girlfriends. I know over 20 in my area who haven't had a girlfriend in more than a year.

Okay. How many people do you know who are kissless dateless handholdless virgins aged 20 or older? Even if you know one or two of those people, I bet that they're disgusting or misogynistic in some way. I'm neither of those things. I'm just a regular guy who takes good care of himself, can socialize well, has friends, and genuinely enjoys the company of women, but it just so happens that I'm a 23 y/o KDHV. I don't think there's anyone else like me in the world.

Yes user. What the fuck do you have to lose from asking a girl out? Tell me. Give me a good fucking reason why you wouldn’t do this? “Oh but user they’ve shown me no signs and literally all my best buds had signs :(“. Dude you’re about to be in your mid 20’s and haven’t done a single thing with a girl yet, surely you realize what you’ve been doing isn’t working?

God tell me you live in Kansas/Missouri so I can come over and beat the ever living shit out of your pussy ass.

>Because we can also smell your sweaty ass and hide our signs from you.
I'm not sweaty. I shower every day and use pleasant flowery smelling soaps and moisturisers. And I wear nice expensive deodorant and cologne. So no, you can't "smell my sweaty ass", if you did smell me you'd probably think it was a very nice scent.

>Pure anxiety encarnate only comes from creepos that don't know how to act and don't want to learn themselves.
That doesn't explain why I can make friends with girls and make them laugh, but they just don't express any interest in dating me. I would understand if girls were literally repulsed by me and never engaged in conversation. But plenty of women evidently tolerate me at least enough to have friendly and engaging conversations with me, and some women like me enough to be friends with me. So why, despite that, is it that no woman in the world wants to date me?

>Because we can also smell your sweaty ass and hide our signs from you

No you can't you vapid cunt. It's fucking funny when women (and guys, I'm inclusive) believe that they can "see the signs" when most of you can't even hide your body language. I should know since I'm a shitty person and still have gotten laid, despite the myth of girls being able to "tell" when something is off with a dude. You're not as socially observant as you think you are.

You know why; you've made this thread countless times and you have received all possible feedback one can give you.
But let me humour you:
In most cases men make the first move. Sometimes girls will initiate, but usually in very particular situations. For example, when they are drunk and daring, dancing in a club and some guy catches their eyes. Or when they are very desperate for their oneitis who is totally oblivious. Or when the man is a real prize and they are willing to risk breaking social norms and their own discomfort to get him. There are many such situations, but they aren't norms. It's just a matter of luck, really. Realistically you have two choices: either wait for some girl to ask you out, or taking these matters into your own hands. The first option is equal to waiting for a shooting star, it may happen during your lifetime, or it may not. From what I can assume judging your autistic habits, you are not a guy who is very social or goes out a lot, so the scenario with some horny girl approaching you at a party is very unlikely. You probably have little to no contact with girls, so the oneitis option isn't very likely either. I don't know what else to tell you. Become more social, spend more time with girls in general, maybe someone will approach you or maybe your balls shall finally drop, only lord almighty knows.
I assume you won't do dog shit though, aside from making the same thread over and over again like you have been doing since 2017. So yes, just stay incel and make these more often so we can report them for spamming or bawwwwing and get rid of you.

>Yes user. What the fuck do you have to lose from asking a girl out?

1. Embarrassment. If I get rejected by a girl it could destroy my reputation, and people in my social circle would subconsciously think of me as pathetic because I got turned down by a girl. It's humiliating.

2. I don't want to make girls feel uncomfortable. If I ask a girl out who doesn't want me to ask her out, she might feel anxious and scared by it, and I really don't want to make girls feel that way. I don't want to be one of those guys who girls are scared of approaching them.

>I should know since I'm a shitty person and still have gotten laid, despite the myth of girls being able to "tell" when something is off with a dude.
>I've gotten laid for being a creepo and I'm proud.
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Now, OP just needs to borrow your balls so he can grow his own and realize that his anxieties are of his own manufacturing.

>For example, when they are drunk and daring, dancing in a club and some guy catches their eyes.

I've been in clubs with my friends literally hundreds of times, and not once has a girl ever approached me no matter how drunk she is.

>From what I can assume judging your autistic habits, you are not a guy who is very social or goes out a lot

You're completely wrong there.

>If I get rejected by a girl it could destroy my reputation
Nigga, what? How come Jow Forums is so full of narcissistic incles nowadays? Holy fuck mane

Everybody gets rejected at some point man. Hell half the time you get rejected during the relationship. Sure it’s embarrassing at the moment but the life goes on and people forget. Also bud you are already incredibly pathetic, I have a hard time thinking your friends don’t already think that.

Most girls get asked out or flirted with constantly. None of them are going to look at you and scream and run off. Typically you’ll get a “oh sorry I have a boyfriend” or “I’m very busy, sorry”. Stop worrying what other people think and think about yourself, you’re going to let this shit kill you man.

Alright, I'm off my soapbox, but I'd love to see the advice that you have to offer OP. Btw I don't agree with your sentiment that anxiety is manifested as an entirely social phenomenon.

Oh boy, then you gotta have a really ugly mug or exude some major creep alert vibes. Too bad!

Good good more for my stack.

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I swear i've seen this thread like 20 times before.

Hes been posting this for years

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Date 'em chubby.

Because they all tried, as other people have said in this thread. The fat retard who asks out 1000 girls and almost always fails will do better than a chad who hides himself like a hermit.

OP here. None of those posts are mine

Too bad, you're detritus and lumped in with him.
Don't approach girls, don't get girls. The logic is painfully obvious. Dumbass.

Have you asked out every female in your geographic area? No? Then stop complaining. You aren’t trying enough, you entitle sack of shit. Protip: kill yourself

Same, but I don’t bother talking about it. Normies have no sympathy. If I could find one female that expresses interest in me, maybe then I’d be convinced I’m not completely unattractive. But this has never happened. I am hideous and that’s all there is to it. I stay out of people’s way as much as possible and have gone through life as an observer. Not as a human, but a thing that observes. Maybe like an invisible eye. I don’t know man. Sucks knowing the last 200,000 years of my ancestry culminated in failure. I think my siblings will do better though


Have some of you guys really never been hit on by girls? I find that very hard to believe

Thanks man, I can't wait to fuck every girl you've ever seen.

Have them. It’s only right that high quality males spread their seed far and wide so that people like me don’t come into existence

The problem is you think it's about you OP which tells me you're young and inexperienced. You think you're the only one that can't and that's part of the reason you won't as long as you keep thinking this way. When you understand how relationships begin you will find someone.

Relationships happen when an attractive man approaches an interested woman and they connect

I'll believe it if they're really ugly or they're located in a place where they're as good as any average joe cleaning shit for a living. If you can't stand out for shit you won't get shit. I've realized you have to stand out to get hit on by girls otherwise you have to find a way to let your better qualities speak for themselves to be noticed at all.

Well yeah but that's relative, I mean you have to be really and I mean really physically unattractive to not get hit on by girls at all. If you're very intelligent but ugly you still have a chance but you have to let that positive aspect stand out otherwise nobody will notice. This is much harder if you're somewhere with a high population and quality is all around.

I can confidently say that I’ve never had a girl express interest in me. I am unequivocally unattractive. I am on a decent sized college campus and in a medium sized city, but I would be out-competed every where. I am a failed genetic specimen. Once I finish my degree I will save up enough money and become a literal hermit, living in a cabin or cave. I want to apologize to everyone who has had to look at me

>be fat my whole life
>finally get semi fit at 20
>still fucking scared of women
>have 5 inch dick so that created a lot of insecurities
>had dates on two occasions
>both girls thought I had been with plenty of women but got to know me and realized why I was single
>say fuck it and flirt with women in her late 30's at work
>fuck at the ripe age of 22
>now have SO who is with me and loves me

I'm 29 now, user. I was in your shoes. That women never showed interest in me. Women are scared of rejection a lot more than men are.

So what are you doing in school anyway, what are you majoring in anyway? You know bettering yourself off in terms of education is a good thing right? Working towards a better paying job will help you in ways you don't imagine now.

Philosophy, though thinking of what to minor in. Maybe math or economics. I’d like to go to grad school for architecture. But yeah. I want to move away, far from people, cities, etc.

If you want to do architecture that's pretty cool, if you like that then do it but you have to work hard user. Don't worry too much about women not liking you now when I was younger I rarely ever got any attention from women unless I tried talking to them. One thing that might be turning them off though is displaying your insecurities. Do that and even women that might have been interested won't be, you have to try to stay calm.

Nah man I’m barely interested in girls anymore. I’ve overcome those desires and get pretty disgusted at myself when I form attraction to people. I also want to give up masturbating because it’s gross too. If women wanted to like me they should have done it when I cared. Too late now

Does anyone know any good places to start relationships online?
I want to try to find a girlfriend in a way I am more comfortable with, but all of the dating websites/apps that I've been on have not really worked out despite trying many times with each of them.

Yeah: anywhere (if you’re attractive)

That's funny user, you might change your mind in the future though.

I don’t think so. I’m fickle during transitory periods but once a change takes place I don’t usually shift back. I’m out of the gene pool as far as I can see

Yea, being 22 years old in a place with not many females did that to me. I had not much trouble thinking I was above that. Just stay there, never go in urban place to realize what you miss, it will be the end of you.


I may be kissless virgin but I will tell you want thing you need to approach women. The only girls that approach guys are those that need to because none wants them.

Why do you ask when you know the answer?

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No it’s ok. I don’t want a gf as I said. I would have liked sex but even then not enough to go begging for it. I’ve focused all my energy into overcoming these things and I think I’ve largely achieved it

You have to be ballsy, according to your values and personality, ask people/girls that interest you out not just random people/girls.

If you don’t leave the house, interact with girls, that makes things 100* worse.

I would try and get into a hobby group that actually interests me and if any girls in said group interest you, try and strike up chatter, see how the reception is and act accordingly, I’m not sure about work environments, but you could also apply that here.

I don’t leave the house at all so all of what I am saying may be b.s, but normal social behaviour involves being ballsy to a degree and I’m assuming for dating, you need to be in the parameters of the girls interest, and even more ballsy.

Meaning, change your style to one that totally suits you but is different to most people in that style, be cultured to a degree, knowing about multiple cultures is a very good quality in my opinion. All I do is try to be humble/modest and the people I have interacted with seem to “really like” me. (But I haven’t interacted with much people)

Other than that, I have no clue, i have lost hope (although I haven’t done anything to attract girls at all) I assume it is truly luck and also an equal amount of “ballsiness”

There is no luck, only attractiveness, which in turn also has a component of confidence/“ballsiness”

If I had to guess it'd either be because of a lack of effort and/or exposure, or because of a refusal to adopt realistic standards.
Yes, men who have any combination of fat, ugly, awkward, poor, etc working against them do sometimes get girlfriends, but those guys also put themselves out there and have realistic standards. You don't see them with amazingly beautiful women.