Can't stop thinking about my best friend's brother

I'M SO IN LOVE WITH HIM. it's gotten so bad i stole one of his pens and have been touching myself with it every single night. i literally can't stop thinking about him. but everyone thinks it's wrong. i don't know what to do.

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Why do they think its wrong?

because he's my friend's brother and friends' brothers are off limits because girl code or something

Tell your friend

I once dragged my feet on a girl because a male friend liked her. Later she told me I had a chance and was never ever going to date that other guy. I'm still relatively in love we her. She's married now with a kid and her husband doesnt love her. Its heart breaking.

It's been 15 years and it still bothers me. Knowing what I could have had and how much she hurts right now. I could have said fuck the bro code and saved both of us so much heart ache. I dont even talk to the other guy anymore.

I say go for it. Just treat him with respect and give it a fair shot.

If you are really in high school you might never see your friend again when you graduate. Same for college. But you might mary this guy and get a besty as a sister in law.

Just dont fuck and run unless it's his ide.

do it. he won't care. if your friend matters to you don't, but does she?

well let me tell ya if you bang her brother she will be mad if you tell her you like him she will probaby still be kinda upset but she might give you the go ahead so just talk to your friend and explain to her you like her brother

how do I get a girl to be this into me.

Was she hot and did you like her?

Maybe there is and you just dont know!
"Girl code"

>because he's my friend's brother and friends' brothers are off limits because girl code or something
My cousin's brother married her best friend a while back. They're still best friends.

No there's no such rule. Just make sure to talk to your friend first or your relation might take a hit.

I think lm just going to blow my brains our then. Whats the point?

the rule is 'bros before hoes' (in this case, backwards). he is not a hoe to her, it's her brother. that rule can't apply then. this is actually pretty common.

thats stupid, fuck him nobody will mind

love is more important than mean girl friend groups. follow your heart and never look back

I don't know any girl who could possibly think that about me. If there is one it would have to be some stalker I never met,

Friendly reminder that Chad lives life on easy mode.

Yes I believe a woman made this post with cropped porn.

>tfw you will never have a girl this into you

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Lolwut?! Bro code version only applies to your friend’s gfs. Not relatives. Unless your friend and her brother are fucking, turn your fantasy into reality.

And daily reminder that women live life in tutorial mode with cheats.

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Protip : you're the only one respecting this """code""".
They're all sucking his dick.