Is it cheating if I only do it with escorts? To be honest I think all women are disgusting horrible people...

Is it cheating if I only do it with escorts? To be honest I think all women are disgusting horrible people, except for my wife. But she only has 1 body so I use escorts to fill that hole. I've been trying to get her into threesomes but she loves me too much to share me, so I keep it on the low. I justify it by saying that most gay men have wives. So it is like I'm gay but with women. So it's not cheating right?

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It's cheating.

Why? I'm just gay but with women.

No, it's cheating, and you should be deeply ashamed of yourself for doing it and seeking validation for it on the Internet.

I'd say no, definitely not cheating. Just a healthy bit of fun and should be encouraged.

I'm just seeking a second opinion. I love my wife, and she loves me so much she says that if something happened to her she'd just kill herself. Is it really that bad that I am literally THE perfect husband, but I fuck random thotties on the low?

You are unfaithful to your partner, you are cheating.
>inb4 mental gymnastics to justify cheating

Does she know you fuck whores? Does she approve it?

She doesn't know. I don't know if she approves or not. I think it is better for her not to know as she is actually head over heels in love with me and would probs shoot herself.

Hopefully she will find out and shoot you.

It's definitely better for her not to know. And sometimes, the person will go out of their way to ignore the signs.

No, she can't hurt me. Loves me too much.

Look. I have great job, great family, treat women well, I am very romantic, tactful, loving, sentimental man. I am also funny, smart, and reliable. Is it really that bad that I fuck random thotties on the side.

Here is a true fact: I don't care who you or your husband are, I treat my wife better. I am THE perfect husband. Can't I just fuck some thotties?

Oh she has already ignored many signs already.

>Oh she has already ignored many signs already.
There you go then.

But the question here is philosophical. If I fucked the thotties in my personal life, that'd be cheating. But aren't escorts just entertainers? Performance art, if you will.

Uh.. yes it is cheating. However i would say it's not as bad as 'normal' cheating.

With regular cheating, it's not just the sex thing. You can become emotionally attached to your affair and maybe even jump ship eventually. If you're only cheating with hookers and escorts, there is no emotional connection or romance involved. You're strictly appeasing a physical desire. So it's less.... bad.

But again, yes it's cheating. If your wife ever finds out about it, she's still entitled to be angry about it or even divorce you.

You sound narcissistic, and you keep coming up with empty excuses. If you loved your wife and cared about her, you wouldn't fuck other women. It's not that complicated. What is the point of this thread? You already know that your actions are wrong, so you are looking for anons who will give you the affirmation, absolution and enablement so you can keep fucking other whores and pretend to be a good husband and a person with some basic integrity. You're clearly not all that.
On the other hand, when told that your actions are wrong, you shrugged it off and kept waiting for affirming replies.

You're deluding yourself. If you were the perfect husband you wouldn't cheat. Seriously proclaiming yourself as perfect is another red flag, because it suggests that you can't see your own flaws and refuse to accept the fact that you even have them.

I already said I think it's ok. As long as it's just sex, you're fine.

Okay I am not the perfect husband, but I am the best. By that I mean that my little performance art events are way less bad than the flaws of your husbands. If you went on a date with me, you'd understand.

You are just a horny narcissist with no regards for your wife's wishes or feelings. You're nowhere near a good husband status. You are not even a moral person.

Okay please try to reason with me. Imagine your prince charming. The perfect man for you. Now just add that he fucks thotties on the side every now and then (once a month at most, and he doesn't even feel anything. It's just a nut). Do you hate him now?

How is your sex life with your wife? Is it any good?

It is great. I fuck her brains out every night. She loves getting it.

Damn, you poor sod, you have not an ounce of empathy in your blood.
A normal person, be it a man or a woman, responds negatively upon finding out that they have been cheated on. Here's some things they feel or experience:
>a sense of rejection
>feeling of worthlessness
>emotional anguish, depression, deep anger, resentment, disgust, sometimes self-blame
>plummeting self-esteem
>plummeting faith in their relationship and their partner
>they feel lost and full of doubts, since a seemingly perfect loving partner severely broke their trust and the exclusivity of their relationship
And so on.

Then it surprises me how you still desperately need to fuck whores.

I mean, i can see a man fucking escorts if his loving wife has turned old, fat and ugly and he just wants to get off on that young pussy because his wife isn't sexually attractive anymore. But if the sex you're having with your wife is great, i dont get why you still need more from random thots.

It's not cheating unless it's on a Tuesday.

I said in my OP, my wife only has 1 body. If she could shapeshift into different body types, I wouldn't go to escorts.