I finally see that what separates Elliot from successful guys is the trait of being aggressive. He lacked this...

I finally see that what separates Elliot from successful guys is the trait of being aggressive. He lacked this. He was passive. Women hate passivity. They love aggression. How can I genuinely become more aggressive and confident?

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>not aggressive
>shot a bunch of people
Well, I don't know about that.

It’s not about being aggressive lol it’s about being confident enough to actually go for what you want. Nobody is going to date you if you’re too afraid to even dip your foot in the water.

That was his first and final bout of aggression. If he tempered his skill and sprinkled it across his life he would have gotten sex.

Explain the meaningful difference here between confidence and aggressiveness. I’ll wait you pedantic goblin

The manifesto was pretty aggressive.

What girls want is to not have to fix some guy's mental problems. Having them is fine; living under their thumb ignorant of the fact that you WILL have to help yourself eventually is damning to so many more prospects than just romance-- your overall social prospects and your opportunities for things like jobs or education will dwindle as you ignore an obvious problem everyone else sees.

What separates Elliot from successful guys is humility, Anonymous. Elliot was not humble. Arrogant shits match up with arrogant shits, and then there's arrogant shits who think they're not arrogant shits and they end up like Elliot.

Aggressive has a more forceful and honestly unpleasant connotation. Confidence can come in the way you stand, your appearance, your strut, how you look at a person, how you talk to them. There doesn’t have to be anything forward and assertive about it.

Now get on your knees you incel, I’m somebody who regularly sleeps with woman. I’m not surprised the difference is unclear to you.

Anons, remember that this is our ban-evading badboy poster and so this thread should be reported

Proof? Because women love getting banged up by felons and gangbangers.
Also, how could there be nothing forward or assertive about it if the only prerequisite to getting a girl friend is to approach them with confidence?

Yeah, I had a feeling it was him

Nope. I’m someone else. But report away. It’s been a while since I was banned.

>writing is aggressive
What world am I living in?

And you wonder why women don't like you. You're kind of a piece of shit bruh, if they like aggression then you should be drowning in pussy.
Is it ironic at this point? I don't get it. Did you realize the failures are all your own, hit critical capacity, and just short out and resort to escapism and telling yourself it's surely everyone else's fault and not yours for being an arrogant twat?

No, I realize there’s a problem with me, hence this thread. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I guess I need help turning whatever I have into your specific brand of confidence/aggression so that I can finally become attractive

Women love men who would be willing to rape them. Elliot at least should've raped a woman and that could've saved him from committing his acts, as women are not only lusting for men who go out and do this but they have one of their first orgasms when it happens. What they want is an animal, and that animal can just force himself into her.

I mean, there's no helping you, guy. People offer help and you swear at them and throw ad hominem at them. If aggression is really all it takes, you should be golden because holy shit you're buttblasted.
Aggression is a tone. Are you honest-to-goodness this dumb or are you just baiting for (You)s on Jow Forums since you can't handle boards like /b/ or Jow Forums?

So you’re saying I should rape someone

Aggression is not a fucking “tone.” It is a mode, a trait, a way of being and acting. Writing and words cannot hurt you the way aggression can.

Yes. Personal advice, the hidden web is a wonderful place to find great guides to rape women and get away with it.

>people offer you help
The only “help” itt was someone saying I should be “confident” and not aggressive. Did I miss something?

Hmmm. Should I use Tor or some other way? Also, any search tips?

Like I said, you're beyond help. You simply cannot be helped. In one breath you admit you're clearly in the wrong and out of your depth, then you go right back to asserting that you're correct and it's everyone else who is wrong.

But like I said: if aggression be the key, you seem to have that down pat, so girls oughtta roll all over you. Go out there and treat them like you treat people here, I'm sure that's worked out super-well for your life.

I'm guessing 'A for abandonment' is where you start your alphabet, huh?

Tor is fine. You'll be relying on wiki and some good luck to find the rape stuff, but it's there.

Ok, thank you

He sprinkled some orange juice and coffee on innocent people a lot before the final game. Also shouted at some couples.

>In one breath you admit you're clearly in the wrong and out of your depth, then you go right back to asserting that you're correct and it's everyone else who is wrong.
Mind pointing out exactly where I did this? I asked if there was anything more than to become confident instead of aggressive and you write this polemic against me. Why?

This is just sad. No user, women do not love getting banged by felons and delinquents. Just because a few do does not mean it's a trait in the population, you sad sad boy.

Mass shootings are the violent expression of being a pussy

So who do they love? I need help understanding

>they have one of their first orgasms when it happens
You're ignorant to the point of being dangerous. MOST WOMEN HAVE THEIR FIRST ORGASM IN SOME OTHER CONTEXT THAN DURING RAPE. Also, women who get orgasm during rape are MINORITY and when it happens, it's not because they enjoy being raped, but because their bodies try to PREVENT BIGGER DAMAGE by causing orgasm, making vagina dilate and become wet. If you rape dry and non dilated pussy the damage is far bigger, even lethal with no care. God some of you people are so stupid you should be incarcerated just because of that.

People who don't have complexes under whose thumb they live constantly, and yet in ignorance.


Ok. I acknowledge my unattractiveness. Now how do I become attractive?

Thanks for the info. I'll infiltrate and get those fuckheads raped to be bound to a wheelchair. :)

Thank you too. I'll get that thing too. To get loads of fuckheads to be punished and not only rapists. You sometimes get good advice from around here.


Emulate xxxtentacion

You mean assertive? He was aggressive when he killed those people.

No he was a spoiled brat that expected evrything to come to him. He hated his dad for not marrying a famous person so he could get money. He refused to work any job because it was demeaning to his sense of grandeur. He would literally drive two states (and thats Western states) to buy lottery tickets so he could get rich quick. And he would get upset that girls would not throw themselves at him when he would creepily stare mutely at them. And one of the most retarded things he did constantly is proclaim his virginity to any male that would listen, making him instantly unlikeable among the "chads" he was trying to befriend. Tbh a absent father, controlling stepmother, and enabling mother does not explain his utter inability to understand social cues. Elliot was probably heavily autistic.

Nah, the problem with decent looking incels who have most of life going for them like Elliot, is they think they deserve women and are entitled to at least a relationahip, they think just because you look good, have money and a car, a nice house, etc, that women are going to come clawing at your dick, that almost never happens, especially when you're a loner/recluse that is almost always stuck in his own head.

Yeah your status matters, material bullshit matters, your looks matter, but nothing matters more than your ability to approach, start and keep a convo going, your about ability to socialize, and how many and how big your social circuits are

>I finally see that what separates Elliot from successful guys is the trait of being aggressive.
You misspelled "autistic"

Yeah sure I bet those girls just hated it to come on some strong rapists dick.
I bet you the minority of women who orgasm during rape is larger than the minority of women who orgasm during pemetration during sex


Fucking nice. 10/10 /b/ro

Most of them hate being raped, even if they had an orgasm during it, because it is DEGRADING to be raped. It sort of takes away your human dignity and makes you feel like a piece of worthless trash. They also get injuries even if their pussy got dilated and wet, as a result of which they can't sit for weeks and have to scream every time they pee for at least a month. Also, quite a lot of women orgasm during willing penetration. It depends a lot on who they fuck. Women are more likely to orgasm when they have a lust for/are in love with the man they fuck. I'm sorry if no woman never really lusted for you, but only settled to fuck you to be able to have a relationship. Women need to have relationships you now, otherwise they end up being social outcasts, as no one wants to be a friend of a woman who has no relationships (or a man who does not get to fuck).

But, discussion over. As I can not really say if you lie or are really that stupid you do not get these things on your own. It's funny thing though, how liars usually say things that are completely idiotic. It's a good way to recognize a liar that they do it.

>I'm sorry if no woman Ever really...

>He hated his dad for not marrying a famous person so he could get money. He refused to work any job because it was demeaning to his sense of grandeur. He would literally drive two states (and thats Western states) to buy lottery tickets so he could get rich quick.
It was his biological mother he wanted to marry a rich person. He also bought part of his lottery tickets in Arizona, in Ehrenberg, that is right on the border of California and Arizona. He had PDD-NOS that is a form of autism.


>and how many and how big your social circuits are
You can't have social circuits if you do not get to fuck (as a man) or have relationships (as a woman. Because humans are primitive beasts in the sense they do not want to be friends with losers.

they hate it so much they orgasm on their rapists dick. Oh and don't worry about me, girls don't even see me.
I'm more interested about the concept, that girls more often cum during rape than during actual penetration
most girls would lie that they had cum during penetration and would lie that they hadn't cum during rape so those numbers are alot more in favour for rape than you'd think

Source: your ass.

I'm sorry? It's a fact that a minority of women orgasms during rape and a minority of women orgasm during intercourse. We also know women tend to lie to their partners about orgasms to make them feel better and they'd rather not say they had an orgasm from rape because of shame. All points to the same conclusions. Rape make more women orgasm than does consensual penetrative sex.

If it's a fact then post a source.

>Also, quite a lot of women orgasm during willing penetration.
funny how 99% of the time woman post the exact opposite of this but when it's convenient to the argument all of a sudden it's "quite a lot of women" who can do this.

Got any actual evidence instead of incel memes?

Nothing that comes from his mouth has a source. He is putting up LIES to have something against women who do not want to fuck him. Thus, he is nothing but a waste that needs to be incarcerated from polluting the world. Not only because he is extremely harmful to all women, but also because he is insufferably stupid for putting up such retarded lies. Also, he probably does not even get it, that even if rape made women orgasm more often than being willfully penetrated, IT WOULD NOT BE A JUSTIFICATION TO RAPE ANYONE, because rape always leaves injuries like I described, and is MENTALLY DAMAGING. Also there is the risk of pregnancy and the victim getting STDs. Instead, the he wants to think that rape would be okay even in that case, and that if a woman has an orgasm during rape, she probably enjoyed it too. Because the imbecile thinks that you just need to enjoy anything that causes you orgasm. Men usually tend to become that, imbeciles, when they need to have something against women, They fucking start stating things that are totally retarded. Which is making them PURELY DISGUSTING IN THEIR STINKING STUPIDITY. How can you even want to fuck any man knowing that they would turn into full blown retards in case of not getting any pussy? I mean, imagine your handsome boyfriend who you worship turning into a full blown retard just because you and no other woman wants to fuck him anymore. How does that make you feel? Turns him into an extremely repulsive piece of meat in your eyes, doesn't it? Something you wouldn't touch with a stick anymore.

Plenty of women hit on guys these days. You're cucking yourself if you ask a girl out.

It seems to be convenient for you to MISREAD what people write to be able to put up your retarded lies. Anyone with half of a brain gets it, that with "quite a lot of women" I was referring to women who actually get to fuck someone they really lust for.

I don't know. I Just want to break the necks of any imbeciles thinking/lying that women enjoy being raped whenever they get an orgasm for it. Or basically any imbecile starting to put up their retarded lies to have something against women.

Guess this thread is just too much for me. Makes me see all men as disgusting imbeciles who only make you vomit. Because that's what they'd become, in case not getting any pussy.

>Instead, the he wants to think...
Haha. I was going to write "the imbecile" but corrected it to be "he" not recalling to remove "the". Always the same shit.

>I finally see that what separates Elliot from successful guys
Maybe being a crazy nutjob who was massively insecure, frustrated and lacked social skills did it. Just throwing out ideas here.

>They love aggression
Not really, no.