Is it a red flag if someone lost their virginity while they were below the age of consent?

Is it a red flag if someone lost their virginity while they were below the age of consent?

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Not if it was consensual.


Wtf happened there?

If they could consent, it wouldn't be illegal in the first place

No. Age of consent is sexist

The age of consent is a legal matter, it does not regard actual ability to make an informed decision...

Generally yes.

In my experience yes.

Not really. If it makes you uncomfortable move on though. It really sucks to find out your partner disapproves of your life before them. It's like imagine someone found out you used to post on the internet hate machine, and gave you shit about it every once in a while.

It depends. I had the opportunity to lose my virginity very young, and had opportunities to take virginity. However, I was very idealistic at that age and I didn’t want just anybody.
Probably yeah, it’s probably a red flag

depends on the age of consent where you are

in my state it's 18, so it's pretty normal

I don't think it's cool of you to hold it against someone if they were raped at age 6, OP.


>epends on the age of consent where you are

Yes, definitely. But then again so is fornicating in general.

depends if we are talking by normal human being standards or bitter, incel, holier than thou 4chaners.

I would say it is not. I base red flags more on total numbers. Everyone has mistakes, and everyone had a sexually charged adolescence. The red flag is if they are not embarrassed by it or if they repeatedly fell into the same sexual patterns.

Depends on what the AOC is and who they lost it to.
A 15yo girl losing her virginity to a 17yo boy in a place where the AOC is 18 is perfectly normal and, as much as I lament it, a healthy activity and part of growing up. Fuck i wish that was me.
A 14yo girl losing hers to some 20-something dude, there's your red flag bro.

In and of itself, not really.

However, girls who lose their virginity early on in life do tend to rack up more partners overall throughout their lives. And a high lay count on a woman is definitely a red flag.

I once saw this FTV interview where the girl was asked when she lost her virginity. She replied 12.
The interviewer then asked her "please repeat that answer, but say 16 and that it didn't involve your uncle". This was too degenerate for a guy who films porn for a living, gotta love those moments.

What's okay depends on the ethnicity/location.
Slavic, Nordic and Germanic people: 16+
Latin countries, Greeks, Gypsies, South America: 14+
Everyone else: probably raped in the ass pre-natally

The porn industry is careful with shit like that because they want to avoid future legal issues.

Like I know of one shoot that was borderline rape that didn't get published until years after the fact when the actress got back into porn (she quit for a few years because the shoot traumatized her) so they could say "see, it was just acting"

why do you think it became a legal matter? they didn't just say "lol lets make this a law just for shits n giggles" it's in place BECAUSE of the belief that people under a certain age likely dont have the critical thinking skills to give consent


think it was a Cody Lane interview, don't have the link to it.