This is a question about race mixing. happas especially wanted for input

This is a question about race mixing. happas especially wanted for input.

I have been dating my current gf for a few years now. She is hilarious, has fantastic morals, and is exceptionally caring and supportive. We survived a long distance deal while I was away for school and now we are living together and I could hardly be happier with her, I am starting to think very seriously about the next step.

She is asian and I am white. This is the biggest concern I have about the future of our relationship, mainly as far as offspring are concerned. I know that there are some mixed race people out there with identity issues, especially happas seem to sometimes have a degree of anger or bitterness which I worry may stem from their split background (this is based on nothing more than passive observations, so maybe I am out to lunch on that).

for a little context:
I do not have yellow fever, neither has she had a particular penchant for white people. We are together because we like each other. Thats it. No ethnic fetishism.
She is not born in my country but she is here on visas of her own initiative. She is not dependent or beholden to me for her visa.
We both value our culture and backgrounds. If we have children I would very much like them to identify with both sides of their heritage.

Is it difficult to raise a mixed race family that is happy, healthy, and still has a sense of identity? How do I do this? Can anyone vouch from personal experience how much of a mine field it is, and share their take on a mixed-race family?

inb4 'race traitor'. There is nothing wrong with giving priority to ones own race for dating, but for me, I think it is far far more important to find respect, support, trust, and good values in your partner. I have all that in spades.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with getting married and having children. Most children would be very very lucky to be raised in a family environment with a mom and dad who care for each other, and care for their children. If you have that, it doesn't matter what races you are - you will be better off than most kids are.

No matter how you look at it, children being raised in a happy, stable mixed race family is miles better than one in an unhappy marriage, a divorced family, a single parent, foster care, a billion other things. Don't think you'll be doing your child a disservice by raising them in a healthy home. Any kid would be lucky.

i am a white nationalist, neonazi, literal hitler here. yes you are a race traitor, but you can still raise your kids to be civnats who support their family and community and just avoid all racial discussions if you like. it’s quickly becoming the norm. if you aren’t tearing down your community with degenerate morals, you’re a good neighbor

>She is asian and I am white.
This is the best looking and best performing mix.
You get intelligence with the right amount of risk taking
Generally slim bodies with more muscle

Go for it!

>There is nothing wrong with giving priority to ones own race for dating, but for me, I think it is far far more important to find respect, support, trust, and good values in your partner.
That's just cope because you don't want to be alone. You are knowingly depriving your kids of identity, and they will never be able to get it back no matter what. That's selfish, no matter how you construe it.
I would rather die alone than compromise on my morals--but those morals include not racemixing and producing rootless offspring. I wish both you and your now-gf well, but you each belong with your own.

t. mostly white, part shekelgrabber

>i am a white nationalist
>encouraging boomer civic """nationalists"""
Are you retarded?
Yep, retarded. I hope this was just ironic.

While it is not the worst possible case of mixing, it is mixing and identity-destroying nonetheless. It's not a good thing. Genes also don't work like that, this isn't an RPG.

You guys are ridiculous. Any child being raised in a supportive and loving family will grow up fine. It doesn't matter what fucking race they are.

I don't know why this stupid website is always REEEEing about mixed race kids somehow being ugly when the most attractive men of all time, according to the scientists at People magazine and various other publications, are almost entirely all mixed race.

They also like to complain about how mixed race kids don't have a culture and don't belong and whatever but that's only true in like the most isolated countries' most remote regions. No one here is moving to Outer Mongolia to have half-Tuvan babies.

>identity-destroying nonetheless
How do you destroy the identity of a baby that doesn't even have self-recognition yet?

Nah, they'll be fine. You can be many things at once user. The zoomer generation and the generation that follows will be full of mixed kids so you don't have to worry about your kids feeling out of place. I'm kind of mixed but it never bothered me because I'm technically a zoomer. They can have both cultures and I always saw having two cultures as an advantage.

You browse too much Jow Forums. Don't be a retard and fall for the memes. As long as a relationship is grounded on love and appreciation and you parent like normal people then you won't have a high chance of getting weird kids.

you’re not thinking big picture. if anyone race mixes, it needs to be at least anything not black+white mixing degeneracy. purity spiraling gets you nowhere when the WN movement is like 2% of the population

Identity is complex and multifaceted even for a person who is mostly of a single race. (I phrase it that way because if you go back far enough, everyone is "mixed" in a small amount). There is no reason why a person of mixed race *must* have some identity crisis, especially if you raise and form them properly from the beginning. Race arguably isn't even that much of an important aspect of identity, either. I'm white but don't really give a shit.

> the most attractive men of all time, according to the scientists at People magazine and various other publications, are almost entirely all mixed race.
It's almost like these "scientists" who regularly regurgitate bullshit like "there will be no more white people by 2300, and that's a good thing" have an agenda to push their subjective opinions of attractiveness.

Because you're born with (or without) said identity--if it's acquired, it's effectively meaningless in terms of stable social organization. I.e. if everyone is a "winner", nobody is.

It's not "purity spiraling" to say that racemixing is bad. That's the fundamental premise of being a nationalist, to preserve one's own. I freely admit there are relatively more damaging kinds of mixing, but that does not make any of it acceptable.

>I'm white but don't really give a shit.
I wonder why. Any expression of white group identity is immediately slammed as evil wherever it appears, billions of dollars are poured into deliberately attacking white racial affinity every year under the guise of promoting "diversity" and "anti-racism" even in homogeneous societies.

Why do people like you always say that race-mixing only affects white people? Do Blacks and brown people and whatever also not get their race mixed in when they mix with whites?


it's fucking stupid

>Because you're born with (or without) said identity
>born with identity
[citation very much needed]

I never said anything about "diversity" or whites being evil so take your retarded generalizations and shove them up your ass. I'm a moderate conservative, I'm just not an ethnonationalist or identitarian.

>I know that there are some mixed race people out there with identity issues, especially happas seem to sometimes have a degree of anger or bitterness which I worry may stem from their split background
>(this is based on nothing more than passive observations, so maybe I am out to lunch on that).

step 1 would be asking any of the millions of mixed race people from anywhere in the world how they feel about their mixed culture, or maybe, just maybe, opening a book and reading about the experiences of those people that you wish to have insight about!

step 2 would be not basing your views on what you think people are thinking because that's just your own thoughts talking to themselves.

yes, many people live full healthy happy lives with multiple racial identities or ethic backgrounds. just think about it, are you crippled by the double identity you have as a son and a boyfriend? they're both male identities, you're both of those things all the time and even if you don't think about it or have one identity turned up more than the other, sometimes you use both of those identities.

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>Why do people like you always say that race-mixing only affects white people?
I don't say that. But I am white and my primary concern is with whites.

Why do you need a citation for that, retard? It's a simple question of kinship and ancestry. Soon enough, these constructivist loons will have us "questioning" or "redefining" what blood parentage is.

You didn't, governments and organizations very much do. That's why so-called moderate "conservatives" take positions like "I don't care about preserving my kind"--your own perceptions are shaped by what is or isn't socially acceptable to believe, and an implicit component of that is a refusal to allow white group consciousness.

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>mainly as far as offspring are concerned

>“Bone marrow matches get more complicated the more racially mixed we are, and makes things much more difficult for patients,” said Jill Kendall-Erb, program director for the Be the Match program at City of Hope. “It’s a very big deal because it means you have a donor base that is huge and vast and wide for Caucasian patients, but not for minority patients.”

>"the numbers are quite staggering ... People compare it to winning the lottery.",8599,1993074,00.html

Imagine believing the white race is gonna disappear because some white dudes marry outside their race.

Everyone has identity issues. Have you ever seen a guy pull out a trading card and say that he's related to random sports star? Has someone ever told you they are the unwanted love child of a celebrity? What about people who don't know their parents or hate their parents?

The only thing you can do is love your child/ren, teach them that you love them, and teach them what you know. Many parents can't even do that much let alone worry about crazy shit.

>the white race is gonna disappear
White societies already are disappearing. It is seen as unconscionable to desire a whites-only community, with most of the remaining ones only being that way by circumstance (and often they are targeted for "diversification".
Intermarriage is furthermore a cumulative effect--once white identity is lost, it cannot be regained, certainly not when white birthrates are already well below replacement while nonwhite immigration and population growth continue.
It's disingenuous to either misrepresent my argument or the situation.

There are mixed race people who do have issues. But there are also mixed people who seem to live life regularly. I guess that's just the gamble when you have children. There's no guarantee how they'll come out and you can't protect them from everything. Sorry if that's a vague answer, but I've been thinking of a similar scenario and I'm not sure how I feel about it

The mixed race is superior genes from two different races combined results in healthier people resistant to illnesses as well as no clear identity decided by society. A person can be an individual not a race. I am mixed white and brown. I am superior to you one race people. We will be the dominant ones eventually. I am inevitable!

yes, mixed breeds have to tell themselves this to cope. i got nothing against you since you didn’t make the decision yourself. but you better believe the state and corporations love that you don’t claim any identity and will always be more able to mold people like you to their liking before someone who isn’t mixed, especially if they’re 100% black, mexican, or white nationalist

>superior genes
The shit they tell themselves. I live in a supposed “superior genes” population and it’s a bloody fucking nightmare and I intend to leave when I can. It’s agonizing being white in a see of non-whites I can’t relate to those people nor do we share common physical characteristics. I wish to remain with my kin and it’s becoming more and more apparent that that dream of mine won’t come true

You shouldn't be a dad. Not because of your kids being mixed, but because you're a fucking idiot

> I wish to remain with my kin
You evil racist!
By the way, it's important that people see families that look like theirs in advertising, because it helps them relate and feel represented! But don't you dare suggest that white people like living around their own. Diversity is our strength. Diversity is good. Intolerance is bad. Intolerance must never be tolerated, because diversity is good. Opposing diversity is evil.

I do browse to much Jow Forums. But I'd rather be exposed to bitter autism than fucking redditors.

>you are knowingly depriving your kids of identity
>rootless offspring

I'm open to discussing this.
I feel like your response is pretty black-and-white. in any relationship you are splitting your children's identity between two families, I identify with both sides of my family with zero conflict or confusion whatsoever. The assertion that they suddenly become totally "rootless" seems like a jump in reasoning.

I understand it's not quite the same but I do not feel like the average mixed-race individual sees complete void in their heritage.
Maybe they do though, this is what I am trying to figure out, but it seems like to extreme of an assertion to be at all plausible.

>that's just a cope
you are just projecting your values. You may see the principle value of offspring as genetic vessels for purity, that is your prerogative. For me, I value the smaller scale context of my family, and that requires good values and a partner that really is a partner.

A great example is my relative who married a white dude that has since done nothing but try to agitate and undermine our entire extended family. Their kids will be white but when they aren't allowed to visit with their grandparents, uncles, etc because he thinks we are backwards fundamentalists, that seems like a far worse assault to their roots.
Obviously not asserting that this is the case with even most white-white couples, just illustrating why I put my values where I do. I am not coping just because I have a different set of priorities than you, your perspective is not a universal truth.

Could you please elaborate?

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Identity issues stem from low self-esteem which stems from poor parental guidance. I'm as mutt as you can get (jewish father, Mexican mother), but I've absolutely zero identity issues, and never had an identity crisis about my heritage in my entire life because my parents taught me that your hard work, accomplishments, and kindness matter more than where you've come from.

A little aside, I was at a restaurant the other night. In walks in this demure, small asian woman of middle age, then her middle aged white husband who was a bit taller than her, and their two fucking incredibly tall and incredibly handsome boys. It was fucking bizarre, but it just goes to show that genetics are a lottery spin; some win, some don't.

>I'd rather be exposed to bitter autism than fucking redditors.
Well that's why we're all here, but be prepared to understand that bitter autism distorts and disconnects people from reality

You bring up the children as the loved products of a love-filled home. As an added bonus you teach them about their double inheritance of cultures and histories to be equally proud of