Ask a former incel anything. I would love to give advice

Ask a former incel anything. I would love to give advice.
>former 23 yo KHV
>never had a gf
>5'3" male
Statistically speaking I should have the hardest time out of nearly anyone on this board getting a gf and sex should be nigh impossible fantasy for me. But through a plethora of experiences I have acquired the wisdom to shed my virginity and blossom into the Chad I knew I could be and a smoking hot sugar gf the same age as me with a big heart and a bigger ass. I would like to impart whatever wisdom I can to anyone willing to listen.

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Well, technically my sugar-gf is 4 years younger than me but that's not important.

why do you call her sugar gf? is she high maintenance?

I wanted to say sugar-momma but she's younger than me so I just call her my sugar gf. She is a demanding little girl that calls for a dominant male personality that I didn't have before but had to learn quickly. And I'm happy with her right now, as she is with me.

Does she empty your wallet?

no such thing, never heard of it, doesn't exist, you lie!

No dude. You're thinking of a sugar-baby. I used to be in the military but now I'm your average call-center joe just looking for the next thing. She's younger than me, but loves to splurge for me (double entendre). She's a tough cookie but a real sweet heart.
Nah man, they're out there, trust me lol

I'm glad you found your happiness.As a fellow short guy it brings me a sense of comfort but I don't think I'll be as lucky as you.

Where are your receipts? Show me a pic of this hot gf.

Congrats, glad to see you on this side my brother.

To the rest of you: STEP IT UP

27yo khhv here

6'2 210 lbs and strong as shit from gym builtfat
im ugly but i dont think thats biggest of my problems, i mostly dont approach or are "aggressive" enough with advances

You can do it brother. Do you have any other questions? I would love to help.
Not gonna happen. You're gonna have to take my word for it, I've got better things to do than larp on Jow Forums.
You don't have to worry about the advances until you two actually start hanging out one on one. I'm also not a fan of the cold approach but that's just me, girls can be cruel and will shrug me off as a short dude until they get to see how I carry myself and grow on them.

thing is i get attention from girls but rarely ever talk and most of times it turns out girls are laready in relationship

im kinda working on one girl thats in relationshit with some zoomer so i hope i can charm her
she seems into me and stares at me a lot

24 khv 6’0 250 lbs. how big is your dick? Mine is only 4 in and it makes me very insecure

lose weight for dick gains bro
im taller than you and 40lbs lighter you must be fucking fat

Yeah man, so what if they're in a relationship. Things might not be going well for them, they might end up liking you better. Don't be a wrecker, but don't be a quitter either. Nothing wrong with just chatting to a woman. I've found it's very easy to grow on them over time. Although yeah, you probably should try and go for single chicks.
6 inches. My chick is from the hood so she's definitely seen some dudes bigger than me, but I still made her cum from penetration.
Like the other user said lose some weight. You're probably packing more than me lengthwise or girthwise but you'll never see it and neither will she. Erection size is determined largely by blood flow and if you're super fat, that means blood isn't circulating through your body like it should be and your dick isn't seeing it's full potential. Hit the gym.

Alrighty then, I'll bite. How did you two meet and how did the first few interactions go about, exactly?

how do you handle being short? im 5'6 and im constantly stressed about it. i always compare people to myself in height.

Ok man. I'm 25, finally went out on an ok date with a girl but am now considering the logistics of it all. Having to plan things to do with her, accelerating moving out, when to fuck, keeping my own life on track, and dealing with the fact that there is this girl that could be more in my life but for the last decade I was getting ready to spend the rest of it alone and miserable.

How do, any tips?

We met at training at work. I hated her cause she was loud and obnoxious as hell and had something to say about everything everyone else said, she hated me because I was conceited and stuck up. We didn't talk to each other a good month or two into training. Then I saw her sitting there and just decided "screw it, I don't really know her, she might be cool." Talked to her as a friend, ended up sitting next to her in class and we really grew on each other. Now I see the other side of her and understand that she just has a dominant personality (but not with me) and she sees that I'm a big goofball. But still a bit conceited lawl.
You're not short guy man, and I can't stand it when people your height think you really are. Short people are the ones that other people look at and its the first and last trait they notice about them and the first description they give to other people. You might not be the tallest person in the room statistically and average-based, and some people might call you short but it won't be the first word that comes to their mind.

But to answer your question... really, I'm lucky. I was bornwith attractive-colored eyes and naturally muscular and with an Allstate guy deep-ass voice so I give the illusion of being taller than I actually am. Some people even project me to be about 5 8, haha. It helps that I have good posture and always stand very erect and straight up.

Remember Bruce Lee was 5'7"... and he's one of the most respected men to have ever lived. Don't compare yourself to others unless it is to better yourself.

Remember, it's all about how you walk. Walk with confidence and respect for yourself. It's okay to be a bit cocky in your step, but don't be rude to others, because that's a turn off. I hope that makes sense.

thanks. ive been working on my posture for a year or two now. i slouch and stand/walk weakly, without confidence. i self improve in many ways but these ones seem most important right now, so ill work on them harder.

thanks mate

Dude don't think about all that crap man. Just don't think about it like that. Easier said than done, I know, but teach yourself to relax and just take things one step at a time. Plan on going out, going over to her place and her going over yours. Do you live with your parents? She might be patient and understanding as long as you're saving up your money and don't plan to live there forever. I don't have a car and my gf is very patient with me, although I do buy the food when we hang out of course and I have a moped now, so I'm working on getting my motorcycle license.

Remember, this is a relationship... not a screening exam... she's talking to you because she likes you and sees something in you, despite you still living with a roommate or whatever. It's good that you're concerned about getting a better living arrangement but don't let that eat you up and think you're not good enough for her. Pursue it like you usually would and hang out with her like you usually would.

And about sex, let me tell you man, the longer you make her wait, the better. They never expect the man to hold out. I held off on my gf for about 2 months and she has a very high sex drive and it was fucking awesome when we actually did it dude. Take that at /your/ own pace until you're ready. And when you need time to focus on other things, just be vocal and communicate. A woman likes when a man has his priorities in order and can communicate, but don't shut her out like a hermit.

It might sound like I'm saying a lot but I'm really not. Just keep doing what you're doing.

This is one of the things I've been saying about women and how they become attracted to you even if you're not the catch a lot of people look for when cold approaching people, as in out in the open. When you see people regularly, they start to notice things about you they wouldn't notice during brief encounters and this is how some people find someone compatible. You start to see the other layers underneath the surface.

>former khv
Kevin Hart must have a lot more time to post on here since the accident.

Oh, and work out and work on your glare. Look in the mirror and work on the way you look at others when you're talking. Don't give them the blank NPC expression everyone has, but have an attractive expression when you speak or when you're listening, it makes you more pleasant to talk to and gives you character. Close your jaw when you're not speaking, don't just leave it hanging. Be attentive, but relaxed.

And work out. Upper body and lower body. Like I said, does wonders for the illusion of height.

Exactly man, its just lke that. Same goes for my gf too. I never would have thought I would have been dating her from the first day, but here we are.

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Did you ever thought about wearing soles?

>4.5" penis (erect)
>Ugly face
I'm hopeless aren't I?

Yeah, but that's the worst thing you can do as a short male. The shoes will come off eventually and she will be confused and disappointed when you do (depending on what length you mean). It's best to just wear flat shoes when you start to know someone and then start wearing soles, but nothing too extreme. Kinda makes me bitter since tall people can actually get away with wearing soles and nobody minds, but whatever, that's not what you asked.
There is always hope, as bleak as it may be. Worst case scenario you can get rich, which shouldn't be too hard since you don't have many distractions in your life anyway. How is your confidence and social life?

>How is your confidence and social life?
Not good on both

Do you have any hobbies? Do you work out? Are you mobile?

Yeah it's just so new, dealing with another person in my life. Thanks man, I'll try to relax

5'3 is nothing. I am 5'3 married with 3 daughters. I dated girls all through high school and college. Girls want security, stability, and fun. For every 1 girl that will dismiss you for your height there are 5 more that couldn't care any less. Be clean, be in reasonably good shape, be able to hold your own with witty banter, don't be a pretentious a hole, have a job and a car, wear clean clothes, take pride in your looks and hygiene, develop a sense of humor, and you will date as much as you want.

Yeah I have a few hobbies, but a lot of them are solitary kinds. I like to write, not like novels or stuff like that but I like to write for this monstrosity of a D&D campaign I've been planning for years. Other than that I'm interested in music, history, philosophy, religion (from a more academic perspective), sometimes I have bursts of interest in things out of the blue like recently it was neuroanatomy.

You are correct, but seem a lot more comfortable with your height than I am. I'm still very insecure about it. I've only recently started dating not because I was insecure in high school or anything, I was just a shy twat.
That's awesome. That's a good start. You should get some out door hobbies like hiking. See what hiking sites are near you and start getting outdoors. A breath of fresh air can be very calming.

Try socializing at work with people. Don't force yourself if you don't feel like it but make an effort sometimes. You never know what another person is like until you speak with them.

Do you pick up black and white women the same way, or do you have to adjust your approach accordingly?

Interesting question. You know, I'm actually not that interested in white women like I used to be when I was younger, but they seem to like me well enough. Ironically the most sweetest woman I've ever wanted to make sweet loving to was a Spain and Italian milf. She was so fucking hot and smart. I could have had her too if she wasn't married, I'm certain.

That being said, it's mostly the same.

Side note, getting black girls is easiest when you're black, but the worst type of black girls that I avoid at all costs are the unironic aunt-toms. The ones that try and assimilate themselves in the white race and deny who they are... they're so easy to identify and make me want to fucking vomit every time.

What are the rules for approaching women? Like I wouldn't approach a woman that is having a conversation or that is listening to music. Also how what do you talk about with a stranger?

I don’t do the cold approach too often. I wouldn’t try it when people are occupied with their own things or seem busy. I would only try it out if we were both doing something boring, like waiting in a long line or in a waiting room or something, or it was just us and nobody else around. Or obviously, if she keeps cutting her eyes at you and is clearly interested. Or less often, if you two have an appearance thing in common.

Or if you’re at a social place where it is relatively normal to approach someone like a bowling alley or skating rink or something. Or a bar. Sometimes chicks go to the bar to be chatted up, sometimes they go just to be alone in a social place and have a drink. There’s never anything wrong with just approaching a saying hello, but never overstay your welcome, that can be annoying.

Anyone can learn to change! Use all that despair to propel you forward and work at bettering yourselves. We can all do it.

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Do women really degrade short men? I was somewhat lucky to be born in a country that was accept 5.6 height

Have you tried surfing?

What country is that? I'm 5'9 and below average in my country.

I haven’t. What would that help with..?