Am I in the wrong

I have a female co-worker that works with me in a finance company. We work great and get along well with each other, and no there isn't any sexual tension between us.

We were in a group talking with our other colleagues and she mentioned us being friends. I kindly corrected her by saying co-workers. She turned silent and surprised after what I said and left the group. For the past few day's she has been giving me the cold shoulder and when I ask for some help she just tells me "why don't you ask your other co-workers".

Is it wrong that I don't consider her a friend?

We only see each other at work. We only ever talk about work related stuff. On lunch breaks we go our own ways and eat with different people. I don't understand how she thought we were anything else then coworkers.

Am I wrong to think this way?

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You don't have to be friends with anyone you don't want to

There are 3 kinds of friends.

There are friends that would help you move.
There are friends that would borrow you money.
And then there are friends that would help you bury a body.

Everyone else is acquantiances.

She has an awfully wierd idea of what a friend is and is probably lonely.

Buy her booze in a gift basket, leave her a note saying you're "just being friendly". See where it goes.

Is she 7 she's upset you aren't her friend. To be fair people use the term loosely friend is used when you get along with people which isn't correct. She might misunderstand and think you don't get along with her. I dont know what to do about your situation Op. You are correct but she may not understand what a friend means for you.

She thought of you as a friend, you rejected her friendship when she declared it. Her feelings are hurt, this is natural. You don't have to be friends with everyone, but you don't have to be honest with everyone either. That's what friends are for...

You’re not wrong for not considering her a friend, but to call her out in front of others is a callous move and her response is about what I would expect.

Even if you didn't see her as a friend you should have known that that would hurt her feelings. You didn't have to correct her that was a little unnecessary and it probably came off as rude.

Your right that it was not the correct setting for that response. But it just came out and I was just being honest. For the two years working together, we have constantly correct each and gotten along well.

>you don’t have to be honest
The state of society. I want off this ride

You're not wrong per se just massively fucking autistic to decline her friendship in front of others. Social retardation tier bro.

Brush it off, her saying your friends in a very loose way of defining friends, a la facebook friends for example, is meaningless. It's not like it was a marriage proposal.

Holy shit you're autistic.

That’s kinda fucked up, while it may be true, you don’t just do that in front of others like that, you basically embarrassed the shit out of her, just apologize. Is something to correct each other but not to correct someone in front of others.

>female tries to friendzone you
>she got co-workerzoned instead

You kicked the bunny.
Leave the poor thing alone.

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You're not wrong but maybe, you could've worded it differently. Or not in a group setting. Doing it in front of a group can be humiliating to people, it would've been a better idea to tell her one on one.
If I were you, I'd gently talk to her about it, saying you meant no harm and that you have a different baseline for considering someone to be a friend. That also gives you the chance to offer her to meet for a coffee and see if you two really are suitable friends.
Declining the offer of a "friendship" is a tricky issue and the best way to do it is so that the other person saves his face.

This lmao. She got a taste of her own medicine and didn’t like it at all

I'm the same way. I dont consider everyone I know a friend, I only have a few friends. Everyone else is an acquaintance or I say I know them.

I actually get upset when and will lay out what's what. People think just because I'm forced to be around them that we're buddies, it's like no... if you do fucked up shit I will not have your back.

SIlly autistic OP who literally can't read a room if the directions were written down for him.
What was the harm of letting her thinking you're friends? At least now you understand that women think and feel differently. I hope.

Maybe whores shouldn’t do this?

>We were in a group
It's not wrong for you to not consider her a friend but to correct (and thus humiliate) someone on something like that in public with others is social retardation of the highest degree.

>being honest is retarded
With the way society is right now that does seem to be the case

>lmao you silly wrench. You can't just claim MY friendship like that! It takes a lot more than that to make a divine being such as MYSELF to be part of such a relationship!
So I'll ask again? What's the harm of simply letting a person think you're friends even if you're actually not?

It’s a lie, mainly. Gives the wrong impressions all around.

>being considerate of context when making unsolicited corrections is dishonesty
based diagnosable autist

Lmaooo op you autistic cunt just stay quiet next time. Wtf is wrong with someone thinking y'all are friends hahahah

Yeah, it is. Truth is truth regardless of where or when it’s spoken.

>like, MY reputation is so ruined over a co-worker thinking we're friends!

Feel free to be dishonest and that be central to your character. I am not the original guy btw but another user who values truth and honesty.

You're mistaking truth and honesty for straight up autism.

No. There is no instance where truth=!truth or dishonesty=!dishonesty. She can spread her lies when I’m not present but if I’m around I’ll correct them

>She can spread her lies
She thought of OP as a friend, and he lacked the social awareness to not be an asshole in that situation. There was no lie on her part, and he is not some moral superior for blurting out that he doesn't think they're friends.

He rightly corrected her. If it wasn’t a lie it was innocent ignorance. Either way, they’re both better off now. Unless you think ignorance is good, there is no reason it should not be stomped out wherever it is found.

How autistic can you be?

Mark Corrigan?

You BTFO that roastie by co-workerzoning her, based and redpilled