How to I become a cold blooded asshole that doesn't care about others...

How to I become a cold blooded asshole that doesn't care about others? I never get anywhere in life because I'm too good of a person that values others more than himself and doesn't want to hurt anyone. I'll never get in anywhere in life like this

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Don’t overthink things. It’s not about becoming a cold automaton it’s about not worrying yourself over things that are trivial like people’s feelinngs

The self-destructive altruism should have been a pretty big sign that you're in need of therapy. Now you're really driving the point home by wanting to swing wildly in the other direction and literally lose your humanity.

How about you just fucking act with moderation? Look out for yourself first, be kind to others when you have some opportunity afterward.

You're not getting anywhere in life without a solid few weeks in therapy.

this is bullshit advice and will fuck you up even more

never therapy unless you’re clinically insane

>clinical insanity
I can't tell if you're a loon in massive denial or actually that retarded. The one thing you're suggesting therapy for is the single thing it's least suitable for.

It's not about being aggressive or being an asshole OP, I think a lot of people are confusing these with being assertive. Basically you don't just bend over for everyone, that's all it means. If you can do something nice then do it but if you always try to do it at your own expense each time you will lose more the more you do it. It's not about always doing someone a favor, it's about making the favor when you can do it.

Read No More Mr Nice Guy
Yeah I know it sounds like a cliche book but it explains a lot quite simply. It takes complicated complexes and hardwired personality flaws and explains them easily to you, breaking them down to how they happen and how they control your life. Then it offers solutions to each problem.

Just do the opposite of what you think you should do. That old lady who has fallen over? Leave her there, or kick her cane out as she stands. Don’t hold doors open. Don’t say “thanks” and “please.” Etc. Start small and work you’re way up. You’ll be successful one day. At least you realize how to make it happen

Unironically read about rules for radicals by Saul alinsky. Some crazy communist dude. He says real cold blooded people don’t act like it in public, they go undercover acting like every other do-gooder Mary Sue.
You don’t need any book or special drug or philosophy. Just ‘go undercover’. Think rationally about whatever you want and then get it


Why wouldn't you learn to be a balanced person who takes care of himself and others? Why would you go from one extreme to the other, and don't try to be a healthy person?

Thanks for advices

To become a cold-blooded ass hole life needs to fucking sodomize you first with no lube. Why would you want this?

>inb4 niceguysfinishlast.jpeg

I'm not saying be a goody-2-shoes cunt nugget, but dont go out of your way to be the uber-chad who peaked in college and is now a corrections officer.

If someone has the screencap of the autist getting laid by acting like Driver, please enlighten OP by posting it

therapy is a meme so he is suggesting a meme that works well with it
like white wine and fish you don’t go rogue and drink red with fish

was in the same boat so hope I can help.
I think you're splitting things in
>caring about others more than yourself
>only caring about yourself at the expense of others.
what you should understand is: you have no responsibility for others, you only have responsibility for yourself, and you don't need to sacrifice yourself for others in order to be socially accepted. healthy social relationship can not require sacrifice from one person, and vice versa, it can not be abusive. it should be for mutual benefit, and it needs healthy boundaries. more often than not, your "sacrifices" are not needed, and even worse—they are awkward. it's like you're _looking_ for people to take advantage of you.
this begs the question, why you do this. the answer is, psychology. this might be self-defeating personality pattern, see: .
are you drawn situations or relationships in which you will be the "giver" or the sufferer? are you subconsciously trying to avoid your own success? do you undermine your own pleasurable experiences? do you feel bad when others do something for you, like you don't "deserve" it? if this rings any bell, then you probably have it.
the cause of this pattern is subconscious and likely is in your childhood. this happens to children of psychopaths and narcissists who are taught from birth that they need to "serve" their parent in order to have any value. they prey upon others, and LIVE to abuse and profit from others. so they indoctrinate their child that they always need to "give" and "please", while the parent is there to "take" and be "pleased". a child learns that in order to survive and get close to others, on a subconscious level, they need to please and sacrifice. what might intensifies this pattern and validate it is Christianity, because it is based on self-sacrifice and "victory through defeat" (which is, plain speaking, just cuckoldry).

>I never get anywhere in life because I'm too good of a person that values others more than himself and doesn't want to hurt anyone.
Bullshit. Being passive isn't the same as being "too good."

Ateive to be the deepest alcoholic you can possibly be.

Just spend your time with kind people and don't waste your time with assholes

Everything about this post just oozes self-pity. "I'm a failure because I'm too good." The implication is that people who are more successful than you are more successful simply because they're assholes. Maybe so, or maybe they're just more talented or hard-working than you.

Sure, there are some highly successful narcissists and assholes in the world, but there are many successful people who are also highly pro-social. Don't pretend that your own shortcomings are the result of the world having it in for you.

What makes you think you are a good person? Because you sound like a jaded asshole.

so how you break the pattern? just understanding what you do might be enough, but often it's not. you might need to re-analyze your childhood and understand what exactly was going on.
you need to start deconstructing narratives that persist in your brain. you probably think of yourself as "selfish" any time you are with other people. but think of it, are you really? especially with amount of sacrifice you realize you do? not. so whose narrative is this—yours or not? the truth is, it's likely your parents' projection of their own selfishness.
also, you might think you have some inferior traits as a person, physical/social or whatever. but you should ask yourself if they actually real. abusive parents often employ gaslighting—in a nutshell, they make up a problem about you, saying that for example you're ugly/stupid/awkward/lazy, when in fact there's no problem or it is really just moderate. they do it to manipulate you—first they emotionally destroy you, then they make you feel undesirable and cut you off of other people (who would give you different picture), then make you doubt your own esteem, then replace your thoughts with their narrative, take control of your feelings/perception and make you dependent on them. these might also be projections. so these are not real and likely you're completely adequate person.
the potential outcome of all this is realizing that your parents could be covert psychopaths or narcissists. you might think you're breaking your family, but these kinds of people in general have dulled social feelings, they can never really form a family to begin with. they can only function with family being their "cult", or like mafia, and as soon as you try to leave they will try to manipulate you, guilt trip you, power trip you, etc. only to keep you in their circle. you should recognize that all that is just manipulation for them to stay "in power" in their abusive relationship, and move on establishing boundaries.

Throw away terms like "good person" and "bad person". They don't mean shit. You probably do need to be more selfish but you don't need to be a complete dick 24/7. Just start putting yourself first.

First step is stop asking others for advice.

lol you dont want this.

once you read >cold blooded asshole and stop caring, life essentially becomes meaningless and the goals/whatever you want to achieve will also give you no sense of satisfaction. trust me, low empathy people can get ahead in life and do well with goal seeking behaviour but whats the point if you cant even enjoy it as you lack the emotional fortitude to. there's not point

life as a feeler > life as a un feeling high achiever

beyond based