How do you be confident as a khv 5'3 guy? I feel like a walking joke out in public and trying to fake confidence feels...

how do you be confident as a khv 5'3 guy? I feel like a walking joke out in public and trying to fake confidence feels .. fake. I have this mindset of futility where I really wonder why anyone would ever want to be around a male whose 5'3 when there are countless other taller guys all around and available. dating to me seems out of the question, because the way I see it, I could honestly never be attracted to a fat girl, so I don't see how any girl could ever be attracted to the male equivalent of that. I get people trying to knock me down with height jokes non stop and I just have to swallow and roll with it or else I have an angry midget complex. nothing fills me with joy anymore.

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Kek. What’s wrong little buddy? Someone say something mean?

Girls are not always that shallow to height. I mean would you date a girl that has natural brown hair over blond if that's what your into?

Also dont just go asking out chicks at first sight. Hang out in groups. Become their friend first. Then ask them to go on a date. You dont even have to say the word date. Just ask if they would like to see a movie or try out a restaurant that you or she hasnt tried.

Tbh chicks that did guys only for looks are not the ones you want to be around. Be around one that could be your best friend.

This is the same faggot shit that spawns in every thread and can safely be discarded whenever you see it

Also I'm 5'6. Not one girl I've met or the girl Im with has judged me for my height. The most important aspect is to just be yourself.

Great way of meeting said girls is by going to things you enjoy. For me its board games, so I talk to girls when I was single at board game stores and things can really hit off

If you are going to be an idiot. At least give the op some advice

>just be yourself
It’s been a while since someone has posted this. Thanks for the laugh

Fine. Leg-lengthening surgery. Try to get 3” out of it. 5’6” is still largely unacceptable but still exponentially better than 5’3”

I'm 5'4-5'5 farely short for a guy, but you really have to come to terms with it, dress nicely and keep good hygiene. Start up a sport or go to the gym. Most likely this will have a small role in getting girls to find you attractive. But the build up of confidence and self worth really gives off an aura that girls will be more attracted to. Stay with it user, there's enough 8/10's to go around.

>breaking your legs and your bank to become largely unacceptable
yeah id kill myself if I were you op

I've dated a few girls around 5'9 there will always be jokes and jabs, but atleast you can say "still beat"

how do you do yourself in the dating department?

I've only ever had one long term relationship, but I'm early 20's and not really looking for a wife. One night stands and short flings with friends mostly. Hanging out with a group of guys who are also looking for qt's makes it much more easy to hit it off with a group of girls and taking your pick.

Find a short girl who doesn't care. And also isn't it a bit hypocritical for you to say you could never be attracted to X body type and then expect others to be attracted to your body type which is abnormal.

when I was a kid 20 years ago there weren't that many people overweight but now a huge portion no pun intended of the population is overweight so chances are you might get a chubby to fat girlfriend which can be changed but your height cannot.

You need to let go of the superficial.

Personally I am 5 3 and I have dated a short guy before I have also dated below average average and tall guys.

in my experience they're all assholes so maybe try not to be an a****** and you might have luck.

Granted there are some women that are only going to be in to tall guys but those people are vapid or maybe just not for you.

You just have to learn how not to bark up the wrong tree.

for example I personally am not into black guys and I will probably never date a black guy, so if a black guy asked me out and I said no and he got a complex that would just be a waste of time he needs to move on to someone who is into black guys. Same goes for you shorty.

its not hypocritical because op says he can understand why girls aren't attracted to short guys as he used that as a comparison, learn reading comprehension.

not wanting to be with a girl who gets fat isn't a superficial trait though. being fat is a physical and mental illness and is a sign of being lazy, uncaring and often times unhygienic.

I knew you were a girl before you said you were by the autistic way you type

what a bitch the manliest guys I know were shorter than you. They've fucked into the triple digits by 24. Those guys are my brothers and my heroes. Don't you ever confuse being a bitch for a height problem.

shorter than 5'3? were your bros children?

imagine being a 5'3 "male"

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you can't. everywhere you go, girls will have better options. they despise short men. its over

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He doesn't want advice, he just wants validation for his whining.

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