Legal exhibitionism ideas

So I've been trying to brainstorm some ways I could explore my exhibitionism without getting arrested or becoming a registered sex offender. I'm a male. Does anyone know of the legality of having a pretty obvious erection in public? Say, for example, I wore some loose pants and went commando. Am I at risk of getting in trouble for this despite being covered?

Any other ideas for legal outlets are appreciated. I don't believe there are any clubs nearby for this sort of thing.

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Upon further research it seems many states have laws against male genitalia in a "discernibly turgid state" even if they're fully covered. That's stupid as hell. How would they even prove it? If somebody called the police it's not like you'd still have a boner by the time they showed up.

You gonna seagull in her hair?

pretend to be gay and do gay shit that they do at pride parades. but you're secretly str8.


Do porn

Dude I wish I was gay, being an exhibitionist would be so much easier, I could just go to one of the million sites where gay guys gather to post dick pics all day. Shame none of those exist with a primarily female audience.

Don't think I would be able to pretend like that though, I'm not even a little attracted to guys so I wouldn't be able to keep an erection. Appreciate the unique idea at the very least.

That doesn't really appeal to exhibitionists, you rarely get to see any reactions from people and reactions are half the point. Also I've heard the porn industry is a nightmare, especially for men.

Google it you fool.

Just do it in Omegle or some shit, don’t be a faggot out in public please

Omegle is practically void of women for precisely this reason. Same for every other random webcam site.

New Orleans on Mardi Gras
Or publicly commit suicide while naked--you could climb a highway overpass and hang yourself so your ding-dong dangles for all motorists to see.
Cops can't arrest you if you're dead.

But I can't jerk off later if I'm dead.

Sure you can, they call that the old Hands Macabre where I'm from.

That's wrong. Gotta pay attention to the word "knowingly" in laws like this. You can't get in trouble for it unless it can be proven that you were doing it on purpose.

Googling it produced nothing. I assume you're referring to ejaculating in someone's hair. That's definitely not legal, so no, I won't be doing that.

There is nothing you can do
This isn't a fantasy that you deserve to have fulfilled, the very act hurts another person and ruins their trust in humanity. It's not rape but it is mental assault in some way. So don't do it

Nice assumptions. There are plenty of girls who enjoy seeing a bulge as long as the guy isn't ugly. Don't worry though, I'm sure your random white knighting will get you a crumb of pussy some day.

>having a boner is being a faggot
hello random puritan soccer mom

Public indecency

I said legal, user

Man, it's annoying how limiting straight male exhibitionism is. Why are there no places online that are primarily females looking to appreciate bulges or dicks? Everywhere is just flooded with gay men. It's like I'm being forced into doing something that's actually illegal / non-consensual.