How do you hookup at college? My second week here and I'm entirely inexperienced compared to my peers...

How do you hookup at college? My second week here and I'm entirely inexperienced compared to my peers. I don't even know how to properly signal my interest to a girl.

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Then they are your superiors not your peers. That means they can help you.

Girls express interest in you themselves if you're attractive enough. The 20/80 rule applies.

Read up on body language and social awareness. If you can't read signals you're toast. Read general pua stuff but most importantly, get to meet a large number of people.

>I don't even know how to properly signal interest in a girl
Tell her you're interested, that's literally all there is to it jfc

First make sure you are attractive cause it's not like high school where there are only like 10 Chads. Depending on your University you are competing against hundreds or thousands of Chads and women won't settle for less. If you aren't attractive it is futile.

you have couple options
1. become study buddies with a girl in your class
2.join a club & become friends with a girl
3. go to a party & fuck

You need to realize not everyone can “hook up”.

hooking up is 100% based on attraction. so if you’re not a 8/10+ it’s going to be extremely difficult. Girls just want to suck and fuck the hottest guys. Not average

Dude they're your friends just be frank with them

99% of it comes down to being physically attractive (enough) and having lots of exposure.

The guys who get laid the most are the ones who are above-average looking and go out alot.

I was going to tell you to be good looking and seen, but other people have already beaten me to it.
Nice one though, guys.


If you want sex and nothing else clubs are a good place. But like other anons said, physically just be above average (good clothes,look groomed etc etc) you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt, just be presentable and chicks will come.

The problem is never initiating something with a woman, it's having something to talk to her about and keeping her interested that's the issue with a lot of guys. They probably know they can get a girl's attention, the question is what they do after.

Okay, what do I do?

Go on Tinder, go to bars, be social 24/7, you shouldn't be spending more than two or three days a week not socializing. Oh, and have few standards or morals, the girls you'll fuck at first aren't the end goal pussy. That's what a lot of people don't seem to get, they waltz in thinking they'll get the hottest piece of ass with a one-liner, but not realize he needs to earn his sex stripes. People who are into hookup "culture" share their experiences to their friends, which will then hook you up with better bitches down the line. In a circle of party girls, a guy is essentially passed around if he fucks well. Sluts will wonder what your dick is about and want a piece to determine your worth themselves.

So, socialize very often, fuck everyone that will let you, and word of mouth should eventually kick in.

>just be presentable and chicks will come
t. virgin. chicks will never just come to you unless you're a top-tier guy.
Should've said
>be presentable and initiate conversations with girls and sex will come if you learn from your mistakes and alter your behavior

Stop chasing pussy and start reading about Jesus.

Nothing. Stop chasing pussy. Women are socially privileged enough to pick anyone they want and they're not going to choose your sorry ass. Stop putting them on a pedestal. Read a book, go hiking, meet some friends, jack off if you have to. Just live your life, man.

Come out of the closet already

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Are you looking for advice before you are accused of rape or after?

This is a college campus. Consent is post sex retractable.

Talk to the most plain, average looking girl in your class. Tell her you're having trouble with the material and that she looks like she knows her stuff. Ask her if she's cool with you two studying together.

That's how you signal your interest to a random average girl in college. "Study together." Everyone knows what that means.