Why do I only attract short guys? two times this week, a short guy (I'm talking 5'5 here...

why do I only attract short guys? two times this week, a short guy (I'm talking 5'5 here, I'm also 5'5 and I consider myself super short for a girl) has tried giving me his number while I'm at work, and I've had to pull the" I already have a boyfriend" card in front of everybody. It makes me feel like a vain bitch and it makes everything super awkward. my coworkers tease me about it saying shit like I'm a hobbit dick magnet. do guys like that just lack a total sense of self awareness? why do I only seem to attract these guys? short guys need to find short(er) girls and save us both the embarrassment.

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Well how tall are you looking for anyway? As long as he's taller than you or are you looking for guys beyond 6'?

5’ 5” is not “super short” for a girl, retard. That’s actually taller than average.

well since I'm 5'5, my base limit would have to be at least 5 inches on me, is that unreasonable? I don't care too much about the number being 6

So 5+ inches taller, ok. The only two reasons I can think of without knowing anything else is you need patience and maybe a taller guy just hasn't checked you out with you noticing or maybe you look too young with your height and some guys may not think you look old enough. If that's the case you might have to give it some time and maybe exercise to build some muscle if you're skinny.

really? I don't think so. guys are /always/ making fun of my height

Weak bait. OP is obviously a tall virgin who got rejected by a girl who then started dating a 5'5" guy.

umm no?? yeesh

Average female height in the US is 5.2-5.3. Pro tip: Guys make fun of your height to get you to notice theirs and make you feel small and cute.

Well sometimes people don't get the attention from who they want, deal with it. There were times that i got the attention from girls heavier than me and i didn't complain about it, if i did that back in the days i would have been called a misogynist or something like that, fucking thot.

don't start leaking info to the other side man

well guys should know that saying things like this only makes us feel more insecure
take a chill pill, I never told a guy to fuck off

If 5'5" guys see you as approachable and are not intimidated by you that means that you aren't that attractive. Basically these low-tier guys see you as a possible date. You are probably about as undesirable as you perceive them to be.

Your thread is not what a girl would write. It's what a guy thinks a girl would write.

How do you know they were low-tier?

Not even short but fuck I hate people like you.

because they're 5'5

yea I don't think so
paranoid much?

>I'm talking 5'5 here, I'm also 5'5
wow nice double standard here, do you not see the irony? the 6'0 guys think the same way as you.

idk bout that tranny larper
>coping this hard
6'0 guys want the fuc from petite girls just as much as they want tall chads

I hope it's a bait.
You complain about something they can't change. You must be crazy if it's a deal breaker. It's the same shit that guy that won't date b or less

If you're not a dude post a pic of your hand you larper.

way more men are misogynistic with their beauty standards than women are, we are constantly passed up for dumb things like cup size, hair color, and body shape all the time.
too much work for strangers on the internet

> men can be a dick
>so I am a dick
Nice one, you should grow up

its not being a dick its called preferences. I never told the shorty anything to his face

It is bait. Unless OP has some fucked up fetish.

I don't have a fetish, what kind of fetish would that even be

A fetish for bald men, dadbods, whatever?

because I'm not into short guys?

Why is everybody falling for this obvious bait?

>this is what manlets have to tell themselves to cope with the fact that women want nothing to do with them

>well guys should know that saying things like this only makes us feel more insecure
It doesn't, kek. Are you literally 12?

Poking fun at each other in a flirty way is flirting 101. My boyfriend consistently calls me shortie, even if I'm 5'6". Sometimes if I'm frustrated he'll hug me and tell me that I'm so short that I look like a baby girl when I'm mad.
I know it's not true, it's just a way to flirt and make me feel cute and small. You need to be socially retarded to not understand it.

well maybe not all girls are the same

Maybe you need to stop being a faggot about it.

good comeback

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Found the bitter virgin lanklet.

Based. Ignore Manley’s. Don’t let them breed. Keep their genes out of the gene pool

not my intention, short guys can do whatever they want

It absolutely is your intention. You’re literally refusing to breed with them because their short genetics aren’t good enough.

But what if they have superior genetics?

i’m 6’2 and tend to avoid girls under 5’8
i don’t what my kids short lol

it isn't my intention to exclude short guys, I just don't want to deal with them personally, I'm sure some other short girl would


Then she’d fuck them?
It is your intention because you do it. Are you retarded?

when you throw away a piece of plastic garbage, is it your intention to pollute the environment? same thing here, except with short guys, its not my intention

But were they as fat and ugly and smelly as you?

If you know the consequences, yes.

If you're exclusively attracting guys that are generally considered physically subpar, then chances are you are also physically subpar.

>t. triggered mallet


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I'm 6'1 and I personally don't even bother with short girls. In the event that I get someone pregnant and she wants to keep the baby despite my protests, I'd prefer not having a short son(out of empathy for him, really)

Is it weird that as a manlet let I see these threads and want to post about my sexual history for inspiration to other manlets to not feel bad. I'm 5'5" do my short brothers in here really have a hard time? Really?

I have a horrible time where people just flat out tell me I'm too short at 5'4 to be taken seriously. I don't know why I click on these threads when they just confirm what I already know to be true.

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If you have low self esteem and talk like a pussy then no one will take you seriously. Go for girls your height or shorter. If you have an interesting personality height truly doesn't matter so long as you're the same height, taller, or marginally shorter then the girl you're trying to attract. If you're not funny or interesting then you're screwed.

7'2" guy here where do you live so I can come smash that pussy?

you're the same faggot that made that stupid post about a woman not being a lesbian even though she munched carpet because she decided to marry a man. Your threads are stupid, but I'll give it to you that you catch lots of retards.

Not weird. It's actually short guys who usually get the most girls. Bitter tall virgin men like OP just create these bait threads to try to make themselves feel better.

this is top tier bait for seething manlets rofl

Only lanklet virgins are getting mad here

look at this mega cope

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obvious bait or just completely oblivious to the way the western world works.

are women accually this retarted you realize 6 ft man is like pretty rare same as the mythical 9 inch dick. i sware women are getting dumber or these larping trolls are getting better

6 ft is below average in my country.

I've been asked out like 3 times in my life so far. Stop being a retarded female and ask a man out if you dont like it.

Also did mods really remove all photos what the fuck. Now this board is defunct

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Statistically only 14% of men are 6ft and above

Maybe in Mexico. I'm 6'2" and rarely see guys under 5'8".

Not in my country lad

Is your countrys average height self reported? It probably is. If so you are horribly off by at least 2 inches

you're just ugly