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user, give me a reason not to hate women

Maybe you hate people and not women in particular?

Balance it out by hating trannies and men, too, until you can reach a zen state of peaceful hatred

Women smell like slime. Such a moist unpleasant smell.

What do I do when someone just begrudgingly accepts my friendship, but never wants to initiate conversation? Do I just give up on it even though I want to be their friend, and talk to them about their problems? I'm so socially retarded I literally dream about them when they barely say hello to me, and don't even wish me a good night when I wish one to them. They don't even fucking respond.

But I'm still fucking infatuated with them.

Suck cock so you will be happier. You are definitely gay.

Your mom's pussy doesn't count, she had you.

Be honest, you don’t wish good night to them, at least vocally.

Keep hating them so much you kill yourself.

I WON! Hahahahaha

Fuck you Biff, fuck you.

I used to though. That's my point Three months ago we'd say goodnight whenever we went to sleep, if we were skyping, but they just don't even talk to me anymore. We just sort of separated. Every single night I always tell them goodnight when I'm going to bed, and they never respond, and never let me know when they're going to bed, so if we're talking on skype or discord or something I'll just sit there talking to a wall for 15 minutes before I realize they fucked off. I can't tell if they're just trying to tell me to leave or what, but I also think it'd be fucked up to just ask them "hey why don't you talk to me anymore", wouldn't it? Not like we were dating or anything but I thought we were at least friends.

>never let me know when they're going to bed
controlling issues, huh?

Is it? I just want to have someone to talk to like I used to. The very least I'd hope for is that they say "hey i'm going to bed" so I don't send a few messages for them to just... not respond until 18 hours or more later because they went to sleep.

That sounds like an exhausting friendship. When you’re an adult you realize that people have other things to do with their life than sit and respond to your millions of messages. You must be a child

We're both in our mid twenties, but shut in NEETs. Which is why it's all the more concerning to me yeah.

This song sort of hits a spot for me right now

What are you 6 ??you want your internet friends to tuck you in as well?? Fuck outta here

It’s hard to talk to someone who gives you little to no feedback. It all sounds like you mock me or something.

So I recently gave a guy a blowjob.
He wasn't hard all the way through so he probably wasn't into it, and it was my first time so I probably was not very good at it, but it happened and now I feel like a part of me is happy that it happened because I've been dreading this question for a long time. Also he kept gagging me which was annoying

It's Thursday, which means tomorrow's Friday, which means I'm almost done with this week. It can't end fast enough.

Now you know what does it feel like talking to a wall.

I can't stop pitying myself and I hate it.

So this is heaven

I’m so fucking tired. Its 5, school soon, didn’t sleep ay all tonight. Idk if i make it. ultrsound resiltbis back and held at their office no booking available til friday
We shall see, bless u good folk fuck you cunty folks and have a wonderful day to everyone inbetween

I’m inbetween, thank you!

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Or I must be cunty, fuck me then, that’s right!

We all are user im just being grumpy cuz im le tired and also my life is a wreck

no u...are not! u good folk

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coffee save me
hot bean soup, soon. never skip breakfast

I can't focus on anything, school nor hobbies, what do i do?

Have a hug, sweet anony! :3

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i really wanna buy a dog

thank you sweet user right back at ya

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tired as heck but we gonna make it
the bean soup is helping, as are your kind words

fuck i hate christians and conservatives
why is it so rare to find good people in either of these groups

Wouldn't it be a cruel joke if we were all looking at the brilliant light right now without even realizing it?

i feel alone, like so alone that i'm unique.

like nobody can understand me.

it's like the silence had a voice and that i was waiting on it to stop talking.

I hate out new relationship. I miss how it was. Why’d you have to be so lovable?

I don't know anymore, I'm going to fail everything this term because of my increasing addiction to alcohol. I remember as a kid saying I would never up like my father, but it seems to be where I'm going now. I just want to be free.

If they keep gagging you it means you suck at giving BJ's. If the girl doesn't use her lips/tounge enough the only thing that feels good if the back of the throat

I'm going to look for a new job today before I kill myself. Why can't I just go to sleep and not wake up?

Wagie wagie get in cagie Dr shekelberg needs to pay for his 6th lambo

What do you do for work user? I'm sure it's better. Congrats on your wonderful life! I hope to get there someday

I fucked up. I literally hate dick and have realized it in the past year. (almost 6 years with bf). I was repressing my sexuality so much I just chose a guy on a whim that liked me back. About a couple years ago I decided to ignore all my gay feelings and throw myself into loving him despite his flaws and I just can't do it I can't have sex with him I can't I just can't spend the rest of my life pretending because I'm too cowardly to hurt him. I need to leave but I have literally no friends and no support network I need to make a fucking step by step plan I feel like I failed myself I just want to be 100% straight and attracted to him and love him but I can't. He's been losing weight and stuff but nothing makes a difference

It isn't for you if you can't provide initials.

Damn this timeline is so weird

I'm actually a hooker

One time an user wrote my whole name. I usually laugh at "initials???" but fuck I was disturbed

Are you me.
The thought of dick repulses me, I'm not attracted to vag tho. I think I just hate the relationship I'm getting the dick in.

Yeah that's the difference I'm attracted to women and vagina and have been in love with a woman before and masturbate to lesbian/yuri. I basically wish my bf were a woman lmfao

Just get a trap user

My spouse is trying to get into religion because it makes them feel better and I'm the least bit religious... is this relationship doomed? I don't want any part of it, honestly. I want them to feel better and be happy if thats what religion does for them but I won't lie to them or myself. I want to leave them so they can grow and have the support of another christian, honestly. I was raised where my parents would make awful decisions and then use religion to excuse it. It's always going to leave a bad taste in my mouth.


Well if you want to stick around for them just think of it as a club

Are traps gay though

I saw my name here too! My name isn’t rare but it’s very uncommon

You wouldn’t be here without a woman? Also, all women are different just like men. Don’t hate anyone, also. Just stay way from toxic people in general and just wait... you’ll see that some women and some men are okay people. We all have issues, user. Some people just push their issues onto others so avoid those people. I’m a female.

Just think of them as dudes without dicks

i was nearly raped by someone in my dream but i woke up just in time
he wasn't even an alien
how dare he

Can I haz sex if I dress up like an aliens?

yee shore bby
my alienfu is cryptosporidium-137 tho get on it

Gf cheated on me a few weeks back , jsut found out she’s pregnant but we don’t know if it’s mine or his , I’ve stayed with her before for cheating with the same guy , it’s so hard for me to move on because I love her if it’s my kid do you think she will change ?

My dude don't do it
>do you think she will change ?
Of course she can change but will it change what she's done?

Man I'm pissed and disappointed I tell ya hwhat.

>meet girl online
>talking goes well, we move to whatsapp
>last saturday
>set up date for tomorow, friday
>one of my rare free days
>we agree for her to shoot me a quick message on sunday with the address where I pick her up
>doesn't happen
>radio silence til today
>ask her whats wrong and if our date is still happening
>get some generic "sry I'd rather we don't meet, also I'm not very active online right now"
>which is bullshit, she's been on whatsapp a hundred times a day as usual
>decide to have a spine and confront her because not only did she ignore our agreements but also left me in the dark completely
>she gives me a pissy reply saying she didn't do anything wrong and blocks me afterwards

and that's what happened 30 mins ago. im pissed because i really looked forward to that date. also because i expect people to uphold agreements or at least let me know if they can't make it. i knew this was gonna happen because she already stopped texting on sunday but i found it important for me to have some spine in that situation and tell her how I feel about it.

Shoot her

Yea I know it won’t change the past and shits been going on for years , Idk what it is man we have a kid now and leaving sucks and if this is our second kid it’s gonna be even tougher I’m kinda hoping it’s nit my kid so I can leave for good but idk


Out of the question , she won’t , and we are gonna go half’s on this dna test to see if I am the actual father , and it’s not cheap

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Rip my dude

keked and redpilled

>be me
>14yo autistic sperg
>at a beach party with my aunt and cousins
>i feel completely like shit
>ate tacos last night
>have to take a shit real bad
>a trailer is parked near by
>asks trailer guy to use bathroom
>trailer guy says there is no running water
>feels like Krakatoa is about to erupt in my colon
>fuck it
>run into water
>the water turns brown and hot
>get out, then smell hits me
>try avoid any contact with anyone near me
>suddenly feel a kick in my stomach
>i prepare myself for round 2
>run back in water
>get out
>shit is clearly running down my leg
>the party is over and everyone is leaving
>walk home with shame and embarrassment with aunt and cousins
>they know

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I want to suck some titties, and grab some asses. I eat pussy very very well. My dick is not to par. It's okay, but I wanna go far. That's why I'm getting a male strap on, something I can count on. I can't beat you naturally, but all's fair in love in war. That's why I still compete.

Lol yea rip to my bank account if I have another kid , but if it’s not mine man I will low key be kinda glad and will be able to move forward single

Never go back, i guess.

If that happens its gonna be child support for the first born user. Rip

Yeah I know it was my first time doing it though, so forgive me for being bad.

Fucked either way lol

Religion can be considered a dealbreaker, but is it yours? Maybe you can talk to your spouse about how you don't feel comfortable about it and don't want to be forced.
My spouse went from fucking in cemeteries and being a satanist to "don't you dare say the lord's name in vain" and "women should be barefoot and pregnant". We're divorced now.

Why, you're never gonna see her again? Did you know, desperate people get angry no matter what you do? Women used to be honest with men. Then men would rage saying it doesn't make sense. Some men wanna teach people lessons by hurting them. Ghosting is a pretty solid defense and it's less cruel than lying. You might be thinking, you're not a psycho. How can she tell though? Most psychos are pretty normal until they flip/ reveal themselves. The sheer volume of suitors chasing women means even if the ratio is low they still come in to contact quite often.

You can practice on me if you need it

Wonder what changed in this timeline

Feels lighter nice

That depends on what your dick looks like

Might show you if you let me suck on sum tiddies

I'm a guy

Hmm weird how so much changes to accommodate me

men got tiddies too
now strip, bitch

I'll suck those too nohomo
Based fellow homosexual

Ah fuck some weird shit is going down in other timelines

Heart hurts again wonder what went down

Please ignore the timeline posts they're just to keep me sane

Im watching my life disintegrate.

I'm thirty soon, I haven't had a serious relationship since I was in high school. Having a good long term girlfriend and eventually wife is a central goal in my life. But I fear I'm not going to be able to accomplish it and my life will be empty.

I'm messed up sexually, I'm insecure about so many things and I'm not sure that its fixable, but it sure is ruining any chance at a relaionship working out.

A while back I slept with my neighbour, almost. I couldn't get it up. Shes 20. I can tell she regrets it. But she was really kind anyway.

I wanted to get with her again but she rejected me. It was ok at first, I started trying to get with another girl, but she rejected me too eventually. I felt really disconnected after sex. I secretly took cialis to try and deal with the ed. But after she slept with me a couple of times she left.

My neighbour has a new BF. I'm happy she's happy and normal, but it fucking hurts so bad. The memory of rejection, the jealousy of not having a good relationship, having to hear them giggle and laugh and fuck. It fucking hurts so bad and its making me resentful.

I've had to leave uni. I've had to quit my job. I'm so unhappy and depressed. I cry a lot.

I was so happy when I was with the second girl even though it was really only lasted two weeks. She was so manipulative and selfish, I knew it wasn't going to end well, but I thought I'd have longer. I didn't.

I know I'm going to have to kill myself eventually. I can't keep living like this, and I honestly can't see a way where I can escape my situation. I see my current predicament as a culmination of poor choices and unlucky personality traits.

I know this is a whingy blog post, but isn't that what gioyc is for?

give inspirational speeches user you're a powerful speaker

They told me you loved me. Forgive me for wanting an explanation and clarity. I'll just give up now.

I am lonely and nobody cares because I'm an average man. I only have these fake online relationships with younger girls who don't even live in my country.

Seems like I was an autistic weirdo in this one eh

Anything for the end result I guess
Very based

Nah keep going