Do men like this exist?

I know real life doesn't work like television, but whenever I watch the office my soul really yearns for a relationship like Jim and Pam's. But I feel like these men are too rare to find. Someone who will give you respect and be your best friend and not just because they want to sleep with you, but because they love you unconditionally. And they don't give up on you. Every guy I've ever met is opposite to this. Where do you find guys like this? Thank you for reading this rant.

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Didn't watch the office but, you can find mentally stable beta men around.

And you'll be a perfect gf that respects him? don't make me laugh
the moment a guy like that appears and honestly says he loves you, you'll spit on his existence and laugh
fuck women.


>Where can I find betabuxx: the thread

you guys can't think so badly about the opposite gender, yes there are a lot of bad men and women out there but there are a lot of good and true ones too. I want to love and respect a man just as much as he does for me.

Same experience. Once I thought I found a good one but it was just at first. Then he became possessive and obnoxious due to insecurity. We just have to wait and find someone who wants the same as we want, like Jim and Pam. At first she wasn't ready, she was dating a dick. Sometimes it's a matter of time or luck.

After riding the cock carousel right?

and what's wrong with riding the cock carousel and then wanting to establish a relationship with someone? I think that's what most of us do, enjoy our freedom but at some point we want to settle down a little bit.


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that’s fine
but what if the jim type doesn’t want that in a women
both parties have standards they want from their spouse

>give up on you
i’m sorry but anybody with self respect isn’t going to chase someone who’s playing hot and cold

Of course. If you have those prejudices it's ok, that's why I'm saying that you have to find someone who walks at your pace, not trying to change whoever life throws at you.

Yes and no.
Personality wise, yes, many men. Most of the times they are friendzoned because they are thought of 'just a nice guy'. Many are more often than not complete nerds and or somewhat effeminate.
No, because if that is THE ideal look in terms of characteristics, bodystyle, height, etc, good luck finding that.
The few rare ones that may exist that are already in a relationship, and your chances of finding a Jim are as good as getting the lottery.
Also pam was a selfish bitch and it pissed me off to no end that jim was a weak beta cuck.

so you're looking for a beta who'd let you fuck any man you find?

Let's not be negative here please guys, also thank you for the help. Hopefully we can all find a good guy like Jim or a good girl like Pam

that’s fine
but honestly imo the reason why jim and pam worked is because they worked together and saw each other frequently.

You'll find the Jim you deserve, Pam. Just realise that.

Boring little betas who would do anything for you? I'd suggest looking in the local friendzone.

Yeah, 18 yos, after that most of them will be 'ruined' by the more ruthless part of the female population and won't risk their sanity by giving as many fucks about you.

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I am afraid this is what most women do and nobody will ever see me as something other than an open wallet to steal from. It is hard to respect someone who used sex as a form of entertainment.

Oh, and if it helps you understand why men acts like douches, it's because the genuinely 'good guys' are taken advantage of by manipulative cunts.
Heres an example, a friend of mine busts his ass off, 40-65 hours to pay for everything for himself and his girlfriend. She came down with a sort of eye condition that almost cost her her vision and he worked 2 jobs to pay for her treatment - fast forward a couple years, she's gotten better, has a job and "allegedly" needs to keep buying medication. He's still working like a dog to support both of them in a decent lifestyle, but now he's lost hours at one job and his other job ended. Now he's struggling to even pay rent. I don't really know or ask about his personal life, but I assumed he was doing fine since we both are very similar age wise, and in relationships - so I ask him, where is his money going? He pays for everything and she only pays for her treatment while she is always looking good on facebook, and always getting new shoes. This guy is easily a 9/10 I'd go as far as saying a very possibly 10/10, he's taller than I, fit, has a great sense of humor, cooks, clean, all around nice guy.
Tell me, what the fuck should I do? Should I be an asshole and tell him that his girlfriend is just a fucking online thot and a lazy leech and needs to pull her own fucking weight? Or let him suffer a life of subservience?
I'm sorry, if you've had bad relationships, but speaking for myself, a man has to be stupid to be selfless and let himself be controlled by a woman.

Most men don't want to turn a whore into a wife. You may cry incel like you Jow Forums fuckers always do but I'm telling it like it is. No guys see that type of >experience as something positive, not even the manwhores(hypocrisy, I know).

>A man, who is single, possibly a virgin because of circumstances out of control, and feels powerless, calls other people beta (despite being an omega), gives advice to males who have seen a vagina outside of porn

Point out where I called anyone a beta

My thoughts exactly. Usually people of both genders like this that project their desire for this Disney world perfect relationship have nothing to offer themselves except disappointment and entitlement. Can’t apprefiate the good men in real life because hey want a 1:1 replica of the man on tv.

Nope they don't exist. That's why its on TV. All men just want a warm hole to stick it in every once in a while and only pretend so you let us do that. I'm a man so I know this.

Keep coping tard

It's obvious it's what you've implied
I'm glad you're really fond of using that word to cope with your inability to deal with life. Be sure to make a blog post when you finally hug a girl without paying for it

There are not a lot of good and true ones. There are very few.

Literally everywhere but they don't get you wet so you don't care

No, what I am saying is that female sexual experience is not seen as something positive these days, neither in the past for that matter. I'm not arguing about the fairness of it, or about how thinking otherwise makes you a beta. If you pay attention, feminists are always bitching about the double standard of guys sleeping with many girls being players and girls doing the same being sluts. Or how guys sometimes saying as an insult that someone's girl slept with the whole town. Or girls lying about it being their first time.

Do women who don't just want sex exist? Seems like every time I turn down an offer for sex they stop talking to me

Yes, they exist. They are 30+ years old and want to "settle down".

But those women don’t fuck the beta boi that they settle down with. Maybe like once a month but he will never live up to her experiences on the cock carousel and she only acquiescences to keep him infatuated with her

Well, take it or hate it. That's the reality.

I'd rather just remain alone. No need to devalue myself to that level

And that is the correct way to live. This world has become corrupted and is beyond and salvage and redemption.

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I know. Good luck and stay strong.

>nobody will ever see me as something other than an open wallet to steal from.

That's just how women are. Read "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar

Yes people want more than just sex from each other. The desperate freaks on this site are the Jims. They gave up and now are half heartedly looking for Karen. Pam and Jim aren't great partners,but they learned from their mistakes. Many times Jim did something huge and stupid and Pam forgave him. Remember when Jim dumped his girlfriend who just moved to the area for him? Remember went he spent all their money behind her back to buy an ugly house? Remember when he started a company and had to leave town leaving pam to take care of two kids and still work?
They aren't special, which is the beauty of the show. You can find someone and make it work too.

The thing is, you want to be Holly not Pam. You don't want to settle for the man right in front of you. You want to find the man who becomes better because of you. Who shows you things you didn't know you could do.
Don't settle for someone because you click together. Look for someone who sets your whole world on fire, with their smile. You can do the same thing to them, and they'll love you so hard.

No it's always been this way kiddo.


I feel like you just described a beta orbiter except for the not wanting to sleep with you thing and even though you didn't mention it they probably won't be very attractive either. Your best bet is to look for a gay best friend who you can blackmail into sleeping with you.

You know he became an Operator right?

>love you unconditionally
Your boyfriend is not your father.

Who told you these lies? People change. You think old people can fuck hard? Most old men can't get it up. They just learn new tricks. No one is Chad forever, you think they just lose their girls? Be a man, don't blame anyone for your shit. Then when you carry your load with form, it will actually make you stronger. Strong enough to be bold, and happy. When you are happy, you'll meet happy people. You can enjoy a relationship them. Cut out this charade, you wanna be loved. Spite just brings more pain. It's hard, but it's not too hard. As long as you are breathing, it's not too hard.

Jims exist but the problem is that you’re not Pam. You’re probably toxic or annoying or ugly and so no guy cares about you other than having sex with you because of your lack of a decent personality.

Go read some history books, your local libraian can help you.

even if I was a father, I don't think I could love my daughter unconditionally.

No. If I want to find a person to be exclusive with, I'd look for someone who wants an exclusive relationship. If I just want to have sex indiscriminately I'd look for people who also want that. It doesn't sound that difficult, does it? Problem is when you try to look for something and the only thing you find is the opposite. You just have to keep trying.

That's it. They got to know each other very well before getting in a relationship.

No roastie is going to cuck me. Luckily none are even interested in me. Makes staying single that much easier.
And no, I’m not implying I ever had a choice in the matter

Personally I give a fuck about money, the two longest relationships I've had were with guys who had shitty jobs. If you only find girls who want your money you probably should start looking for one somewhere else.

Well yeah, up to a point; but you get my drift. Expecting unconditional love from a male partner reeks to high heaven of daddy issues.

Yeah just make sure you marry

>Le have to get a lot of sexual patterns or marriage will fall apart xD

Is a meme. The more partners a guy and girl have before marriage, the higher the divorce

i tell ppl all the time. you neeed to spend a lot of time with someone before you consider a serious relationship.
seeing somebody once a week is meh. & texting everyday doesnt replace being with somebody in person.

I have to agree on that. But most guys who have those prejudices are assholes and yeah probably at first you see nothing wrong with them, they may be even sweet but eventually they'll show their real personalities and no one wants to date an asshole either.

Incel blogs are not sources

Women are notorious liars
>oh, just find one that is different from others and is what you are looking for
This could very well mean that she is only pretending to be someone else to heighten her value.
You can never know if the woman in front of you is a deceitful liar or if she is legit. Better safe than sorry.

Indeed, user :)

>actual scientific data are not resources
Reminder the real losers are the people who turn themselves into animals and fuck whatever they want because they are dogs. They are not human, they are filthy animals. Men and women who only have sex within marriage are the happiest and the chances of divorce are the lowest.

Jell digging your grave deeper, incel

I understand this, but if a guy tested a woman out and saw she was the real deal, it'd be nice to have some respect. All the men I've met will make you their whole world for about a year, after that they become distant and eventually run off with someone cooler. It just hurts but maybe it's because I'm young and relationships aren't mature or serious when you're a young adult. I believe everyone should respect themself and not give themselves to someone who couldn't care less, but I also think people need to take more chances, safe ones by waiting it out a bit and seeing how he/she acts. And then try not to worry about jumping in

I'm an 18 yo woman and would actually prefer a sex free relationship until things got serious and both partners agreed. We exist boo

Precious and based post

Then you will feel "love died out" and cheat on the poor guy with Chad.
t. Chad

>roastie telling men how to be a man
Literally kill yourself

I'm a man dude

Have you tried looking around your office?

Yes guys like Jim exist, he’s not that uncommon. Probably find him at most colleges

Do you have anything to offer OP?

what qualities/traits makes the assholes?

You can find men that are about maybe 80% of what you want but there is no such thing as a perfect guy out there. I can be an asshole, I don't want to be one but when people really piss me off it can bring out a nasty evil side of my personality. I don't want anyone to have to see that, I don't like to see it. What you see on the surface is a pretty I'd say normal dude just doing his thing.

I’ve been called a Jim, time and time again. I personally hate it, because it strips away everything that is me to fit in a neat little box for some one else’s idealistic boyfriend.
The worst part is my last girlfriend cooed to me about how amazing I was and compared me to him over and over. The relationship started rather quickly and she was just using me for my money and for sex. As faggy as it sounds, I just wanted to hold hands, cuddle, and go on cute dates. Eventually start a family. Her solution to everything was sex. It was taxing on the body and mind.
Eventually I broke up with her.
I told my friend group, who was kinda shocked I did. Soon after I told them. Another girl from the group started talking to me. I was stupid and replace “brake up” grief with hope. Unfortunately we lived too far apart to hang out. But she admitted feeling all the same. I reciprocated. We planned to hang out at a con. And go on cute little dates, see how we’d work out.
Two weeks before the con. She called me. A pleasant surprise. She started off very quite, her hello sounded heavy. I knew what was about to happen. She said I was a great guy and any girl would be lucky to have me. “You’re just like Jim halpert” I toned her out.
I hate being a Jim.

You're probably a troll since you don't Give city and country, description of your self, how many guys you've had and your body, height weight, breast cup size.
But finding a beta guy to be your friend and watch you have sex with other guys should not be too hard.
I'll be that guy if you give the info I asked above this here.
The line has been cast, take it
Most beta guys are damaged/insane or gay.
But I'm just a nice guy that likes other things in life other then sex.
Give city and country, description of your self, how many guys you've had and your body, height weight, breast cup size.

Men have severe doubts that most women who were serial monogamists, had one night stands and FWBs and so on, can actually change gears for a loving 20+ year marriage.

Don’t forget threesomes and such

Jealous, possessive, hates you being with your male friends, manipulative, disrespectful towards women who do whatever the fuck they want with their bodies and lives...

Le t me bite.
At the age you have worn out pussy, most guys have worn out souls. The problem with cock carousel is that you can find this desired devoted kind of guy at this stage, but you decided to have fun first.
Now younger inexperienced beta guys wishing to settle are falling prey to younger carousel riders you can't compete with now, and they are getting experienced, cynical, resentful, especially the idealistic ones.
Now that you've decided to get such one, it won't be that easy at this age. You gonna have to pick from angry incels or cynical players.
That's how I see the problem.
That's why carousel is the source of problem itself.

It's not that hard to find if you date the right way.

Don't sleep around. Actually be friends with men and women, get to know them. Don't rush things, cultivate your friendships and let them blossom. Love them unconditionally.
I believe many guys want a true, wholesome relationship but neither men and women are making an effort. They just expect to swipe on someone on tinder and find your best friend for life and soulmate, and that you know that from date #1.

Those men then should judge a person on what he or she does, not what they have done.

>Those men then should judge a person on what he or she does, not what they have done.
That would require investing your time and money on a person. It's ridiculous to ask "don't take account my past actions, just spend a couple years with me and see how it goes".
Time is a limited resource, especially time between 15 and 25 when most people meet their SO.
It's fair for people to judge you by your track record.

What a person has done is the best predictor of what they will do. Change is possible but difficult. Someone that doesn't actually see anything wrong in the first place with being promiscuous earlier in life can't be trusted to not be promiscuous later in life.

Pussy carousel as well, right? Bc that's exactly what we see from the other side.

We know. Hedonists deserve each others' meager company.

Yep. This produce cynical girls tho and the cycle is closed.

It's something I've never done. Hopefully I'll never do it. If someone does not want you bc of that reason it means to me that you will probably disagree in other key aspects of the relationship too. So you'd better find someone more appropriate. It's like not dating someone bc he or she has worked in slaughterhouse all their life.

Kek, yeah this

No roasties. You can have a hot asshole or you can have a cuckold. That's basically it.

We could easily find unattractive partners who would wait on us hand and foot, many do. We can also pic attractive ones that we argue with and can't stand, but they're sexy and we have some respect for them. It's really up to the individual. Jim and Pam is a suburban ideal aimed at the most sheltered and insane type of American (which is saying a lot). None of that shit is real. Welcome to the real world

They exist but are very rare indeed. Met only one guy who would fit that bill, but since I'm just 23, I'm not giving up hope quite yet. Just remain careful who to pick. Disregard all players and manchildren.

you wont find me because i dont go out


Based and true, started treating roasties like shit after I became a chad

meh you only feel like that cus you watched him for +100 hours
guaranteed if the exact same guy approached you, you'd dismiss him

I just wanted to say as someone who has been popular with girls since preschool that women are completely shameless about their objectification of men, sexual and otherwise, and also seem to feel completely justified in this behavior.

I’m shedding tears for you, playing my little violin

OP here, thank you for all the replies and insights. Though I disagree with a lot of them. I think the reason why we find horrible men and women is because we're looking in the wrong places like dating apps and bars where most people just want to hang and bang. I think all you men can find a good woman if you keep trying and look in the right places. Also, I'd be careful of people who were past players and who made mistakes but if they have actually changed I think it is unfair to not give them a chance. Since some of you wanted more information, I really just want a sweet relationship that starts out with being best friends and growing feelings on from there, I don't want the main activity in our relationship to be sex. I'm 18 and I've never had a boyfriend or done anything in real life so I have no experience on how to be supportive and how to help a guy. I wish I could have some pointers for that desu. But I'd be willing to do as much as I can as long as they really love me and are serious about me. Looks shouldn't matter but I'm a slightly below average looking girl.

Ok, your 18 and "slightly below average looking"
But what about other info?
Did you actually want a guy or is this tread for attention?
Please let this thread die if you a are troll.

Seriously I'll be your friend, i fit the guy your looking for. But all the info about your self, your past, your body, height weight, ect, and personality, all of that might be important, friends share.

Find a guy while he's at work. Most guys will blabber anything you want to learn about them if it's a slow day and they know your face.

pls my job is so lonely :(