My(34M) wife(33F) said she is polyamorous. I'm angry

My(34M) wife(33F) said she is polyamorous. I'm angry.
To make matters worse I have a 5 year old with her. Everything was so perfect from day 1 - to the day she told me. I should have known that our relationship was too good to be true.

A week ago when we were eating together and that's when she told me. I did not take it well one bit, I flew off my chair, started screaming at her, called her some pretty terrible things, a liar, a user and some worse things. Then I took my car keys and drove to my friends 5 hours drive away. I stayed there for 4 nights, ignoring my wife's constant blowing up of my phone.

When I come home my wife hugged me and apologised to me. I told her that I want a divorce and she broke down, begged me to reconsider and said she's willing to do anything to keep me. She suggested couples therapy and she's certain we can work through it.

I'm sure we can, but I don't want to. She has already wasted enough of my time leading me on in a monogamous relationship. I don't know why she's so bothered, I'll still have to pay for her to live and fuck around anyway, even if I divorce. Everyone we know is being aggressive towards me saying I'm the asshole here and it's a shitty reason to push away my family. But she blindsided me, I would have never have married her if she had been upfront about this, I'm willing to bet she knew this. I resent her. And I regret the day I asked her to marry me. I've told her everything in this paragraph and she keeps saying she loves me and don't want me to go.

Am I the asshole here? I know I've come across as harsh but I'm so enraged right now. I'm cool to end our marriage over this right? Do I owe it to her to at least try?

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>My(34M) wife(33F)

return from whence you came, rebit

Stay with her user. You could have a loving relationship with your wife and Tyrone.

>Am I the asshole here? I know I've come across as harsh but I'm so enraged right now. I'm cool to end our marriage over this right? Do I owe it to her to at least try?

No you should straight divorce her, been in the same boat and the next year or two will be rocky but you’ll survive or even thrive. Get Jow Forums and get yourself about for a bit. There’s plenty more out there and she’s at a thot stage (brainwashed by the (((media)))) in her life where she’s gonna fuck around till she realises what a mistake she made.

You’ll be happier away from her negativity, trust me.

>taking the bait

this is Jow Forums

jannies do your job


If larp, fuck u.
If not, just tell her you will not accept being cheated on. It's either you and you alone or you straight up divorce her. I'd give her a chance, but in the same time would start suspecting her. Maybe if you notice her acting strangely, you hire some detective or whatever to follow her around and if she's cheating, btfo her from your life.

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>am I the asshole
Literal reddit thread, I've seen this am I the asshole thing in woman hate thrrads before.

lol. like 95% of people are "polyamorous" (in the strict sense of being able to be highly romantically attracted to more than one person concurrently), they just prefer the emotional safety feeling of monogamy. your wife is a retard if she thinks she is special and her "coming out" is just her veiling her desire to not be monogamous anymore in "an identity and self that I can't help being, like being gay or something".

This is a plebbit thread. My cousin was literally just talking about this cuck

I'm sorry user, I don't have any advice. I'm just here to say I'm sorry for this mess fren. I think you're old enough to figure it out, don't take anyone's advice, specially from a Jow Forums faggot.
Think about it. Think if you can live with that. Think if you can live without that.
All I have to say, user, is that you can be happy again..

Did she cheat? If so your response is spot on.

If she hasn't cheated but she's telling you that she's poly, she's basically saying that she wants to swing. And you can say no obviously, but I don't think her asking you is that outrageous.

I've been married 4 years and the sex has gotten so so flat. I would be willing to let my wife slut out if it meant i could bang other women. I love my wife but the sex has gotten downright bad. I need to scratch that itch somewhere else. So if she said some stuff about "poly" i just might go for it.

Of course its a larp. Have you not noticed these threads all day, every day? Same style (reddit spacing), same theme (woman are evil), same response (enraged incels). It's become so tiresome, yet you faggots still continue to devour the bait

I'm not here all day, but ya. I was leading more so towards a larp.

What's her snapchat?

Jannies are dumb niggers.

Tell that whore that cheating is cheating no matter what new age SJW name she gives it, divorce her ass and never look back. Don't trust her when she says she's willing to do anything either, if she was willing to lie and cheat on you once she is willing to do it again the second you calm down and she thinks you're a dupe again. And ask your cuck friends and family how they would like it if their spouse sprung that on them if they keep giving you shit. Also dump LINK, it's a shitcoin.

Sorry about the polyamorous cancer.


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why don't you just fuck roasties on the side? Are you too beta for that? That's probably why she wants to fuck someone else

You're not the asshole. Society is pretty dumb sometimes. I would forgive her for bringing up the matter. If you find tyrone and chad in your home. Drop her. Keep an eye on her. Let your child grow until she can understand the situation so it won't be spun the wrong way.

We're not here everyday. Nor should you be.

dump her, keep the kid, pay her nothing for cheating and tell the courts that she is a whore and unfit to see the kids. unfortunately in the US they will probably force you to be her bitch

just an indicator that you werent man enough... carry on ... and also fuck off (topic was not biz related)

Op in description of polyamorous all of the ppl involved accept it, obviously you where left outside... Sucks man she is a lier.

Sounds like you don't have a marriage contract.
Well you are fucked for trusting an easy influenced sub human also known as females

Jannie, larp in aisle 5 and based frog excrement in the hallway. Get your ass up there and clean it up for free. Chop chop

Do you have any assets that she would be entitled to?
Look into mgtow channels like Terence Popp he has a good guide on divorce. Try and get either shared custody or full custody of your child unless you want it being raised around people with no boundaries.

Instead of bitching around, move your entire networth in monero, sell your car, sell everything you can, and then pay some doctor to get diagnosed a serious depression and sue her for distress for all she did to you and the kid
if judge still say 50/50 blow up your house and run away in an other continent

What does this have to do with LINK?

This is not a blogging site phaggot


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This is actually based advice

She's not polyamorous. She's a fucking whore. You're better off without her.

He posted it yesterday

Jow Forums-business and finance

This is why men shouldn't get married.

did she already fuck someone else?

Wait what, did she even cheat?
Even if she has fallen in love with somebody else, it doesn't mean she cheated and I guess she trusted you. She knew it was a problem and told you, I think you should work through your problems.
Raising a kid takes two, give her a chance, even if it's just for the kid.
>Inbound 4 liberal faggot and Cuck and so on

I'd give her a chance if she is willing to change, user. She seems sorry and really loves you. Praying for you guys

>Honestly I’m struggling to believe this is a genuine post and this was your genuine reaction
>Unless she's actually been unfaithful, your reaction is categorically out of line. You sound like a nightmare of a human being to be married to.
>Damn you sound terrible and yet she still loves you and, from what I've read, has stayed totally loyal to you. You really just need a divorce. From an outside standpoint this marriage is over. You can't even respect her enough to talk about it, even if it's something you don't agree with, and work through it. The irony is how devoted she seems to be to you when you want to run at the sound of "polyamory". That's pretty funny
>you can be personally opposed to the idea of poly relationships as being something you'd ever consider without referring to them as being "fucking disgusting" and "gross shit" - coming from someone who is strictly monogamous. It's unnecessary and unbelievably rude.
>Did you do this in front of your kid? So for 5 days your wife had to take care of a child who is old enough to understand when someone is missing. Your wife and child had no idea if you were alright. Do you always react this way when you get into fights with her?
>(advice on anger managment)
>did she cheat yet?
>>(op) no she hasn't cheated yet (-26)
>>>Just to confirm, yes you're a piece of shit and an unstable asshole.
>>>you have no reason to be angry

>>>she's literally asking for premission to cheat, she's a degenerate
>>>fucking troll

i thought the memes were an exaggeration. it's full of cucks. what the fuck. they are literally getting offended he wants a monogamous relationship
honking is in full effect

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mistake here, the person who called her a degenerate got called a troll

Why would you be an asshole for expecting your wife to love only you romantically?

sex robots and artificial wombs can't come soon enough

she basically told you she wants to cheat on you to your face
that's a good reason for a divorce so good in fact that you might not need to pay for that bitch anyway get a good lawyer and get your son away from her, he is better off with a single father instead of a whore mom

Bait. I saw this thread a month ago. I'll give you props that you at least waited a month instead of the very next day like most of these anons.

>things I don’t like don’t happen

Nah bro, this bait here sucks. It's all rotten and shit!