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What is the best piece of advice you have for others.

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Just be yourself

If you learn only one thing, master how to make friends and influence people.

If you master this, you will not need to be smart or rich, since you can be friends with both the smart and rich people. You don't need to know anything else, since you will naturally attract people and people will want to do things for you.

Is what I'd say.

Get professional help. If you find a good one and you're committed to change, you'll learn how to solve all your other problems.

Start reading. Force yourself to read. If you cannot read, listen to audiobooks.
The world is a very very stupid place, and you gain nothing from ignoring the volumes upon volumes of literature that our ancestors bestowed us

Get back up!

When you get your first full-time job before you even get your first paycheck, set it up so you auto contribute 6% of each paycheck to retirement, then each year when you get a raise add another 1% till you hit 10% (that way your take-home doesn't see the hit).
Any good place will match 2-5%
My dad gave me this advice and I have more in retirement at 32 than he does at 59

Don't trust other people.

Break up with him. He isn't going to magically become someone who respects you or suddenly have the same values as you.

this only works if you improve yourself every day

you can’t just sit around playing minecraft and think being yourself is a good thing

Fake it til you make it.

If you believe that everyone else is an idiot, then you're the idiot.

> be yourself
> if you're a massive cunt, kill yourself

Then you’re not *being* yourself, but are *changing* yourself. Unless you don’t associate your self with your ego or body. In which case, sure. But if that’s the case, your self can not provide the motivation to “improve” because it is not beholden to the petty standards placed on individuals by society

Watch people's actions. Words don't mean shit. They could be saying one thing and doing the complete opposite.

Create intensity in your life irrespective of anyone else. Trying to find happiness/excitement through someone else is not the way to go

Never say no to pussy offered to you.

Listen to your feelings and don't let your own bullshit pile up. There's nk running from yourself and if you don't face yourself often you are going to regret it a lot later.

I had to lose the person I loved the most to understand this. Don't let the same happen to you.

Literature is just another form of escapism. The existence of art is a delusion we hold to give more meaning to the act of ostracizing those whose opinions we disagree with. We feel comfortable in elitism and so believing what WE consume is better than what OTHERs consume is the only way to give some meaning to the endless cycle of work and free-time consumption that makes up life.

People need to stop elevating literature as a medium above anything else. It is dangerous and irresponsible. Nothing inherently brings literature above video games or film. It's all meaningless consumerist escapism and admitting it is such is the first step to becoming something human.

Now THIS is a hot take

All the girls in this board have dicks (including me)

1. You are not a girl.
2. No, they don't.

have sex

>niggas who unironically believe there are mythical beings and zombie jews that judge you in the after-life

How about no

Become physically active. It will make you life better, and you will regret not doing it, but by then it will be too late. You don't need to become a Jow Forums autist to have a functional body.

Sodomy is wrong

This could end badly, man.

It all starts with lifting.

Most people’s advice is complete shit because they are miserable and lonely.

I disagree.
There are pointless movies and games just as there are pointless books (pointless meaning they provide little to no intellectual value).
However, good books and good movies cannot be compared. A good book is able to teach vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and even writing skills. A good movie, on the other hand, displays methods of creating a good movie (cinematography, mixing, writing).
Being a skillful writer is much more versatile in life than a skillful movie maker.

Books and movies surely CAN be used as escapism, but the value of a good book is much higher than that of a good movie.
Give me The White Whale over Pulp Fiction any day.

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Art and literature or any such thing never and won't ever build a nation.
Most men who had the power to do a change wrote a book and since they wrote it, it's lying there on people's shelves since the time they were bought or gotten till this day without the smallest effect.
They were just made for emulating or stimulating people's emotions and nothing more.
Which is useless unless it was used to control the retarded masses.

Prove it.

Look around you with a wider non emotional eye than the people you see in your house alone?

>just look around
Are you implying anyone out on the street can pick up a book on "how to build a nation" to do just that?
Tell me why or give examples that art or literature won't contribute to a society.

You tell me to look without an emotional eye, yet all I see from you are emotions.

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You obviously don't understand what I'm saying.
All nations that were built were built on the mindset of the strong men who had their own special thoughts that were influenced from their own views and not from some literature book that was written by someone, also i already said it ends on their shelves.
>all i see is emotions
How exactly?

If you pretend to be someone you're not, it hurts a lot worse. And always have an outlet when you have to be.

Best one I got and it’s why I’m with my current gf

>”Everyone is happy during the fun times. Going to the movies and on vacation. How are you during the sad times? The I had to go to the DMV at 7am times? The I have to buy a lawn machine this weekend times? The I have to help my parents move this weekend, will you help Times?

Don't be a retarded loser and a sexual deviant in "public"

Feelings and preferences aren't easily explained and categorized. Even when other people think they understand you and your situation, you know yourself better than anyone else does and have to trust your own feelings above all in making decisions. (Just behave ethically and try not to hurt people, of course).

It follows that you're the only one who decides what things in your life mean.

If you rely on external things (a career test, people on Jow Forums, the mean kid from middle school) to tell you what you like or what you are, you may think you're getting closer to self-knowledge, but you're really getting further away.

get off of Jow Forums


Don't be afraid asking a girl out.

don’t fuck a Pringle’s can

I learned this the hard way. It is good advice though.

Oddly enough I kind of disagree with this. I have realized that actually everyone else was the idiot and they had zero stake in my problems and so their idiot ideas were hurting me. Realizing that they were wrong and I was right helped way more.

one thing i wish i knew when i was younger is that the world doesnt give a shit about you. it can be a bit depressing to realize that, but its important to get that youll get attention for getting others to care (for whatever reason), youre not obligated to it. also, if you fuck up, nobody will care. so try and fail, instead of giving up

very good advice

I'll chime in, why not

>Most people are dumb as shit and are talentless, listen to yourself. Even "professionals" in this day and age have exposed themselves as frauds
>Go with the flow and trust your senses. Your body is smart, your head is smart, listen to them sometimes.
>It's fine to waste some time, but just remember, each year you get closer to death, and further away from an opportunity that would have been easier to accomplish when you were younger.
>Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. What is here today, is gone tomorrow, even the smallest of details like the atoms in the space around you have scattered across the world, and the mountain fixtures we look at in awe have moved in some way. And your life is much more fragile than both of them, cherish the moments you have, but remember to keep looking forward and pick yourself up
>You're alone in this universe. Do things for yourself, but only about 80%, the other 20% leave for the people around you.
>Accept death. Everyone around you will die, you might die tomorrow, you might die the next day, your mother might die, your best friend. With this knowledge, be the version of yourself you want to be, even if it's degenerate.
>Most people are scared of making connections, don't be discouraged people aren't talking to you. Most people are scared of their own shadows. You don't have to be a catalyst if you don't want to, but making friends is easier than you can think if you do the work.
>If you are a man, try to seek other companionship from trustworthy, hardworking, honest men who will look out for your best interest. This is difficult to do, but you will know who cares about you with due time, especially if you trust your body and listen to yourself.
>If you are a woman, find women that don't revolve around social politics, allow you to stay true to yourself, and don't let your impulses control you. This is also difficult to do, but trust yourself.
>We will make it my brothers, we always do.

>We will make it my brothers, we always do


Make money fuck bitches

If you get offered a job that you 100% know for sure you're going to hate, it's okay to turn it down and keep looking. Making a little more money isn't worth sacrificing your happiness and sanity.

>All nations that were built were built on the mindset of the strong men who had their own special thoughts that were influenced from their own views and not from some literature book that was written by someone,
Are you saying philosopher-Kings are worse than barbarian chieftains?

Just being nice and not afraid to ask can get you very far. Most of the time, the only thing between you and your ambitions is your vanity.
A good emergency fund covers your rent and living expenses for three months and a tank of gas.
Always be nice to secretaries and janitors. They're the gatekeepers to a ton of useful ressources.
Staying curious and putting in effort beats talent 9/10 times. People who are "smart but lazy" aren't smart.
You are never entitled to an explanation as to why something happened.
Do sports and have one creative hobby. Consumerism (vidya, netflix, ...) isn't a hobby.
Never be afraid to walk away.
Clothes make the man, like it or not.
Humans can get used to a lot of things, given enough time.
Comfort is the most dangerous addiction. It destroys dreams and crushes people.
Being an asshole isn't a gendered thing. It isn't exclusive to "incels" or "roasties".
Life itself is meaningless but that doesn't mean you can't create your own.
It will pass. It might may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass.


no but really most people around you refuse to learn anything after high school/college, go out of your way to learn new skill instead of playing minecraft and wasting your money on egirls

He’s saying anyone who ever used another’s idea(s) or synthesized those ideas with his own is weak, a cuck, unworthy of the title “man,” or “strong.”
Only the purely novel thinkers who simultaneously upend all of civilization in their lifetime with their bare hands are allowed to read, but only what they’ve wrote. The rest is pussy escapism