Stop denying me advice. I want to know how to find a girlfriend

I wish all the tattletales would stop reporting my threads. If you don't like them, DON'T READ THEM. Do you lack that much self-control that you can't resist clicking on it?
I need advice with dealing with the fact that women are only attracted to badboys. It's a difficult subject for me to handle and I value any advice people have on dealing with it.

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3rd day in a row same thread.

Forewarning to all posters, you are wasting time with OP.

I'll just watch the drama unfold instead of involving myself this time.

Oh my god shut the fuck up. All of you that whine about not having a gf are the same, have you ever thought that maybe that's because you see us as some breed of animals that only care about one thing? Go the fuck outside and talk to more women than just your one femcel friend. Yes some girls like bad boys whatever that means. Some like gentle and kind bears. Some like skinnyfat nerds. Just like men like different types of people!
T. a girl who doesn't like bad boys

The only thing you can hope to do is become bad. That’s it. All men go through this phase and go from caring emotional boys to cold emotionless men. It’s time to grow up

When a regular guy tries to be a badboy he's called a creep. You either have it or you don't. Since a lot of these badboys are borderline sociopaths it's a psychological condition.

You are trolling. So stop posting the same thing repeatedly.

>Oh my god shut the fuck up. All of you that whine about not having a gf are the same, have you ever thought that maybe that's because you see us as some breed of animals that only care about one thing
You don't know that most badboys treat women exactly like this and they have no trouble getting laid?

Damage your brain. Slam it off walls or get into a car wreck. I know what you’re saying but I’ve given up trying to appease women. Not saying I’m a “nice guy” but I’m certainly not attractive

No one likes you because you’re a whiny ass bitch, OP. Fix that and you might have a chance.

*denies you advice*

Yeah until they hit the wall at 27 when they have to settle with some mentally unstable chick and end up having an abusive relationship and like six STDs. I can guarantee you that most women (not the ones with some fucked up daddy issues) prefer men that are respectful, kind, funny etc
Also if you feel like every girl that you peruse rejects you, maybe your standards are too high

No need for insults. It's not like I am alone in this. Many decent guys have to watch on the sidelines as the badboys gets the girls.

It's a shame that we live in such a world that evil prospers. Most women will engage in cognitive dissonance and delude themselves that her badboy is "misunderstood" and "deep down" he's a good person. But it's the danger, the treachery, the unpredictability that turns them on. Badboys are exciting, whereas nice guys are not. I'm not sure how tf anyone is supposed to come to terms with that.

Far more than that. He is mentally ill and a pathological liar.

You're not a decent guy. You are an asshole and a jerk.

Women don't like bad boy behavior. They tolerate bad boy behavior from boys that they like

The answers are the same as the previous 50 times you have made this thread.
>get therapy
>kill yourself

These are the only correct answers and won't change no matter how much you spam and ban evade.

And as I've said before, I tried therapy. My therapist tried to tell me that my beliefs were mistaken but I could not believe her. She was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear, and not the truth.

Get face tattoos, dye your hair purple, drink lots of lean and start selling drugs

Get another therapist. You are mentally ill and need help.

What exactly is mentally ill about reaching conclusions based on empirical data?