What can I do to be more attractive for girls?

What can I do to be more attractive for girls?
I hate my genetics, I'm 173cm, maybe 6/10 face, work out at gym, I just want girls to look at me and smile

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I want them to be attracted by my look, not personality, I just want to fuck



And at how many short 6/10 girls you look at and smile?
Lower your standards

Actually I have pretty low standards, when I say that some girl is pretty, my friends say she is ugly
I would fuck every girl 5+/10
virgin here

Sounds like you should be attractive enough. Do you have an ugly face? Acne? Bad posture? A constant angry scowl on your face?

>constant angry scowl on your face
this one
how to fix it?
Will fixing it make me attractive?

It will definitely increase your attractiveness. Having a positive personality and smiling is one of the best attractiveness boosters.

Be at peace with yourself. Personnality and looks are not separated issues.
This, you have nothing more to do imho

But in other thread tell me that bitch face is valuable



Not OP but also got an angry scowl. Thing is I have an ugly baby face and my smile is nerdy and ugly as fuck.
At least the angry scowl matches my heavy build.



>Fag atitude
user bro here si right. How do you care yourself ? How do you walk, How do you look at people? How do you make contact ? How do you talk ?
Men and women can smell insecurity for miles, but I think men usually look past it more than women.
I think being asertive is what I want to say. Dude 8 years trying to get there, and still am far, faar away because of my anxiety. But progress is progress

you practice form in exorcises, you need form everywhere. Poses that express confidence also fill you with confidence. Wide relaxed stances.

On the gym: far more important than big gym muscles is low bodyfat %. Girls literally can't tell the difference between
>173cm, 145lbs, 15% bodyfat
>173cm 170lbs, 15% bodyfat.
25 extra pounds of muscle is invisible to them, all they notice is if they look "cut". Even Jow Forums admits that after all their work, almost all mires come from other dudes, not girls. So if you want your gym work to look better for girls ASAP, low calorie diet and continue your exercise. Once you start getting that "cut" look, you can look at bulking up a bit, if you want.

Another thing is a haircut. You need a processed, cared-for look, with some product in your hair. Always. Never unkempt if you're going somewhere people will see you. Ever. Even if your hair is very short, you want some product smoothing it, giving it a slight shine, and some directional consistency. No, always. Having a well cared-for haircut is important on an unconscious, but deep pyschological level, probably dealing with innate human social acceptance instincts or some shit, idk. Idk, but it's that important.

A final note is keeping a soft look on your face, jovial if possible, and allowing yourself to brighten when you meet eyes with a girl. Not forcing yourself to smile at her, but letting some excitement show. Like a very slight smile forming at the corners of your mouth or something.

That's what I've got in terms of looks. There is probably some shit to be said on fashion, but I'm late 20's and my fashion consists of business attire, gym clothes, and band shirt+boots+jeans (muh subculture), so I'm not the right guy for that input.

Good luck out there, user.

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Is a buzzcut good? I don’t like having long hair

Having more muscle makes you look better at a given bodyfat though. Girls will think that 170 15% bf is leaner than 145 15% bf

Most women value muscles very little. Look at style/clothes more than your physique, unless you are overweight by a lot

Sure buddy, go bulk up for a year to 220lbs, then cut for another 3 months to get to your perfect 170lbs with 15% bodyfat. A year and a half process, or workout for 6 months to get a body almost as good in the eyes of girls.

None of the hair shown in the image is long you fucking retard. Buzzcuts are not very popular anymore, unless you're trying to go for a hard and edgy look. And, they honestly require more maintenance, and of a more expensive variety, to keep looking good. You're going to need haircuts every 2 weeks to keep a buzzcut from looking like a fuzzy mess like pic related. You down with that?

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quit being a thirsty lil bitch op, peripheral vision is a thing that the opposite sex happens to also have, they KNOW when your thirsting. focus on yourself and stay in your zone, take opportunities as they come.

On the right is a lot more than 145lbs.

It’s simple, you, uh, become attractive

You're autistic so you probably are incapable of knowing better, but we normally functioning individuals are able to illustrate concepts using abstract examples that aren't exactly related to what's being discussed. In this case, didn't go through the trouble to find someone exactly as described in the post, but typed in "climber body" and copy/pasted one next to bodybuilder muscles guy to illustrate the greater point, which is that low bodyfat% is more important than actual muscles.

Please wear your hat when you speak.

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It matters. 145lbs 15%bf 173cm is a very low bar. 170lbs at the same height and bf% can take six months of training for some and several years of consistent effort for others. "Dude just get low bodyfat" is shit advice and using someone with pretty decent gains as the low end example is disingenuous.

Your hat, autist. Wear it.

i kinda think getting yuge as in bearmode also attracts many girls

im gaining weight now on purpose for my powerlifting goals, and that requires gaining muscle and lifting hard, and i think i get same mires as 95kg bloated than i did as 83kg

I was never 6 pack lean though

still 27 khhv because i dont talk to women and have resting bitch face syndrome so theres that

When a girl has a bunch of good-looking guys to choose from, personality is what prevails. She'd rather date the normal-acting one than the autistic frogposter who happened to hit the gym.

I mean the most famous incel was good looking, but he still had to go full retard and kill people and then himself.

and now post mortem he has a fanbase and following

weird how world operates huh!

You're a 27 year old KHV, never act like you know anything about what women find attractive.

i started self improving when i was 24

i hit the gym, fixed clothes, hygiene, hairstyle, gained 15kg of muscle

do you think i dont see difference on how they act towards me
I went from being invisible to being stared at constantly.
Helps that im 6'2 but my face is like retarded mix between DeNiro and Ryan Gosling so once they see me from up close they lose interest

not to mention i dont go out and talk to people outside of the gym either.

If you have been invisible entire life, you and you see first hand how people change their ACT next to you just because you look tad bit better its mindblowing, biggest blackpill

LOOKS are personality

True, the same thing happened to me when I lost 80 pounds, it made me bitter towards people but now I just accept reality