People say

People say
>ask girl out
okay, I ask her out, what next? I walk with hair through the park and what I am supposed to say and do? I asked out girl once, we were drinking coffee and It was so fucking boring and I didn't know what to say, we were talking though but I didn't find fun in it, It was just boring, I want only physical contact with girls, kiss, hug, fuck, I don't need anything else, how to achieve it?

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Prostitutes, mainly. Women aren’t good for much and you can just cut to the chase if you can afford it. Also, you don’t have many other options if you’re unattractive

>how to achieve it?

coffee dates are a fucking meme.
go to the arcade
go to the a concert
go to a bar with music playing
go to a fucking museum

do not go to any food shit where u gotta sit down

I would rather fuck for free, not because I have no money, free sex seems more appealing for me
I'm not that unatractive, I think I'm above average, but not super, I consider myself as 6/10

Coffee dates are for the starting point of a relationship to get to know them better

You have to be fairly attractive (at least an 8) to have the amount of free sex you’re talking about. Average men only get sexual in relationships, unattractive men only get sex from prostitutes

It doesn't matter if you're Adonis. You said
>I want only physical contact with girls, kiss, hug, fuck, I don't need anything else, how to achieve it?
You gotta play the game to win prizes. You WILL have to take your date somewhere fun and get her all jazzed up to get in her guts. Otherwise what you want is a prostitute where she doesn't need to say a word.


Hire a hooker

wat. You got all the advice you need.
>I want to fuck girl, but I don't want to court her
Get a prostitute.

This is a meme and it seems like an exclusively American thing. Literally just ask to grab coffee/lunch or get drinks in the evening. If you click, then do whatever you want next time.

It's all part of the game, dude. The girl you're with also wants physical contact, she just has to be more careful about it.

99% of men can overpower 99% of women without even trying. If you cum in her, she might have to deal with a pregnancy (yes, you could get hounded for child support but there's a lot of deadbeat dads out there). She's at greater risk of catching a disease from you because she's the receptive partner. She's been taught her whole life that men are supposed to approach and seduce pretty girls and how you treat her has a big effect on her sense of worth.

The point of a date is just to make sure that you aren't completely deranged and so that she doesn't feel like a total slut. Just make some small talk, compliment her, flirt with her (eye contact and light touching), and find ways to escalate to kissing and beyond.

Protip from my experience: Don't walk too fast and take pauses to sit down or stand in one place. It's harder to flirt when you're in motion

>Yeah, you did boring things. You do things you can actually enjoy. The point of dating isn't to shove meat down a hole, it's to find someone with whom you are compatible.
It sounds like you just want a hook up. Just ask women if they want to meet you for sex. You'll get a lot more rejections which is good. You want to only find women for sex, and weed everyone else out early.

You don't ask a girl out unless you find her interesting as a person, and if you find her interesting as a person you always find things to talk about.

If you just want impersonal sex, use your left hand

>You don't ask a girl out unless you find her interesting as a person
lol good one. Total knee-slapper right there.

It's just as much the girl's responsibility to provide interesting conversation. If women are showing up to dates expecting to sit there and be entertained, maybe they should just go back home and watch Office or Friend's reruns for the 1000th time.

A good date will feel like you’re hanging out with a friend, talking about anything and everything.

The person you date should slowly turn into your best friend.

You don't want a woman, you want to experience a pornography. Don't ask out women you don't give a shit about, because you can hire a prostitute or pick up a girl at a bar if you just want some sex

So you dont want a gf?

Look up some pua advice on dating.
Todd V, st. Roberts, Tom torero. All pretty good sources.
Generally, 1st date is meant to build rapport with the girl. Find common interests, goals, childhood memories, etc. (Religion and politics are a huge no-no) Person to person stuff. Should last around an hour. Should become gradually more man to woman as time goes. At the end of it should be at least a hug. Better if it's a kiss.
2nd date is strictly man to woman. Start touching her more. And in a less socially acceptable places i.e. lower back, legs, nape of the neck, etc. It's best to sit next to her for these dates. By the end of it she should theoretically know for sure that you want her. Should be ready for sex. If she still doesn't know that you have a dick and want to stick it in her by the end of this phase, you're riding getting friendzoned. And that's bad, unless that's your intention.
3rd date leads to sex.

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PS. the steps can be done all in one day. Just change venues and atmospheres between the dates.
I.e. 1st one in a more public place
2nd in a darker room where you can sit next to her and you can have some privacy
3rd at your or her place generally

Man dating sounds like it sucks.

Are you putting in effort into the conversations? If you're not trying, she won't try either.

If so, just stop dating boring girls. There are girls out there that are fun to talk to, you just have to find them and put equal effort in yourself.

Bullshit, my first date with my current girlfriend of almost two years was a coffee date.

If you can't connect with just words and sitting, good luck connecting longterm

I'm not saying this is 100% true 100% of the time