Fell for the education meme

last year of college and im finna LEAVE because im too retarded for electrotechnics, didn't account for this being the hardest thing in a computer network administration course, im in a 3rd world european country, what eu country do i move to wagecuck in?

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Nordic countries are the most developed.

Stay in school, or I will fug you to death

come to iran

Find some smart people to study with.

You don’t lack intelligence, you lack self control and discipline. Finish college and don’t give into your monkey brain telling you to take the easy way out.

Maybe you're right, but i already FAILED this course once, went back this year and after the first time already realised that i will most likely fail again, so why put myself through this shit again, i have to PAY too

When did your term start? If you've done it once, you shouldn't have such a hard time with the first bit. Seems like you haven't really tried.

Yes i can get through the first parts because you do the lab work in groups of 2 so someone just carries me, and i also have most of them done from last year, but the part that i know will surely kill me is when i have to actually defend that work and explain everything since i dont even have the basics of physics or math and all the buzzwords and formulas are just meaningless to me.

>you do the lab work in groups of 2
You have the teachers and this other person to help you, use them. The other part of your post is just self-debasing bullshit.

Gotta go back to Maxwell’s equations bro and build yourself back up into truly understanding what’s happening.

The world will always need plumbers. Also electricians, bus drivers, truck drivers, cops, firemen, mailmen, barbers, salesmen, etc etc etc.

All honorable and well-paying professions

Fuck it man, maybe ill stay, give it a try and see what happens... But im just such a complete burden on the poor other people to the extent i feel bad and if i was alone i wouldnt even know where to start meanwhile most of the others wouldnt really have problems on their own. And since im basically repeating a year and just started again this week i dont know anyone since everyone from my group graduated, while all these guys know each other from the start and im the only new guy, its really awkward to try and approach anyone, i was too autistic to even say hi to anyone that wasnt the guy i was doing the work with and they probably dont even know what the fuck im doing in their group

Its only a meme if you have no idea what your level is retard.

Ofc if u re shit at sciences u ll not make it. What did you expect loser.

Bribe them with pizza, beer, bj's you just do what you've got to do.

> thread closed

college is a mistake.


Come to Canada and be a police officer, they get paid a lot here

user fag, till you find what you will be able to do 24.7 for the rest of your life and to not loose nay will to live, try to not cripple yourself on your way mkay ?

Is it even a thing for foreigners to be police officers in countriee they weren't born in? Basically no immigrants here so I wouldn't know, just assumed, it's atleast definitely the case with politicians atleast, isn't it?

My uncle is a police officer in Canada and he wasn’t born here