Dating an unattractive grill

I just transferred to a new school. I got into a dating app after receiving some irl compliments from grills. I matched with some women in my area pretty quickly but the only one I've met for a date has really unfortunate facial genetics. I like her as a person but she's really not physically attractive to me. Her body is fine, but her face is tragic. I honestly feel bad. She fell for me hard and we had sex on the second date.
I don't see us staying together very long, but she wants me and I like the sex. I don't want to hurt her and I know I'm being selfish. At the same time it makes her happy when we're together. My current plan is to cheat on her so I don't have to break up with her, but I've never done anything like this before.

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Be a man or just ghost her. If she's as fucked as you say, you can't predict how she'll react.

Do you have that little self respect that you would fuck a girl you considered that unattractive? Is this the kind of person you are?

Just break with her, but don’t tell her because she’s unattractive since that would be mean

This except tell her it was for that exact reason.

What is tragic about her face?

what does her face look like?

just break up, come up with bullshit excuse like you need time for yourself now, tell her "you deserve someone better"

Dude, cheating will damage her permanently.

Just fucking leave her. Tell her you think she's more in love with you than you are with her, and you think it's not fair of you to be leading her on

Fucking bitches like you make me sick

>Her body is fine, but her face is tragic
Damn that is such a good line. Holy shit.

Casual hookup culture will poison your soul. You should only hook up casually if that's explicitly what the other person is looking for. Otherwise, wait for someone who seems like ltr potential.. Otherwise you might regret your actions forever

>her body is fine, i like the sex

Well thanks op, once again only jerks who treat women like dirt get sex.
If you don't treat a girl like dirt, you don't get sex.
Any girls want to be treated like dirt here?
(try make up/plastic surgery? Take her to a doctor for those things, see what they think)

No, I'm actually very sweet to her. That's why she likes me.

Too pussy to say what you mean?
Rather start drama and cheat to get out of a relationship?
Starting relationships without consequence?
What a great guy you are, so sweet ;)

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This is actually the first time I've been such a scumbag. I started this week a kissless virgin and I'm on a one way street to breaking this poor girl's heart. I thought I was a good person.

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This is really bad. Read your post again, critically.
>current plan is to cheat
So you're bargaining to avoid the inevitable
Break it off and hurry up about it

well ok, but how bad does the face have to be to break up?
Pic related?

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she's about on par with pic related, not as thin but I like it

The word you're looking for is "girl" not "grill", you illiterate piece of shit.

Hot. I'd totally fuck her.