Can i sue my alma Mater or hold them accountable in anyway

I graduated from college. Going to college was the biggesy mistake of my life. I have nothing and i dont see how ky life can be any better from here. Thankfull have no debt it was all merit scholarship. I want to find someway to burn the corrupt college industry down. Its not fair that my time and other's time and money are wasted for nothing.

My life is fucking over. I wish i could go back to highschool so bad. I wish i could get a second chance at life. Ive never even slightly dated a girl never even held hands virgin piece of shit 22 year old manchild

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Huh? You have no debt, are only 22.

Seems to me that you have a wide open opportunity in front of you right now.

For lawsuit?

You're not making any sense. You got a degree. Why was college a mistake?

College isn't responsible for your virginity. It's arguably easier to meet men or women your age in college.

How did you even get there

No future

Don't get wasted in front of the computer at your house, go to a bar and drink there.

It has been tried, and laughed out of court. There are no guarantees and no way to divide the blame for your failure between you and them.

Years ago some dimwit Yale grad sued Yale because, he said, it promised to give him wisdom and he was not wise. "You certainly aren't," said the judge. "Case dismissed."

I dont drink

So? Thats not right. I dont think that judge understands what modern college is. Its predatory and corrupt. It does nothing for its students and solely exists to leach money from the government and the students. I dont want my money going to that stuff in anyway

Your case would be a lot more impressive if you had mastered basic literacy

How are you this petty

Its fucked up that college is the only business that doesnt have to be held accountable for anything

Oh no the young graduate has it so bad with no debt. Everyone on this board should kill you, for being so well off. Try harder fool.

My life is fucked dude. And its not just about me. Its about all the fucked graduates.

Of course they do. If you think anything is easy, then clearly you have no idea how it works.

nah they dont man
i support op

Lotta boomers in this thread who don't fucking understand what college is like now

Yeah on this website where virgins in their thirties, who work at McDonald's demand love without having to maintain their physical health or even approach a women. These people should feel bad for the debt free opportunities you now have. Why don't you join us afterwards as we pray for the rich, and pull down our pants until chad comes 1000 times inside.

What is your issue here? you act like thats not my future

It's the fucking dean here to grace us with his presence. Dean how do you manage to employ so many professors, tutors, custodians, cafeteria staff, keep the grounds maintained, fund the theater department, fund the it department, fund the biology labs, maintain accreditation, keep the allumni happy, fund so many scholarships, update the library, maintain the buildings, build new dorms, expand the parking lots, maintain the roads, fund the law enforcement department, fund the arts department, fund the psychology department, fund the philosophy department, keep medical attention on grounds, keep security on grounds, give the entire student body access to do many free progams, keep campus events going, etc? I know you pay for a lot of it with money, but what are the specifics? Who has insurance? How does tenure affect graduation rates? How do you police adults who just want to have fun?

I got lucky one time in my life. This bit of luck was the result of my working really hard.
Because of this, everything else in my life is invalidated. The fact that every other aspect of my life was and is miserable? Gone. The fact that bit of "luck" lead to nothing good for me? Invalid.

This is what you think?

Who cares? Every aspect of those things either needs to be changed from the ground up or have their funding revoked. The attitude around college should be changed so its not seen as this place to go to and fuck around.

>campus events
should all be cancelled desu.
its this line of logic that will kill the modern college.

Colleges must burn. Fuck boomers

You should sue, but as a class-action. You got out without debt, so you don't have a great case, but your fellow students do. Start up social media accounts and gather a following. Start a movement against higher ed, get in touch with the thiel fellowship program, court media attention. If you have what it takes to be a social media talking head you could spin it into a career

Otherwise, well, you're 22. I know people who didn't get their shit together until their mid 30s

College is a meme, yeah. Been there, did that, felt that. You'll be fine bubba.

Get yourself a trade profession to make yourself useful.

>I know you pay for a lot of it with money, but what are the specifics

In 2005 bush and Biden and Co made it illegal to default on student loans. Then prices exploded and everyone got royally fucked. Comprendre?

thats fucking awful. i dont want to go through more education
fuck this man maybe id be willing to do that at 17 or 18 but not at my age with my wasted fucking time and effort

You're fucking 22. You still have plenty of time left.
What is your degree? If it's one of those liberal arts shit I kinda get it but there's still stuff to do when you're your age

No, to begin new dreams and goals.

If you sue them it just means you’re lazy and greedy. You probably just avoiding getting a job.

No wonder your life is a failure.

Baby doesn’t want to get a jobby so he sues the school. Waaaahaaaaaa.

computer science
Theres nothing for me. this isnt about me its about preventing more mes in the future

If you are the same as everyone else, then there's no reason to pity you.

You are not though, because I'm a turbonerd retard college dropout with tons of debt. I have trouble reading peoples expressions. I talk too much when I want to say something simple. I could give a fuck about anything that isn't a cartoon or a comic book. I can't play videogames anymore because my hands are so messed up. I'm fat and ugly. My friends are dead.

Here is the rub, I am an unhappy person. However I am doing better than most of the shmuks and jamokes on this site. See I wanted it more, which sounds like milarkee until you look at what that means.
I am not willing to lay down and die, even though I think about killing myself everyday.
Everything is a fucking crazy struggle for me, cooking, cleaning, talking, making the right expressions. Most people laugh when they look at me or worse they get disgusted. I am the guy who is too old to be somewhere, the guy who's not all there. I feel sick to my stomach before I go to work, for most jobs I've had. Obviously I'm broke. I haven't seen my family in years and they don't really like me.

I have still had multiple girlfriends and and had sex hundreds of times.

You are nowhere near as bad as me and if you are some how are worse, then I know even more examples personally.

Your future is bright not blight. You can't give up though.

theres nothing for me. all the education has drilled out all creativity and ability to think. i am pure cattle whose only option is dead end job or death

i cant think of a single path in life period.

What are you complaining about, exactly? The fact that you wasted your time?

Go see a therapist nigger. I don't want to say "there's kids starving in Africa" but there are worse places to be in this life
>t. 30 year old former NEET trying to piece his broken life together. No education/friends/girlfriend

no seriously dude i cant think of anything to do in life its like i lost all ability to be creative and think independently

Yeah, but you have years to figure that out. For now go see the world.

i dont want to. i dont like it

Your experience is not unique or special. Your perspective is also nothing the rest of us don't already think.

get a job.

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why do you pull this when i never claimed to be special? in fact i claimed exactly the opposite. im saying this is so common that we should do something about it

>get a job
cant, went to college

Why can't you get a job?

nobody wants me not even dollar stores. apparently im not up to their standards despite my "desirable" stem degree

You think that you are so fucking special that you deserve a job above your worth.
You would be lucky to be hired by walmart as a night cashier.

Poor baby and their worthless art degree. Maybe you should have done your research like an adult and learned before hand what little job opportunities there are in your chosen field of stupidity.

Do you always make such terrible decisions based on half baked ideas?

>No future
Liberal arts degree, right?

1. my degree is computer science.
2. i am literally applying to bottom barrel jobs. i am not above anything.

Didn't you have the option for career counseling? Or for therapy which you seem to need?

If you can't get a job with your degree something is wrong. What are you not telling us?

Are you fat and still wearing graphic ts?
Do you have social graces?
How many jobs have you applied to in person and shook the hands of the higher ups?


ive told everything
the career center was worthless. genuinely. completely incompetent and only have lovey dovey platitudes
nah. if i need it then everyone does

nobody is interested in taking job apps in person
although I still try
I dress nice. i'm groomed. I don't have social issues. I'm not fat. I have applied to everything I can.even things i am 100% not qualified for

How many jobs have you applied to?

everything within my immediate area and all remotes

They are interested and that is why you've failed.

The people that hire are not afraid of social interaction. You’re failing only because you’re afraid.

I am not afraid. what?

How many?

i dont know i just walk

Fine. Have you had someone look over your cv?

It’s called a fucking resume, dumbass.

yeah they said it was fine
the only theory someone else gave me is that because i look white yuppy to these people they are racially profiling me and assume i dont have the ability to do real work and do not speak the language

You're delusional. Go see a mental health professional or livestream an hero so you can at least provide a few minutes of entertainment + show up on the local news

why do you post on Jow Forums

For what?
Colleges don't offer any guarantee that you will get a job. You made your own choice by going.

I dont want to fund a place that takes time and money with no guarantee or even vague effort put into giving people skills

Should have thought about it before you put your money in it.
You can't sue business because you wrongly invested in them.

I didnt put money into it idiot. Read the thread. But we all put money into it anyway

Everyone's giving you advice. Find a hobby, continue studying/get a trade, go to therapy, kill yourself.
You're just a retard. You got free education in a decent field when people are 150k in debt for feminist queer islam dance therapy degrees, you're young, not struggling with money. You still got plenty to do.
If this is bait, well then you got me

So how did college specifically lie to you? What did you study? What have you done post graduation?

I agree that the college system is a joke but there is some responsibility that lies on you.

>be unsuccessful
>sue the college (lol)
It's like suing your parents for not having a gf.
Stop moping and get your shit together, seriously. What do you want a job? When was the last time you went to a career fair? Networking event? Do you even have a linkedin?

I guess you've never had CV and job application classes/workshops in high school. You're trying to shove your Comp Sci degree in their faces. Don't do that. They think you're either too overqualified or are being too cocky - expecting every job below your qualification to accept you (or both).

If applying to low tier jobs, talk about your experience communicating with people, working in groups. Like anything from being an ambassador or a group/club leader at your high school and/or college. That's how I got my MacD part time job while studying Comp Sci at Uni.
Make your application letters/CVs personalised to the job you're applying to. Talk about how you hope the job will help you develop your skills, make it sound like you want the job and are not applying just for money, even if you are.

You _NEED_ those experiences working with people, before you apply for proper programming/software eng jobs. Otherwise the employee wouldn't even know for certain that you can wake up and arrive to work on time.

Exactly, I'm currently doing my Comp Sci degree and I'm going to be £70k in debt when I finish. I'm sure as hell not going to give up after my first work application gets declined. Furthermore, many of the people who finished the same degree only got their first job in the field after 80-120 rejections

Each year millions of people go through college, learn things, and move on to happy lives. And the few who flunk out console themselves with the fantasy that it's all the college's fault