What's it like to be married?

What's it like to be married?

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It depends on your situation.
Since half of marriages end in divorce it’s safe to assume you’ll get a bunch of negative answers from jaded people. The only way I can describe it is you marry someone who makes you a better person, and you do the same for them.
You have to love them unconditionally and have zero intentions of fucking other people.
(Unless you’re both into that, but I don’t do swingers parties).

Don’t get married in your 20’s unless you have kids, and even then people only do it for the tax break.

The whole point is to keep a person who boosts your quality of life beyond expectations. if all they are to you is one step above dying alone then it’s doomed to fail.

>Since half of marriages end in divorce
100% of marriages leads to death.

yeah but marry the wrong one and you might take a early step to the grave.

Married guy here. Just don't do it, it's a crazy bad risk. The upside is minimal and the downside is potentially a life destroying horror show. (People have literally killed/suicided because of bad marriages.)

Mine is ok but even then I often think it's not worth it.


My husband and I have been together for 13 years, and married for 9.
We got married at 20, which is ridiculous and I'd never advise anyone to do even if it worked well for us. We were broke as shit and getting married was basically the only way to afford anything. If you can afford it, wait till you're at least 25.

I think that the main reason why we work out is that we're, genuinely, best friends. We didn't have much money so most of our time together was spent sitting on the bed and talking to each other, and it was the funniest thing ever. I never got bored of him. He's fucking amusing, intelligent, interesting.
We talk about everything. We take care of each other. We are supportive of each other and believe in the other person more than in ourselves. We always work as a team. We trust the other person so much it's ridiculous. We love each other unconditionally. I have no doubt he'd take a bullet for me, and I'd take one for him.
Also, we're very physically attracted to each other. I think that's a big deal, especially if you get married young.

Its great at first...

It's pretty kino user,especially if you marry young. It's unlimited, God-approved sex. You grow together and you become like an extension of each other, it's kind of hard to describe. There's always someone there for you in bad times and good times, and you feel better about the world being shit because it's you and her against the world instead of the world just shitting in you constantly, plus it gives you motivation to fight harder. It's also fun to build a home together, slowly buying stuff for the house and eventually for the kids. Truly kino

What do you mean, why? I told you, the risk is too high. If it goes right and you're happy, you're just a BIT happier than you would have been. But if it goes badly, it could actually destroy your life. Why would you take that deal?

And, as people have said, the divorce rate is pretty up there too. So you're playing dice with your future.

The only reason why you'd want to get married is if you wanted kids. But that's got it's own set of issues and you're definitely better off avoiding that unless you absolutely are dead set on it.

It’s like legally being a cuck

>You grow together and you become like an extension of each other, it's kind of hard to describe.
I experienced this with my husband and I think it's awesome, but I've seen many people marry young and end up growing apart simply because they grew up. The amount of friends I have who *genuinely* detest who their spouse became in their early 20s is depressing.

One thing I'd say, no matter if you're male or female, always "marry up" if you can.

Bad advice. Marrying young greatly increases your risks of an unhappy marriage and divorce.

of course it's bad advice, nigga said "kino" twice

Overrated, gay, stressful. Mostly because You have kids together. Yeah the live for the kids is intense and you see what really matters but holy fuck, it's uhhhhhhh le redpill. Nice to have someone with you when you're going through hell, of course the hell is your own making and you can't leave without seriously fucking up everyone involved. It's kinda like hell but with a buddy system I guess, assuming you like each other. My main advice is don't marry anyone unless you have intact healthy families to help support you that both live nearby. Do not try to make it otherwise. Stay single and childless and get into your hobbies and retire early

I've got a slightly different marriage experience to most people - my wife has cerebral palsy. Most of the time it's not much of an issue but there are some things she really struggles with. We've been together 10 years, married for 6 of them. The best part of being married for me is the way she looks at me as she falls asleep in my arms.

>yeah bro, marry at 35 when you can't have kids and she's gone through a football stadium of dick, and you've both thrown away a decade and a half worth of money
It's better to marry young. Early 20s right after college is probably the best time because you're already past schooling and all that junk and you're starting what essentially is the rest of your life. If you both don't have a consistent worldview, then your marriage is fucked whether you marry at 65 or 15. Waiting too long means you both will have a lot of baggage, less time for reproduction, and your joint buying power is severely limited. My wife and I married at 23: both virgins, plenty of time to hang out by ourselves before kids, and because we've had a lot of time to make our money work for us, we're gonna have our home paid off completely by next year, before most people around us even get married. If you're an atheist, don't get married. If you're a Christian, don't marry an atheist. If you're Christian and your potential wife is Christian, then marry as soon as possible. Age is an advantage so long as you're both not retarded.

It's like having a best friend and fucking a best friend. Just don't be a fucking piece of shit.

Amazing, if you're with a loving partner

This here is the perfect example of people that get married because they think they should and not because they want to.

I’ve been married for 5 years to my high school girlfriend, honestly it’s been the best time of my life
It’s absolutely amazing if you’re both romantically and sexually attracted to your partner, if you marry someone who you’re just sexually attracted to, it’ll probably go horribly

>my wife has cerebral palsy
Does it feel good when her bambina spaz out with your dick inside

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In usa? Absolute shit.