So now that eightchan isn't coming back, what's its replacement imageboard...

So now that eightchan isn't coming back, what's its replacement imageboard? Lately I was browsing /b2/ and /y2k/ and there's no comparable boards here. Just really looking from some small, interesting *chan sites.

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You should wake up every day being thankful that place is gone, and pray this one is deleted too. Go outside

If this place goes down I’ll probably end up killing some people

I think alot of people would
it might come back, but only more kiked than before. neinpol has some good threads but theres literally nothing happening.

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Go anywhere that isn't here, the place had such a promising start and it turned into such a cesspool, so I can't imagine anyone that has been there up until now is anything but cancer.

Why is life so bad? You have no joy in your life? No hope? Tell me your shit

Life is too boring to care about. Yeah, I know I could make it more “interesting,” but the amount of effort just isn’t worth it. This place keeps me content, entertained, and thanks to the occasional decent posts on /lit/, educated. If it went away I’d probably just dive deeper into books and writing but have even less social interaction. And if my life circumstances changed (such as my mom kicking me out) and I was no longer able to do the things that make me happy, such as reading, I’d probably turn to violence as an act of revenge. As far as hope goes, I’m in college studying things I enjoy (namely philosophy), and I’d like to get my master’s in architecture. Neither have great job prospects. And I learned not to hope, not expect, anything. There are things that would be nice, such as me inheriting a million dollars, but it’s not the same as hoping for a decent life

I was very similar to you when I was younger. The solution to life is other people. You’re lonely. What do you think this board is if not a way for lonely people to have some kind of connection.

Don’t think normies have it easy; although they seemingly have a lot of connections, they are almost all superficial and empty.

Find a friend. I will help out but it’ll be a year or two. You don’t have to be user.

It's either Jow Forums or bust. Every chan clone sucks ass, especially cripplechan, or was short-lived and small.

I don’t want friends. And yeah, I know this place is my only social outlet. Taking it away would cause me to collapse in on myself. If I was naturally sociable or possessed latent normality I would have discovered it by now at 22 while in college. I just want to be left alone and have my fun on here.

It’s not fun. It’s a miserable shit existence. I know you have fear but don’t let it over take you

>eightchan isn't coming back
that's hilarious, what happened?

That would make me so happy. My life was objectively better in every single aspect before I got into Jow Forums.

>mass murderers using the site to stream thier shootings and as dumping ground for thier manifestos
>websites service provider finds this out and pulls the plug
>place has been down since

Oh I thought it had something to do with the drama between the current Jow Forums owner Nishimura and how the eightchan founder or owner or guy who paid for the server had previously screwed him out of the 2chan domain name or something I forget all the details.

You're a fucking child.

I discovered Jow Forums when I was 22 or 21, I'm now 33 and it fucked me up real good.

I can't imagine how fucked up all these kids are that got into Jow Forums when they were like 15 or 17 or maybe even younger.

Well I guess I don't have to imagine, we get pics of them every now and then. The saddest bit is how they take pride in how fucked up it's made them. It's cool to be autistic, being normal is for faggots or whatever and having sex with females is gay, freedom is slavery, etc.

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>It's cool to be autistic, being normal is for faggots or whatever and having sex with females is gay, freedom is slavery, etc.

I want to argue with you and say that you've mixed a lot of things up but nobody remembers the old days and there's no proper archives, so there's not point saying anything.

I mean yeah sure there was always some degree of taking pride in being an outcast and being anime retards, and that shit has always been true with outcast groups even before Jow Forums and even before the internet. But not on the scale of how it is today with all the frogposters.

Oldfags didn't actively try to be as retarded as possible because they were trying to put up an ironicallly uncool-but-cool front about how retarded they because they were worried that other anonymous posters on a chinese cartoon website might think that they're -gasp- a normie reddit!

>But not on the scale of how it is today with all the frogposters.

That's cos there are no more real outcasts (at least not one's with severe mental illnesses). All of this is an act. They are not made from the same material as oldfags, they have bizarre incongruent beliefs AND yet are pretty socially connected.

Outcasts of old are a dying breed.

>All of this is an act

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>they are pretty socially connected

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>here are no more real outcasts (at least not one's with severe mental illnesses)

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You can point to extreme cases but they're the exceptions. But whatever I'm obviously not going to change your beliefs, but I'll leave you with this parting point: Not only is Jow Forums and it's old-school outcasts, loners and losers gone, the rest of the internet has changed from 1000s and 1000s of unique interesting sites to a handful of homogeneous "content" of which Jow Forums is now part of.

Yoshitune ur a gay man irl.

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>You can point to extreme cases but they're the exceptions
That's what outcasts are.

and howow do you say it's an act? Acting is something you do on stage or in front of a camera, it's not something to do in your private life. These kids were raise by Jow Forums and you think they're somehow cool-ass normies?

4 chan is full of leftards and rightwing boomers.

Proof? I have lots of fun or at least am entertained. What am I fearful of?
That’s a shame. I discovered this place (well, actually eightchan) in ‘14. I was 17 at the time. I was already an outcast by that point, sitting alone, having no friends, being a virgin, etc. Find that and then this place really gave me my first taste of social life but I realized later on that I would never want to meet most of the posters on here. And in real life I don’t want to get to know people. I am an observer, sometimes a commentator but I always keep my commentaries to myself.

what does that have to do with being an outcast or not?

>I have lots of fun
Hitting Refresh on your browser while you sit there trying to simulate what a socila life might be like is not lots of fun. Going to a concert or a water park is lots of fun.

>at least entertained

you're wasting time and you're fearful of the outside world.

I do admit that I do occasionally get more wrapped up in threads than I should, waiting for responses, but I tend to have pretty good control.
Concerts are not fun. Water parks can be but I prefer being in a pool or lake by myself.
“Wasting” time as opposed to what? Time and money by going to a concert?
Also I’m outside all the time. On campus five days a week, working occasionally on the weekends, and just generally out and about other times

Well congrats on not being a full-blown NEET who spends like 16 hours a day hitting refresh on Jow Forums.

You're a little too caught up on the concert example.

Think of it this way, if you didn't have Jow Forums or even didn't have the internet, what would you do instead?

I would probably read a lot more, write a lot more, focus more on college and squeezing information from professors, and walking around town more. Ideally I’d go on hikes but I live in a city so I don’t prioritize that

Oh, I would also draw more. Although without the internet, finding what next to read would become extremely difficult. Luckily at this point I’ve learned about enough subjects that interest me that I could go to bookstores and look for what I want specifically. Otherwise I’d stopped reading and turn exclusively to writing

I started using Jow Forums when I was 11/12 and have periodically used it since. Surprisingly though I’m actually pretty normal and optimistic maybe I would have always been like that either way. I’ve learned some valuable information from this place.

>I’ve learned some valuable information from this place.

Why don't they just start over and make 12chan?

I’m wondering why the normie () didn’t come back and tell me how to live my life and become happy. Maybe he’s still around and just forgot

kys kike