Why should I even do anything? It's not like I'll ever get a job or start a business...

Why should I even do anything? It's not like I'll ever get a job or start a business. I might as well just do nothing and stay indoors forever. It's not my fault every business is allowed to be picky since they have thousands of applicants. Sometimes it's better to quit.

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Well by that logic you should die because there's billions of people alive. Oh well send me your vidya.

What do people mean when they say "just start a business bro"
It's not something easy that you can just do especially if you live in a very bureaucratic and highly taxed country

you do anything to develop as a person so you can develop a skill so you can get a job so you can get a life of some kind, you may not like the process but thats the start. but it is your choice really rot away at home and do nothing or have a life and work your ass off. ask yourself wich one will really let you sleep at nigth

work at McDonalds and eat fries

Who will pay for your shit and how inept are you that you can't get a job in McDonald's?

No one said it was easy.

Working somewhere before is more important than skill. If it really were about skills I would have worked alreddy.

I alreddy get money from not being well enough to work. I'm just stockpiling money and I alreddy have 7K saved. I barely buy anything other than food and it's always cheap food.

I will NEVER work for any company that supports the cattle industry which counts out McDonald's.

do you have a skill or education?

Kek, a handy excuse as it eliminates most businesses
Get a job at home depot in this case, or work as a garbage man

I've got the necessary GCSEs and I've have A-levels and A-level equivalent qualifications.

My opinion is pretty practical.

If you want to do something (like just slack off) and you are ok with the consequences, then you should be able to do it.

It's not like you're a kid that needs to be told "don't touch the hot stove"

In short, if you can swing that type of lifestyle, then go for it!

That's why most people who start a business in earnest establish themselves in more business-friendly countries these days, especially if you go the route of e-commerce.

Why don't you farm? Grow your stuff and get out of the city! I recommend it!

>It's not my fault every business is allowed to be picky

You should really consider offing yourself so that there will be one less useless mouth to feed and tolerate. This is the society that you're a part of. Either contribute or GTFO.

Fuck off, I didn't choose this. I didn't choose to live in a city or to be born into a poor family of unskilled workers or choose to have communication problems. I didn't choose the civilized life. I don't even want a house, I just want to camp and live nomadically but becauz of the Jew concept of property I can't even do that. Fuck your game. Buying property and what you call "good normal life" is for cucks. You're just a well behaved animal in a cage.

>Why should I even do anything?
Because you want to.

>> but anooon I don't wanna do anythinggg every day I do things just because magic and sorcery forces me to
shut the fuck up. you wouldn't lift a finger if you didn't have motivation. it's just you're shit at sorting out where it comes from and where it pulls you

I have some skill in site carpentry and kitchen fitting. I spent time lerning this skill only to find out that most jobs in those fields require people to be able to drive and I absolutely REFUSE to start lerning to drive again. It's a waste ov time and money. I am NOT going to drive and that is final.

Yeah bro just get a farm and start farming, bro. Real estate is like cheap bro and even homeless people should just start farming

Lmao how is he affecting you? Other than making you jealous