I just want to completely give up. School and work are nothing but burdens to me...

I just want to completely give up. School and work are nothing but burdens to me, I don't want to do anything with my life, and I don't want to have to deal with any responsibility. I've completely lost any motivation I had. I'm
not doing my schoolwork, I'm constantly late for work, and I never do what my folks ask me to do. I'm just so sick of this life. At this point, I'm contemplating whether I should go homeless or just kill myself. I can't be happy living a life where you're forced to spend most of it doing shit that makes you miserable.

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All that shit is temporary.
Just get through it and once you graduate highschool you can go be a stripper or something.

It’s the grinding part of the game, once you get through it you get to enjoy the riches of your grind

We all hate it, but occasionally we can eat, do drugs, play videogames and watch cartoons. Just go see the world, but I think you should finish school. It's like a rarity upgrade. You get paid more for the same work.

I'm in college

Being a neet is horrible and being homeless is even worse.

did you choose your major? are you eating well? do you have enough rest? have though about a job/life that you would like to have? i mean if you are close to finish just go though it, there are ways to have a good enough life if you put yourself to it

I'd rather have no responsibility than to have a bunch


Chose my major, but it's nothing I care about because I don't care about working. Diet consists of junk. Sleep is shit. Don't feel like it's worth it to be miserable for 40+ years just to be happy as an old fart for about 10.

You sound seriously depressed. You sound see a therapist, maybe get some SSRI stuff.

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Maybe save some money for an RV. Put it on a lot, then save some money to go back for an apprenticeship or certificate later on. I did what you are doing before too. It was a nightmare.

Already did.

Don't work towards a major that someone else chose for you. It's miserable trying to study for a degree that youre halfway interested in.

Set small goals to work towards. At least accomplish something to be proud of.

There is no degree I'm interested in.


Alright, question time:

Do you feel like some things are better than others? Not think. Feel.
Are some topics more salient and draw your attention automatically?
Can you imagine what your life would look like ideally?

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ANNNND you think adults like being adults?
at my age everything hurts. nobody like doing certain things but its called nessarry evil, you have to the parts that suck to get to the good stuff later on.

time for you to grow up. REALLY! if you cant get to work on time thats on you for failing to set the alarm.

if you dont do your schoolwork you can be ignorant about the world your entire life.

>>if you want to get ANYWHERE in life: you have to be prepared to put the effort in.

Same way. Even what little interests I used to have (video games, anime, all the usual bullshit) have lost whatever appeal they might have once had. Do you have easy access to any firearms? The best advice I can give is to commit suicide, it never gets better. Only reason I haven't is because I'm too much of a pussy and have no easy access to guns.

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You got friends OP? You sound like you just need to have some time for yourself to unwind every once in a while.

If all you can offer for advice is "life sucks, deal with it" then I guess I really should just kill myself

The problem is, you have no idea how awful it's going to feel still working 5 years before retirement. Getting old is coming and you need to prepare user. Hustle hard

So I should just kill myself?