Hello, I am 6'4 married and have kids. I eat organic, have supportive wife, go therapy and drive a new car...

Hello, I am 6'4 married and have kids. I eat organic, have supportive wife, go therapy and drive a new car. I would enjoy to be dead. I live and pretend for the kids. When old I plan on refuse treatment for disease beset me

Anyways I wondering if there any redpill undergrads who overcame adversity and lose virginity who could offer me advice. thanks guys

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Why would you want advice from undergraduate students with less experience than you?

And what actually do you want advice for? I didn't see you post any questions

I just wanna know how to apply weight lifting Christian Paleo PUA lifehacks to mentally ill middle age man lifeprobs. You know?

as a 5'3 invisible midget. I would kill to be 6'4, how are you fucking up life on easy mode.

My opinion, following random advice from a collection of buzzwords will probably not help.

I'm middle-aged too and issues like ours have no quick fix.

Thanks user, I try!

I not fuck up, that's the funny. Now I learn life is comedy, like the joker

Why not quit your job sell the car and go sail the world. Wife will understand.

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Wife understand? I would make wife sad, feel guilt. I cannot. I am real trapped. I dream all day of death

Find some way you can have space to yourself

Space in coffin for sleep

I see this problem a lot in middle aged men.

They either drink everyday like my step dad, or are bitter and resentful about life like my bio dad.

I believe their problem is that they live for nothing. Their soul craves a purpose but they already chose to go along the family/work/watch tv/drink lifestyle which just slowly eats them into death.

I see family as a side gig, for men at least. If we don't find something fulfilling that offers a purpose to this shitty life, we just carry the dreams and burdens of others and our souls hates us for it.

My advice to you pops is dedicate what remains of your wretched life to finding that meaningful something (whether it be a hobby, new career path, community work, fucking volunteering) even if'll cost your family, fortune, prestige.

If you are too comfortable/scared/loser for that then go ahead and off yourself. Who gives a fuck anyway

I am no drugs or drink. Many hobbies, have seen much done much. So time dedicate to kids family all of time. Whole life only lived because kids. Would rather die except kids. Not your dads, who you very mad at it seem

Do something creative

I have and successful. No difference now except I know art no meaning

dig deep down and find your soul you deranged haggard

No soul, I check many time science agreement

Pack your shit and leave!

Go to thailand.

You have nothing to lose, act like it.

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you mentioned that you go to therapy for your depression, and lack of motivation, and you no longer enjoy life to the point of wanting suicide.

well I have a proposal for you you could try new medications, I myself also suffer very severe depression from a neurodegenerative disease and I want to go on stimulants such as Desoxyn(Methamphetamine) or Adderall, I already tried antidepressants and they are not effective enough for me. I take 450mg of bupropion every day, which is the maximum dose allowed due to the possibility of medication induced seizures.

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Take psychedelic drugs - shrooms or dmt.

I'm sorry to hear user, I hope things work out. I am anxiety they said but not truly suicidal i just cannot enjoy living

No I can't I give love to family

Have done mushroom, LSD, some other but now I worry might set me crazy

has the therapist recommended any treatments for your anxiety, their could be a medication to help it, one time I was given a high dose of Xanax for my anxiety and afterwards I realized how silly all my anxieties were and was able to improve even after just 1 dose.

I have took benzo for party many times, love effect of benzo. Therapist do talk about methods calm like exercise thought and more. He don't give medicine I no medicine, depressed friend become ghost on medicines

Can you go into more detail about your anxiety issues, when do you feel anxious?how does it severely impact your life?

I used to have crippling anxiety but now I just have depression all the anxiety went away after doing a year of therapy in 2015-16.