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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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I can't forget my ex gf. In fact I still love her a lot even though I know we will never be together again but that's fine - It's been a couple months and as far as sadness goes I'm way past that point. I'm in my late 20s and I have literally zero experience on dating/kissing/etc other than with my ex so I'm feeling very lost about this whole ordeal. I don't really want to look for people for fucking around and I don't feel like searching for a serious relationship but I feel like I'll never get clean from her unless I have experiences with other women. I'm obviously afraid of rejection after being dumped and I'm barely a 7/10 on my good days so confidence is not really in surplus here.

Have any of you ever went through something similar and what have you done about it? Hot takes are also appreciated since I really need some guidance here.

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How can I get over my fear of talking with men? (I'm a girl)

Gonna repost during the day. Two other anons helped me, but am hoping to get a femanon's outlook.

>finally have sex and lose my virginity
>later on girls flips out because I didn't tell her I was a virgin
>tells me the sex was awful and that my dick was small
I have no idea if she's lying. She did lock me in at one point during sex. But now I'm incredibly self conscious. How do I not let it affect me?

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What exactly makes a guy cute (as opposed to hot)? Or are they basically interchangeable?

Practice. I used to be super shy and what helped me most was bouncing around a few, small social circles (like 2-4 other people each). Usually there'd be someone I didn't know quite as well, but having others I already felt comfortable with made it easier. And different groups have different dynamics so you get a lot of varied practice doing this.

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I have been talking to this guy for a few weeks and every conversation turns sexual. I have told him that I'm looking for someone to get to know and be in a relationship with. He continues to make sexual comments. I'm not a prude but I don't want to talk to someone I don't know in that way. Should I tell him to fuck off?

Same girl.

How big are you? Have you measured yourself?

My ex was small, as in I didn't feel him sometimes, but certain positions felt good (doggy). It was nice not having my cervix slammed like with my ex before him.

Guys usually get into sex talk a lot with people they're comfortable with, but a few weeks sounds a bit odd.

Tell him that it makes you uncomfortable that he always talks about sexual stuff. If it keeps up, then tell him to fuck off. Unless you have told him it makes you uncomfortable already, then just tell him to fuck off.

Testosterone maybe?
More masculine=hot.
Attractive but young looking=cute.
Hotness to me can wax and wane based on how I perceive the guy's behavior. Attractiveness isn't just visual for me, though, there's a psychological components to it

Idk man. I am in a new relationship and I still feel simmering anger at my ex for how the relationship and break-up played out. I didn't deserve the way I was treated. I can think it through and accept it but still have bad days.

This is 100% true and not a word of a lie. There was an annoying girl who used to come over to my apartment as she was in same class as my roommate. I used to always call her a stupid slut to her face and how much of an annoying cunt I thought she was. She loved it and slept with me a few times. But the more I slept with her the less I wanted to say means things to her and the more I wanted to say cutey nice lovey dovey things to her. She COMPLETELY lost interest in me when I started doing that instead of being mean to her. Why did she lose interest when I stopped being mean?

My BF is going away for 6 weeks. I already got him a "good bye" gift but kind of want to make him his favorite cookies to take. Problem is... I don't have an electric mixer and I won't be able to blend it very well by hand. Should I buy him his favorite cookies from a fancy bakery instead? Seems like the gift won't mean as much if I buy them.

girls, how would you feel if a guy that you have known only through discord for a couple of years and you talk to every now and then told you that he liked you?

I would take it with a grain of salt. Maybe because words don't mean shit and you don't know who this person is, all you know is their online persona.

This is so subjective. It depends on the guy.
Shoot your shot. The worst that could happen is she says no and you stay friends

Daddy issues are an amazing thing son, she was reliving her early broken family life with you

Guys dont really care about that, just make sure they taste good (as in, you should probably buy them)

get some friends, start on the internet and maybe some voice call once in a while.

But I wanted to mind her and look after her not be mean to her.

friendships between and men and woman aren't possible.

Could be worse, you could be a 19-year-old virgin male like me...

NOT TRUE. Its possible to be friends with the following women:
1. Ugly women who you aren't attracted to
2. Extremely attractive women who are way out of your league and would never have a chance fucking

Not possible to be friends with the following:
Average looking women/women around your level.

Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

I haven't measured myself with a ruler, but with some objects. I think I'm other close to or at 5 inches. Maybe a tad bigger. But not sure.

It is possible if they're already taken, especially if married

Then that girl is a dumb lying bitch, that's roughly average.

Ok well add that to the list so. I just wanted to say there are circumstances where you can be friends with women.

19 isn't grievously old to be a virgin, you know.

Sadly, she didnt want that from you.
Some people are so caught up in their bad past that they unconsciously seek to imitate it with ppl from the present, bc thats they know and what theyre used to. Your girl has sadly not yet overgrown this part of her life and is thus stuck in the cycle. What you do is your business, but remember: you can bring a horse to water but you cant force it to drink

If you're white I'd personally consider that on the "low average" side, but definitely not small. If you're Arab or Asian you're okay

Thanks. I'm a little chubby too, and there's some like fat(?) around where it is, so maybe that makes it looks smaller?
I am white, but I've always heard that's average, but maybe you're right.

Being fat typically makes your package look smaller because it is easiest to compare its size to the owner's body.

Yeah. I'm working out because I'm tired of being out of shape. But I'm hoping it also helps that.

Average in the US because of minorities. But still not small. If I had the same guy and could choose between your size and massive, I'd pick your size penis. Doesn't obliterate my cervix and BJs are more comfortable.

Don't be chubby and be enthusiastic about sex and I'd be happy to have sex with you

why do I only attract these semi ghetto girls from troubled homes with daddy issues

Im not a ghetto guy, Im not a gangster or macho

Girls, how do you feel about sex / sexual acts in relatively public places? In the woods, in a car, movie theater, maybe something like a park at night, etc.

mmm i love it especially with fat guys

Hows your everyday attitude? How do you act? How do you dress? With what kinda ppl do you interact with?

I dress casually, Im a neet and I dont really have friends
I am mixed race however and I think for a lot of people that automatically associates with ghetto culture

>I am mixed race however and I think for a lot of people that automatically associates with ghetto culture
That might be the case sadly

>Girls, how do you feel about sex / sexual acts in relatively public places? In the woods, in a car, movie theater, maybe something like a park at night, etc.
>Done, during the daylight, twice

>and be enthusiastic about sex
Oh, I am. So I have one of the two down. Thanks, user.

I just noticed my gf looks a lot like reviewbrah. She asks me all the time how she looks like/a person who looks like her (i think from self esteem issues) should i be truthful or lie? is being told you look like reviewbrah a compliment or an insult?

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Oh no, you're the bulge enthusiast from yesterday. Please stop, I'm going to poke somebody's eye out at this rate.

met a girl on holiday, we’ve been talking pretty much daily for over a month and I really like her

she’s called me “babe”, sent some kissing emojis a couple of times and also made a joke about pushing me out of the bed if I was a snorer and something about hoping I’m physically stronger than her.

Should I tell her I’m masturbating while thinking of her? I’m not sure how to get a sexting thing going.

You are very correct that I am a demon of sorts.

I've been struggling to avoid acting out my exhibitionist fantasies and you're certainly not helping. Calling you the demon on my shoulder would be accurate.

if my bf said this to me i'd laugh my ass off

I split up with my ex a few months back. I took a month to collect myself and decided that it'd be okay for us to be friends. She said she still wanted me in her life, and even tried to reach out to me when I wasn't talking to her, so I figured she was sincere. We've also been very long distance for the past few years - if we stopped talking she'd basically be completely out of my life forever and I really don't want that. We were really good friends before we got together.
But now I'm in several minds and I need someone detached from the situation to help me figure out what to do.
Sometimes we have a conversation and it's really nice but some days she'll just take at least an hour to respond to my messages, sometimes several hours between replies. She's busy with college and school and she has a life so its not like she has to be messaging me all the time but whenever it happens I start feeling awful. I genuinely don't really know what she really thinks of me, and I'm almost afraid to ask because I'm very anxious and don't want to seem like a bitch.
Sometimes I'm happy being friends with her, sometimes I think about cutting her off although the thought of it makes me sick, and sometimes I want to beg for her back.
What do? Is this stupid? Am I stupid? Will it go away?

you're normal other than being unusually fucking dumb

>I am mixed race however and I think for a lot of people that automatically associates with ghetto culture
More than likely the case, though rather because they're super against dating anyone white that if you're the only non-white option they'll gravitate to you no matter how they act.
Though they'll also go through mental gymnastics to convince themselves and justify to their friends that a guy is actually mixed and not white.
No bullshit, I overheard "*chad* isn't white, he's half-italian" "woah, really?"

So I posted yesterday about my coworker telling me she has a boyfriend after about a month of us talking and texting and having a lot of conversations. I decided to cut my losses and move on.

Lo and behold, she texts me right in the morning when we get to work and keeps texting me mundane shit all day, like "Is it just me or is today extremely slow" just to keep a conversation going. We live really close by, so we both followed each other in our car while going home. She texted "Nice game of frogger we had going on for a bit"

What's the deal here? In just a day, she's become quite a bit more open and I honestly don't know if she's fully put me in the friendzone or is starting to get more comfortable with me

Also just a week back, she told me "If you'd moved here a couple weeks earlier, you could've been my roommate"
Why the fuck would she want to live with me if she has a boyfriend?

Just confront her and talk to her. Doing nothing will not improve your life. She's either into polyamory, is a cheating snek, wants attention, or she wants to leave her BF you. This situation keeps you in limbo. You could be pursuing an other girl but instead you're focusing on her.

tell her then ask her to suck you off with her hair in a slicked back ponytail.

Girls, are gray sweatpants just a meme or are you actually into them?

Based on what I said, do you think she might be romantically interested? I say that because the way she mentioned her boyfriend yesterday felt like he appeared out of thin air. Nowhere in the last month did she even give me a hint she wasn't single. We hung out, just the two of us a couple times. I want to be completely sure before I make such a move so I don't make things awkward at work. Our teams are similar and we have to see each other at meetings and lunches.

how old are you?
ideally how old your ideal partner would be?
would you consider dating someone younger than you? how much younger?
how old would you go?

>how old are you
>ideal partner age?
>would you consider dating someone younger?
>how much younger
>how old would you go

are you single?

Sometimes necessary, never preferred

yes. and yes I'd definitely go out with some random stranger on Jow Forums of all places

Why do female customers say thank you so much? I heard you the 4th time, dude.

>how old are you?
>ideally how old your ideal partner would be?
28-? (current partner is 51)
>would you consider dating someone younger than you? how much younger?
It's more about maturity level, I don't see meeting someone mature enough at younger than 28, but would be open
>how old would you go?
51 and counting, I guess

Where can a 27y/o KHV nerd who has never dated go to meet people/girls that are compatible with his lifestyle without picking up new expensive or timesinkish/active hobbies with mostly incompatible people

kek, we probably aren't in the same country so don't worry about it.
I was just wondering, where are you looking for potential partners to date?
are you using dating apps?
how long have you been single and what happened in your last relationship?

how exactly did you end up dating someone 20 years older than you?

My gf says I am to pushy for sex, so I turn it down and stop wherever she says she is not in the mood, but the problem is she is never on the mood, she is taking anti depressives making it even harder for her to get on, I tell her this and talk about it but we don't find a solution, she feels she is neglecting me and I don't want to have sex if she doesn't want to, what can we do?

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Never? You don't even slightly enjoy the thrill of getting caught?

bumping this one

>how old are you
>ideal partner age?
>would you consider dating someone younger?
>how much younger
2 years max if he was ready to settle down
>how old would you go
34 max

When getting into a relationship do girls really care about if their boyfriend watches a lot of porn? A friend of mine made it pretty clear she is into me and since then I kinda been giving her the cold shoulder because I don't feel comfortable being in a relationship while I watch an excessive amount of porn and I am at the point I even jack off to pictures or thoughts of her I find it awfully creepy which is why I have never gotten into a relationship even if a girl was interested. I never told her I am into porn or perverted like this and don't show it around her as I believe that will ensure a comfortable life for me.

Question for women

What would you think of a guy if you're trying to get his attention but he looks like he wants to reciprocate, but can't bring himself to go all the way. Would you be mad at him for making you try or would you just be disappointed? A girl did this for me today and I looked at her but I kind of gave her the impression I wasn't sure if I should approach her. When I walked up to her she didn't turn around to see me, she looked like she was upset.

Why don't you just ask her?

Sorry. I was talking to you earlier and had after work stuff come up

I honestly have no idea if she actually likes you. Girls/women sometimes instigate things like this for attention and validation consciously or unconsciously. I couldn't even guess if she realizes she is flirting with you. I'd hope she has the self awareness to realize it, but you never know.

Whatever her intentions are, you do realize that it's putting you in an awkward position, right? You deserve more than beta orbiter status, and you also deserve more than a girl who flirts behind her BFs back. I don't think very highly of her, as I indicated yesterday (I'm the rude ass user from yesterday)

Kill all women.

Then she would know I watch a lot of porn.

I'd think he didn't really like me, or that he was too passive to date me. I am really passive and shy, and if we both are then nothing will ever happen. I'd be disappointed and start to lose interest.

And this is somehow worse than just completely ghosting her? If she actually likes you she'd be understanding. Just make sure you're clear that you think it's a bad thing you need to stop, an addiction.

Yeah, I figured something like that could happen. I'm asking because it's not the first time this happens to me, I've been in situations like these but I always freeze up and can't bring myself to make the move necessary to initiate the first conversation. Problem is it usually happens when I'm around other people and things are too silent for me to feel comfortable enough to talk. I guess you're right though.

Either the conditions will have to be just right or I'm going to have to break through my introverted nature.

How to make sex as good as possible for the girl?

There are routine topics people usually start with for first conversations. I don't know your situation specifically, but focusing on where you're at right now (what you both can observe-like how busy or crowded the place is or asking if they liked something about where you are right now) is a good starting point. Idk. It isn't an easy task so don't beat yourself up or judge yourself if you try and fail. Googling might help with starting conversations with strangers (in general not just girls-itll seem more natural if you don't start the convo with flirting) and don't fall into pick up artist territory.

I don't want to lose my only friend because of porn and branded a pervert therefore I rather keep it secret and hope she forgets about ever mentioning liking me.

Invite another guy

If you're on here asking for tips you're off to a bad start. Why not try searching on plebbit? I found great advice on how to give head there.

Unlike men, girls are quite varied when it comes to what gets them off. Unfortunately you're just going to have to experiment and switch things up until you figure out her weaknesses. You can encourage her to be more breathy / vocal when something feels good so you can get a better idea of what you're doing right / wrong and when. But one thing to keep in mind is that the majority of women can't get off from purely vaginal, they need other things such as clitoral stimulation.

Ok, I'll see what I can do. I'll try harder next time I get the signal and can see some compatibility with someone.

You're vastly overestimating how much people give a shit. Tell her that you like her back but you have a porn addiction you're concerned about. Pretty much every male watches porn and women are well aware of this, you're just hooked on it harder than most. If she stops being friends with you from something as insignificant as that then she's a shallow bitch who doesn't deserve to be your friend in the first place.

If she told you that she was addicted to porn and needs help working through this addiction, would you give a shit? I highly doubt it. So why do you think she'll give a shit?

Is saying "I like you" to a guy too blunt?

No. Many guys are too stupid or careful to "get" flirting, so being blunt is actually your best method of attack.

Depends on the guy, I'd say if you do decide to say it you should say it within a conversation. If it's the first thing you tell a guy it's going to be awkward.

I see, thank you. I've been friends with him for about a year now so I think I'll just be as direct as possible.

No problem. The thing is, flirting is a dangerous game for guys. For example, here's a tale from a friend of mine. A girl stripped to her underwear and climbed into his bed. Obviously, he tried to make a move on her. Turns out she was just "comfortable with him" and intended to remain friends. So even if you're making your flirting as obvious as possible, many guys won't respond to it out of fear. Being direct is the quickest way to make your intentions known. Good luck, user.

It's better being too direct than too evasive. Don't be autistic as is implying you might be and you should be fine.
When you see him IRL stay around him often and be touchy: lean on him, put your hand on his shoulder, grab his hand and so on.

How to ask a girl to suck her thumb during sex?

You don't.

Due to years of excessive porn watching I will not be able to provide her sexual needs and will likely have complications if it ever came to having children. On top of that at the basis I am a pervert who watches porn almost all the time I can and damn near degenerate, she is better off.

Tell her you are into baby fetish and ask her to also wear a diaper and shit in it.

It's a fantasy of mine for sure. Never done it before.

I personally am into them lol.

I'm 25. Partner would ideally be 25-28. Youngest limit is probably 22 or 23 for me, and oldest limit would realistically be around 40.

I personally don't really care because I watch a lot of porn myself. I wouldn't overthink this too hard, girls just assume all guys watch porn.

Finger her, eat her out, kiss her a lot, hold her, make her feel beautiful, be a little rough/manhandle her if she's into it. Being very passionate and doing a lot of foreplay goes a long way.

That's bullshit, you're just making up excuses because you're too much of a pussy to get together with her. You don't have professionally diagnosed porn addiction. Every man is a degenerate to some degree, we just have to work through that.