How do i get to experience this?

How do i get to experience this?

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are you a boy

im 20, im a man

by becoming as good looking as that character is.

maybe we can love each other :) im 18, girl - my downside is im plain looking and have no personality

hey, look buddy, plain looks can you get you far, being average means you can go up, or down, whichever you want, and personality can always be added to through experience and exposure. im flattered by your offer but i assume you're an american, and i'm a finn, not sure if that'd work, cause that's a whole lot of kilometers away, or feet and miles for you.

fuk i experienced just that but broke up because i was immature. looking at that pic hurts :(

you're very kind user. :)
i feel like at this point in life most people around me already sculpted their own unique personalities when they were younger while i was just... there. sometimes i feel like there's something wrong with my brain. i see so many people online, even those diagnosed with autism, who are able to make meaningful conversations, make witty jokes, and things like that. these things were all incredibly impossible to me. i could never fit in. even in imageboards meant for people with no social skills. it's all too hard.
sorry for the blog post haha. i guess i found opportunity to vent and here i am.
you'd probably never guess where i'm from but yeah.. i guess we are very far.
what about you user? what do you think is stopping you from finding love?

Just admit defeat and develop a taste for dick now. I'd recommend starting by dressing like a girl.

Every new relationship starts out like that.. Lucky if it lasts a few years. If you expect that for life you're going to be disappointed

Not him but I have no friends and can hardly connect with people who are not from Jow Forums and since I'm average looking and male not even online dating can save me

what's stopping me from finding it is that i simply don't know how to flirt at all, i know how to interact with people, men and women alike, but this whole romance and flirting thing has me like a deer in the headlights, i just don't know how it works, and i'm really scared of it. so i'm just sitting here hearing about other people doing this whole romance and love thing while i just nod along pretending that i understand what they are talking about.

oddly enough the people i have been most able to connect with were online strangers, as strange as it sounds. but for reality i do have found a few handful of people that i can trust fully, i found them in rather odd places, one in my education place library, one at a bar i forced myself out to to try to be out. while we dont meet face to face very often any more due to distances between us, we still chat online, sometimes weeks go between the messages, and we just go on where we left off. i think that's what a connection is like, or not, i'm not sure, i'm rambling offtangent at this point. but i think my point is something like that finding friends can be found in the oddest of places, it's again fairly regular overdone advice, but it works rather well, it's a lot comfier with a handful of really really good friends rather than a 30 bunch of acquintances that you barely know, cause when you spend a lot of time together you end up forming a connection
it's 00:57, getting late i need to finish a finishing note for my essay. goodbye transient strangers

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Become someone who deserves that

big words on anonymous image board; location though?

By becoming attractive

I'm not OP, but I have similar issues.

How can I tell whether or not I'm lovable or deserving of love? When I look around at the people around me that have someone there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason. Both some of the best and worst people I know are loved.

Sometimes I take a look at myself "on paper" and I would seem like a catch based on my looks, personality, work, intelligence yet I don't know if I'm missing something or if I'm just unlucky to never have formed any close relationship with the opposite gender.

I feel like I'm completely lost here because I can't figure out what's wrong or even if something is wrong at all.

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If you're attractive to me, I'd do that like every night ever, and get a double king bed so all my lovers could join at will, and also every size below incase they prefer other arrangements.

delete this

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>If you expect that for life you're going to be disappointed
Not necessarily.

>How do i get to experience this?
You don't. You don't because you're not at the right frequency for it (or wavelength if you prefer).
You would have to see things differently. I know this because I read the thread.

i look like that and im 22

well you sound like you have meaningful emotions and reflection, and that you like to talk about it.
I think that is definitely an adorable quality, maybe you just don't have much experience talking to people?

Post a face pic?

Buy a dog

even if you do it is fleeting. she'll be on her knees shortly before another man showing him how much she likes him.

This is not a girl btw

How many girls have you asked out this year?

why not?

be rich or attractive

how do you ask someone out when you dont know if youre attractive or not? sorry but that person clearly lacks the social cues needed to produce that confidence in the first place, so asking someone out, or trying to make friends at this point, is not really an option for him.

You know, one thing I've always noticed is that girls will interrupt their duologue with something like
>sorry for the blog post haha
Why is this? Guys don't do this, they're just straight forward with what they're saying (or maybe I assume everyone is a guy and only notice this when it happens, even though it still tends to be women doing it).

Rich is attractive, though

Probably guys feel more like they own the place so don't feel the need to apologize