Why are women so god damned awful?

Incels are right.

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Communists hate sexually liberated women.
Republicans hate sexually liberated women
National Socialists hate sexually liberated women
Israeli Jews hate sexually liberated women.

t. feminist

Part 2
The accurate version of your picture would be to have only the anarchist girl on the left side.


>men hate women
Simple as that
Kill all men

Part 3
Please OP don't feel at fault because of my reproof of your thread. I only want you to see truth. For many people to see truth they must fail and understand what happened.

>men hate women
No. People hate women.

Men hate whores. Simple as that.

Men think all women are whores because men hate women
Whenever a woman wants to be herself and not some man's dumb fantasy, he hates her and calls her a whore.
Men are evil. Kill all men.

If it will soften your heart i will fuck you. Just dont be angry feminist.

Men hate women

Kill yourself incel

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He just wanted to see your tatas.

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and why would they be fucking not awful ? it really only takes a women to understand a women.

besides don't worry womens are only awful to incels, chads can get your crushies whenever they want.

Incels are chads in women eyes.

>a woman shows her tits, get called a slut
>a woman doesn't show her tits, get called a whore
No matter what a woman does, men will always treat her with evil and contempt, because that's all men can be. Fuck that. Kill all men

>Kill all men
Come at us if you think you're hard enough. I'll warn you though, guns have too much recoil and military equipment is too heavy for a delicate wallflower such as yourself. I myself welcome a literal war of the sexes so we can hurry up and make The Handmaid's Tale a reality.

Dude in the message was clearly deranged autist. You are deranged autist too for beliving everyone is like this. You clearly have feminist ideology burned in your brain.

Go fuck off whore. Show men your tatas.

Basado & RojopĆ­ldora EdiciĆ³n

Female Communists hate sexually liberated women.
Male Communists hate sexually liberated women.
Female Republicans hate sexually liberated women.
Male Republicans hate sexually liberated women.
Female National Socialists hate sexually liberated women.
Male National Socialists hate sexually liberated women.
Female Israeli Jews hate sexually liberated women.
Male Israeli Jews hate sexually liberated women.

t. Male Feminist

It's such a strange word when used in that context.
There are similar "liberated" behaviors that aren't particularly liked by society. Defecating in public, living on the street and doing whatever you're hooked on, passing out drunk in a dirty alleyway with your pants around your ankles. The reason people don't like these deranged "liberties" is because we've been selecting and ingraining certain ideas into our minds and culture for the last few thousand years. The city is an extension of your home, so you don't shit on the pavement. You don't live like a drifter because you can't make a happy family or career for yourself that way. You don't pass out drunk before you get home, because you're sensible enough to know when too much is too much for you to stumble back.

And, you don't jump every dick on the block because that's supposed to be something you give to someone you care about.

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There are terrible people on both sides. Be they men or women. This existence is about finding the right partner who you like and he likes you back. (men still hate whores)

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>Dude in the message was clearly deranged autist
Just like 99% of males
Kill all men

I respectively disagree.

>you're in a happy relationship with someone who's not me!! How dare you you're a whore

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Lmao are those people randomly messaging you?

>In a sudden turn of events, it's turned into a man hate thread
Same rules apply, have sex femcels

They're screens from r/niceguys, retard

Well that wasn't so nice.

>some man's dumb fantasy
Men's "dumb fantasy" is a world where women are actually sexually attracted to average men instead of just using sex as a means of luring a man into the beta provider role and then either promptly trap him into a sexless marriage while she lusts after other, more high status men (be it in the form of merely fantasising about it while reading 50 Shades or just outright cucking her husband) OR divorce raping him and then leaving him to go fuck another man. Hypergamy and cuckoldry are essential to female sexuality and that is what it means for a woman to "be herself". So no, no wise and perceptive man will ever love a woman.