Be kissless virgin

>be kissless virgin
>attractive female friend invites me to watch a movie
>cuddles me and kisses me at the end
>invites me to her house
>refuse because I had to process what was going on
>she was visibly hurt the day after
>fast forward two weeks later and we're acting like nothing happened
Did I do the right thing? I have absolutely no feelings for her. It would be nice to get some experience but it just feels wrong when I don't have the feelings. I could probably still get her if I said something (not sure what to say though) but she is so emotionally fragile I feel like she will be better off if I stay away.

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You could ask her to go slower and date, get to know her.
If you don't care just say no.

I don't see myself ever loving her because she is so emotionally immature. But at the same time she just feels so nice to hug and kiss. Is there a name for that sort of duality? I guess my interest in her is purely recreational/sexual.

Yeah, you crave intimacy, very normal.

Just reject her, say it wouldn't work, be sure to talk it out, don't let her hanging.

Or maybe think about it some more, if it's actually you the problem, or maybe you don't know her very well.

>reject her, don't let her hanging
I have been pretending it never happened, and she is playing along. Surely she perceives this as a "nice" rejection, like "this was a mistake but let's never mention it to preserve our friendship".
Now I know that most people overthink a lot when love is in play. If I started being extra nice to her (hugging her tighter, kissing her on the cheek) she could think I reconsidered things and even invite me for something again. Then I could smooth talk her into being "friends with benefits" so I can solve my intimacy craving. But after simulating how it would be like in my head it just feels too awkward to do such intimate things with her. It was already so damn awkward to look at her face during the first week after. Maybe I only think this because I'm inexperienced and once going the whole way it stops being awkward?

No, just plain discuss with her your relationship.
No weird cues and shit.

Too late for that, I should have been straight-forward at the very next day
After spending two weeks pretending it never happened I can't just go there and talk about it normally again. It feels like we need to at least go on another date before addressing the elephant in the room.
Or once again maybe this is all in my head because I have zero experience, but I'm sort of good at reading people so I trust this instinct.

Yes, just go talk to her, you'll both feel better afterwards.
Communication is key, do not ignore.

How can SHE be the emotionally immature one? You sound worse.

You did the wrong thing AND missed the boat.

There's no way she'd take you now.

Why did I do the wrong thing? What would the right thing be?
She would take me because she is a bit desperate herself

You have to be vulnerable in order to succeed in a relationship. It's normal to be afraid, sure you let your fear get the better of you this time. Next time doesn't have to be the same way.

honestly its not like you blew your chance just be fucking assertive and ask her to do shit

>I don't see myself ever loving her because she is so emotionally immature.

Beggars cannot be choosers OP. If she is attractive go for her. Do you want to be a kv forever? Are you heterosexual?

>she is so emotionally immature
>emotionally immature
That's the natural state of women. Don't expect mommy maturity until she is a mommy

Well, my problem is very well defined: no feelings for her but the opportunity to get some experience is too good to just pass on without second thoughts.
She, on the other hand, is very needy. I've seen the way she fares with other guys, expecting them to message her 24/7, and it just looked suffocating. I've also seen her cry hard because of rejections, it's not a beautiful sight.

"I want to apologize for freaking out last week. It was because I think of you as a really good friend, and that confused me."

So nice to hug and kiss, but you don't wanna fuck?


It just feels awkward. Today she invited me for something and I said no. Every single time I have to talk to her it feels awkward. It's uncharted territory for both of us.

>Did I do the right thing? I have absolutely no feelings for her.
Yes, you did the right thing. You shouldn't be fornicating regardless, and especially not by selfishly exploiting others when you feel nothing for them.

Honestly she is probably using me too. There is no way she loves me.

>she is probably using me too.
That's not an argument for using her.
How many times have people justified their own infidelity by telling themselves "he/she's probably cheating anyway"? It's shitty behavior regardless.