Man up god damnit

is it just me or are men acting more like women and women are acting more like men. its annoying all my guy friends are legit pussies.i went skydiving and all my male friends were all pussies about it but when doing my jump guess who jumped with me ding ding ding a bad ass 10 of a stacy. for real men man the fuck up

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People are just acting less like the media tropes of Boomers/Generation X. We made new memes of ourselves.

you can say that again

>People are just acting less like the media tropes of Boomers/Generation X.
No males are becoming more feminine. You can tell by the obvious decrease in testosterone in males of this day and age. This is not a good thing.

Women are also becoming less feminine. You can tell by the obvious increase in testosterone in women of this day and age.

Oh wait that just means the words "masculine" and "feminine" are no longer related to sex anymore. Go figure.

Is go skydiving, croc wrestling, bomb blowing, cliff jumping, or gay killing but I will never stoop to the level of throwing myself before a roastie


lol for real dude i talk to my room mate hes 115 scrony little bitch and even bentch his body weight its fucking pathetic dude lol

All bullshit. All women however are cunts.

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Stay mad you stupid worthless hole. Men who kill women are based.

you sound retarted im just calling guys like you weak haha i bet my gf could choke your gay ass out

This. No roastie is entitled to life.

i sware chan has turn into trans gay town its sad yall be just as bad as reddit

Yeah, “gf” lmao. Girl(male)friend

That's retarded what does it even accomplish? So women are now the tough ones and men are weak according to your retarded worldview? So essentially strong scary people who overthrow governments still exist but they are hairy woman now?

Saying roasties should die does not exclude their bodies being attractive. Anyone who puts pussy on a pedestal, like you, is a de facto faggot, however.

thanks for ruining the thread msn

no im saying its sad to see all these weak men bitch and act like girls all the time

>Oh wait that just means the words "masculine" and "feminine" are no longer related to sex anymore. Go figure.
You have no idea on biology do you. It is actually very bad for a male to have low test, leading to all sort of early complications. And the correct comeback would have been the decrease in estrogen in women, but that isn't happening.


thank you a real chad has shown up^

all these faggots get butt hurt when i call them out for being faggots

>is supposedly “strong”
>one random user’s post destroys his thread
How does that add up?

Emotions don't make you a girl. Men have always had emotions actually men that face their sadness and fear are stronger than men who don't. The men who raised me, the supposed "manlier generation" were all alcoholic retards who buried their emotions under a chemical compound instead of facing them. The men of today who face their emotions are stronger than those weaklings that destroyed their own families due to burying their feelings behind Mr. Booze.

>on biology
Why would you use a language that you can't even speak properly? How embarrassing. I hope this helps you understand why people laugh at you as often as they do.

you were raised my addicts lol you were literally abused xD

im not saying men cant feel lol im saying you guys act like girls you do girly things you cry and complain about the smallest shit youbworry about your hair and what guys think of you lol sounds fucking gay to me
pussy males

>men can feel just not sadness you have to hide that behind alcohol

Such a good point you make

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lol you are projecting not everybody is an alcoholic faggot im literally sober hahaha

I'm basing it on the previous generation which you would probably call manlier. I don't really care what you do.

hey retard another generalization no men these days just act like women lol

when in old generations did you see men taking selfies for instafag for views haha like seriuosly you men are WEAK you cant even make a cohearent arguement

go play with a dildo homo lol straightmen are talking

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Weird. I don't know if it's because I'm from WI but most dudes I work with and see throughout the day are still men. I have like 14 male cousins, 17-33ish, and they're all have manly traits, including myself. My small circle of friends look more like lumberjacks than traps.

Just because you see a shit load of faggot threads doesn't mean all men are turning into pussies.


maybe because i have an office job and nobdy lifts lol

lol and where the fuck you live in mega citys beta males be everywhere ps you sound triggerd by what i said homo

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lol dude youbare so mad bro calm down beta thats that low test getting to you

and by the way im a dude buttslut

Ur the one whos mad retard tranny.

>is it just me or are men acting more like women and women are acting more like men
It's just you. Women still act like women and men still act like men where I live, pal. Yes, there are women who are braver than men. Cowards exist in every generation. Get over yourself if you think a woman is a natural coward by nature

I’m wondering what it matters. If guys are acting less manly, doesn’t that mean you just get to fuck more pussy? How does men being less manly in any way negatively affect you?

lol thats not what im saying lol you people are retarted they quality of females are showing up in men lol. caring about social media caring about what people think of you taking hundreds of photos in the mirror. obsessing about their aperience. being cucking into social justice bs. getting upset by certain words. not liking physical sports. for god sakes its things like this what im talking about. i hear men gossip about guys more then i hear women lol

because bitch boys make me mad with there flamboiency

god damn Jow Forums has now turned into one giant leaiing vagina lol i miss old chan fuckin newfags

You don't even know how to reply to posts and you are calling people newfags. Lurk moar please.

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lol come on keep replying i know your rage eont allow you to stop diolate tranny

>how I imagine the retard leading this thread feels

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i like how chicks hate both nice guys and assholes

id disagree but ok lol

the cream will rise to the top

There's no point in getting emotional about how the next man acts, just make sure your own shit stays in order.

crabs drag down unknowingly and in despair

This is true. Gender roles and gender identity have become blurred. If you accept this internally you’ll be fine but if you continue to expect traditional gender stereotypes you’ll be confused and probably frustrated.

I've read news about people dying skydiving. No thanks bro.

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Women dont know what they want.

>That's retarded what does it even accomplish?

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