“You need to come out of your shell”

“You need to come out of your shell”

What do they mean by this?

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Basically become attractive. Alternatively, it’s a nice way of saying you creep girls out and should stop because their feelings are the only thing society cares about

Basically 'be more social'

It means that you should sometimes tone down your unique qualities for the sake of fitting in, especially qualities such as being aloof or reserved.

I am both aloof and reserved, well fuck, how do I not be that, I’ve been that my whole life

Once in a while, like in social situations, copy the behavior of people around you for like 10 minutes. You'll get the hang of it.

It means, “become someone you’re not for our convenience and pleasure.”

Wouldn’t they notice I’m copying them lol? Should I copy like an actor? I’ve thought about that but they’re either too crazy or too mild.

Just copy their mannerisms. If they ask questions about you, ask similar questions about them. If they've got a particular body language, assume the same body language. I'm shocked that you haven't yet realized how 90% of people around you basically act exactly the same as one another. That's what fitting in is all about.

They don’t though, like there’s always something that sets them apart. The one thing they do have that I lack is that they’re talkative af

Imagine if I bought you a dozen eggs, but because there's SOMETHING different about one you tell me that they're not "basically exactly the same as one another."

Like, are you trying to be intentionally dense, or is it just a reflex to act like this stuff is too hard for you to ever figure out? You gave me a really asinine response and I think you should be honest with yourself about that. Yes, human beings are all unique. Now put your guard down for ten whole seconds and think about this: those unique characteristics aren't the main drivers in social interactions. The common ground is. If you act like others--say, by being talkative in the ways which they are--then you're part of that common ground.

I don’t know how to put my guard down, I’ve literally never done this. Yeah ok that was kinda stupid but still, I wouldn’t know what sets me apart. Even when I’m shitfaced drunk I’m still pretty reserved.

its people telling you you have to be either more friendly, outgoing, brave, couragious or all 4. dont take it personally some people think just because your shy or quiet that you dont own these qualities

It means you’re not meeting people’s standards.

You need to become a normie conforming cuck faggot.


It means do whatever the fuck you want and not severely limit what you do when other people are around. Old shell me would usually sit quietly in social situations. Unleashed me is likely to start singing randomly or throw on a fake Irish or Russian accent and call people names whenever the mood strikes me.

Since I "came out of my shell" I also got a girlfriend. Shell me would have never gotten her because shell me would have never convinced her to sing scat with me.

well "shy" and "outgoing" are opposites

What is the point of a gf, again? Sex and....?

How did you get out


Mostly by realizing that what people do doesn't matter in 95% of social situations. You can act as over the top as you want and people will not only accept it but appreciate it.

What is the point of being a namefag, again? Attention seeking and....?

I turned it off. Forgot I left it in