I'm 31. I was caught smoking weed by my parents. They demanded I tell them who sold it to me or they'll kick me out...

I'm 31. I was caught smoking weed by my parents. They demanded I tell them who sold it to me or they'll kick me out. I told them and they called the cops. The kid who sold it to me is a junior in a high school. I haven't heard from him and I don't know what happened?

Would it be safe to start looking for another dealer? Does word travel?

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your a faggot bro lol i would have told your rents off your fucking 31

This is pathetic

I don't have a job and I wouldn't have a place to live. When it comes down to it, it's me over him

but for real ya you could be fucked on getting bud because chances are if that kid had good bud he had a good dealer and that dealer will be quiet for a few days/weeks

im just chain yanking you man but for real be more careful your life is more important but that was a kid inall lol

look for another dealer and move out of your parents basement

Just get into dealing yourself. Solves your job problem. If your parent catches you again blame another high schooler

Is this fucking bait? Is anyone really this much of a loser?

Then the same people wonder why they’re virgins for life. Fucking 31, no job, living in parents basement, but can still afford weed somehow.

The economy is shit bro. A lot of people can't find kjobs

Unemployment is down almost everywhere.
What do you mean the economy is shit?

>selling out a kid
absolute scum. your parents wouldn't have kicked you out, they know you're scum they need to keep hidden. and if they had kicked you out, it would have been your chance to learn how to not be scum.

Kid was doing illegal things. He had it coming. He might even learn to behave now.

the lowest unemployment in decades. this guy is a lazy bum but his parents are fucking insane however the police will now have him on the radar. A 31 yo man buying dope from a high school underage kid.

says the 31 year old failure who buys weed from a 16 year old..

>selling out a kid who did you a favour and giving him a record
his only mistake was selling to immature scum nearly twice his age.

I blame OP's parents for creating such a pathetic blob of shit. Where do people like them come from? Like they should not breed.

Kek fucking bedwetting rat sponger thinks he has a moral ground

>called the cops
liar. the cops would be all over you too punk ass. Bet you are 13 not 31

Hopefully they realised their mistake and stopped at one broken scumbag.

if they actually realized their mistake they would drive him out to the country or inner city and drop him like they would a mutt puppy

Based. Find a new dealer. Better yet, quit smoking

Move out of your parents' home and do what you want

I dont even smoke weed anymore but i still hate how much stigma it has.
In a world where everyones dying from shooting heroin just leave the stoners alone.

No way this is real

Unemployement only measure those who are looking for a job and don't have one.The rate only went down because the economy is so job people gave up. Once Trump is out of office I might start looking again

how is it possible to be this much of a loser