Deteriorating from still being unable to date

I keep going through life with the carrot on a stick of maybe one day, I will be able to get a girlfriend and I can be satisfied. but it seems more and more unlikely and I can't keep living on a hope when I am constantly exposed to happy relationships every time I go somewhere.

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What have you done today to get yourself closer to a gf?

This, you have to be super outgoing if you aren’t already user, make new friends, use tinder, go to more coworker hangouts

YKilll all women

Why do you think you can't get a girlfriend OP? Where do you think the problem lies? Have you tried going to places where a lot of women gather? I'm saying go places where you'll see large numbers of women among other men. The higher the number the higher your chances someone will notice you.

Again, why do you think you don't have one if you're looking for one?

Modern dating is soul destroying.

He said a girlfriend, not a one night stand or a friend with benefits

How did it come to this?

As opposed to what? Dating 10 years ago? 20 years ago? How would you even know?

If you’re deteriorating without a girlfriend that means you’re inherently not ready to be in a relationship because you can’t handle being single. You can try to get a girlfriend as a goal in life right now and even succeed but that relationship is gonna suck because you’re not gonna be ready for it.

Your life should be satisfying on its own. Love isn’t the meaning of life, it’s a nice side dish that you can chose to have to compliment your meal or maybe not.

You're a fucking moron

boy, I sure wish you were there for but really, what IS the right answer to that?


People are social creatures and it's only natural for us to feel bad without a romantic partner, you fucking retard.

If you want a romantic partner then get one, retard.

Do you have everything you want in life?
Why dont you get more money?
Why dont you get a job you enjoy more, or get enough money to not need a job at all?

If trying was the only thing you needed to get what you want then a lot more people would be happy.

Seems to work for everyone else. It's easier than ever to find someone to date. You are just choosing to not do it.

It's also easier than ever to make more money.
Investing, passive incomes, and new high-skilled jobs are all becoming more prevalent.
More people than ever are making fortunes or at least becoming financially independent.

So why haven't you?
Or so many other people?

Poor people are choosing to be poor.

Are you seriously saying getting into a relationship is as hard as becoming rich? Everyone can get a relationship. Nearly everyone does. Only those who don't want to don't. On the other hand getting rich needs a lot of things, such as hard work, talent, and luck.

Pretty sure getting in to a relationship requires hard work, talent, and luck as well.
How difficult each of these things are depends entirely on personal circumstances.

I got through college barely studying, 1 or 2 hours in one day at most and graduated cum laude.
Then I got a job paying 80k right out of college, sent out 3 applications and got a call back from the first one, eventually got that job.
And I still have never had a girlfriend.

To me getting a decent income seems easy and getting a girlfriend seems hard.

99% of people get into relationships at some point. 99% of people do not get rich, much fewer do. Getting a girlfriend is easy so can you stop lying already.

>Poor people are choosing to be poor
This is true btw

Stop chasing the carrot. It really exists to keep the slaves in place and, more importantly, producing wealth for the Elites. Yeah, some guys are actually genetically fit enough to get a gf but guess what? Most of them have to work and produce even more after they get one.

Sure 99% of people get into relationships, but most of those relationships fails, many of them leave the people worse than before they came into it.
Getting into a shitty relationship destined to fail might be easy, but getting into a good loving relationship is hard.

I would say just as hard as making exactly as much money as you want :)

I guess this is kind of moving goalposts though.

I still think that getting into any relationship is something that requires certain skills. Skills that most people get when they are children, but that are harder to acquire when you are an adult.

Just because something is easy for most people, it does not NECESSARILY mean that it is easy for everyone.

What have you ever done in your life that could result in getting a gf? Have you ever asked a girl out? Been on dating sites?

Not really, and if they did, doesn't mean they would be entirely wrong.

Yup, used tinder and OkCupid on and off through college.
Went to a quite a few parties, hell the house I lived in even hosted a couple.
Joined 2 clubs my first year.
I also studied abroad and went out basically every weekend while I was there.
Hell, I've tried to get in contact with some girls from Jow Forums, managed to talk with one too, but she ended up ghosting me.

You’re not even trying. What an entitled bitch.

How many dates have you been on?

Yes really

The dating apps/sites eventually ended with me doing all the talking and them eventually stopping their responses and I'm terrible at small talk and introductions so the meetings in person usually went nowhere.
I did try though!
One time I drank so much at a party trying to work up the confidence to talk to someone that I puked and passed out on the floor.

That didnt get any girls to like me either.

So you have tried babby's first steps and didn't even finish tutorial mode before giving up.

I'm still trying now! I go on dating sites and other places online looking to at least talk to girls.
I'm not going out to parties anymore though since I'm not in college.

Entitle bitch


Well then keep trying. Finish tutorial mode so you can start the real game at level 1.

Will do, and you work on finishing the tutorial for making money

Finished that long ago buddy. I'm pretty high level on both the getting girls and making money skills.

Depression doesn’t go away if a person starts dating. That’s a common misunderstanding, your mental health relying on the acceptance of another person will lead you to a living hell. Nothing good comes from trying to run away from addressing the problem inside you.

If you want reassurance, there’s plenty of women in the world who feel just as lonely as you. Online dating is where to find them. You can’t cold approach strangers anymore like all the advice we got growing up. Trying to flirt with a woman in public could lead to harassment and disorderly conduct charges, if she’s triggered by someone calling her attractive and interesting enough to want to date. (Women’s rape radar is so corrupted by LGBTQ people saying straight white men don’t care about consent)

Faggots rape people to, in fact prison rape is exclusively homosexual to a large degree.

Go on a free dating app, find a chick that lives near you and just start treating her nice and being a good person. That’s all it takes to find a girlfriend, aside from Hygiene.

Getting dates and making money are the same type of thing, you need to build a reputation with skills. Talents that set you apart from guys who think just existing entitles them to a love and fortune. Way too many guys think they can be boring nobodies and get things famous people have.

Except getting dates is infinitely easier and take much less work and skill.

That’s relative to who’s trying to do the dating, I’d rather have a short resume then being a suicidal woman hating incel.

You are delusional. It literally has never been easier to get dates. The only way to avoid getting dates is to shut yourself in and never try.

so I never could get a date?

Growth never stops and change isn't always bad. Focus on what makes you good to be around and capitalize on it; if you lack qualities, then minimize on what makes you unpleasant.

The first step to getting a girlfriend is making friends. That does, of course, go in hand with expecting rejections to be part of the parcel.

There's no 'one' way. You just figure out the kinda person you want to date, figure out how to appeal to them and work at it.

No I think he's implying you aren't trying.

>More cash
Working on that one, actually. Spent a lot of years using depression as an excuse to roadblock myself out of progression. The problem is I'm running out of resources to tap when I'm busy floundering at rock bottom, so here I am working on it at school.
>job you enjoy more
I actually quit my one job to actively pursue literally anything else and it got me someplace I was phenomenally happier.
As for enough money not to work... I don't actually want that. I think the carrot on the stick is healthy to a degree because idle hands are the real killer out there. There's enough shitters convinced they're monetarily beyond reproach. I won't put myself in position to become one.
More to the point, why are you asking a romantic partner to come clean up a mess?
Can't you do them the dignity of having you at, at the least, a 'best presentation' if not your very best? Are you saying you'd be happy with 'just anything' otherwise?

I don't think you get this. There's a pragmatic and empirical element to dating that emphasizes some level of Independence due to the fact that someone has to. If you're not doing it yourself, it looks extremely poorly on you because you are in essence, at that point, asking someone to take care of you.

I'm not saying you've done nothing or aren't worth dating, but it does involve effort, work and a level of acceptance-of-failure... And not one necessarily locked to a global standard... In fact it's rather the opposite, each person will find those standards meld to them in a certain way.

I promise you it's ambiguous bullshit always, every time in every way. That's socializing for you in a nutshell.

I try incredibly hard. half of the time people say I try to hard and it is offputting. so I focus that trying to improve myself but it doesn't work.