How to find a passion and be happy as a psychopath

I have always known there was something wrong with me but only recently I decided to stay sober so Im extremely bored and purposeless because all my talents are illegal or dangerous to myself and others.

So, how do I get to be happy as a psychopath/antisocial/whatever without using drugs or violence?

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the same way the rest of us do?

I'm not sure what substance use has to do with this either.

you haven't given us much to work with

I have no passions, im completely empty, my old life consisted of sex, bullying other people and doing copious amounts of alcohol.

Now I do none of them and feel completely bored, Like really bored. It almost hurts physically.
Sorry if I cant explain but theres no other way to put it. Im just so bored and useless

ok thats better.

why did you stop doing those things?

have you dissected what about those things gave you some kind of fulfillment?

I stopped Because I started losing Uni courses and couldnt drive so I stopped working (Basically lost my job)

I have no idea, maybe the excitement??
Im obsessed with really abstract concepts of aesthetics and weird unexplainable shit like that so I always get angry when I cant express myself Maybe that was a way to blow off steam.

maybe you should search for a new hobby, something that you can put time and effort into.
have you considered learning a music instrument or maybe programming? you will find something you enjoy.

I was learning japanese but its too boring

learning a new language might be too ambitious. start easier! you can also start working out. personally i can only recommend to involve music in your live. it helpes me a alot

Let me guess: shit childhood and you never over came it, right? Where are mommy and daddy?

Name said talents

Yeah I figured. I always was a music junkie and still am but I try to avoid the old music I used to listen to because it brings me back.
Send me music dude, what do you listen to?
I started to work out but only occasionally because my sleep schedule is fucked so I stay up like 24 hours and sleep 6-8 so im always tired but kind of energetic at the same time? idk

Yeah kinda, my useless dad just gives me with money and my mom just exists.

My talents are manipulating people, avoiding responsibility, im very good at fights, I can drink a lot, smoke a lot. Im good at sex, im good at procrastinating, memorizing useless information like conspiracy theories or medieval tortures

not very talented in a way society values But thats not what matters. I just want the same dopamine hits that alcohol, sex and drugs give but in some other way.


I have a feeling you'll like extreme (not sure if that's the right word) sports like mountain biking, rock climbing or other dangerous things to get your adrenaline going.

People have told me that before, but to be honest im not interested.
seems like such a normie thing to do

Having music as hobby always draws me into the situation where I’m trying to listen as many titles as possible so I can appear as music snob in public. Too bad I went almost full hiki mode, so it makes no sense.

That happens to me too, always in my headphones. In my own world.

I dont understand your second sentence tho.

Have you been diagnosed? If not, fuck off to tumblr

Why would you want a diagnosis? doesn't it ruin your work possibilities ?

a diagnosis is just a prize for normies to feel special

I mean I have no company to show my music taste off, and from this point it makes no sense because my need for attention is my main source of motivation here.

No genuine psycho path would care enough about other people's input - especially those who have no barring on their social image/ mask- to make this post.

You might be a manipulative edge Lord,even a sociopath possibly but really now nigga - you're just a lost guy with anger issues

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The need for interpersonal relationships sucks but its part of being human

im probably just a "lost guy with anger issues", I just said psychopath in the OP to make it easier to understand what kind of person I am

Besides the terms sociopath and psychopath arent part of psychology anymore

So, do you have imput or are just here to nigger around

So you're a fag looking for attention by claiming he's a psychopath? It's a phase user, all teenagers go through it.

i wish i was a teenager again

I was about to say like don’t we all, but actually I don’t want those back. The thing I’d actually like is to speed up the period where I’m supposed to feel better.

Go to the gym regularly
Find a hobby
Give to the community in some way

Try digging underground music like certain House (Houseum, Slav,...) or some proper Techno (HATE).

Trying to "find a passion" is also very normie. If you didn't want to be more normie, why even make this thread?