My canadian student visa got rejected,what do I do now?

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Go to school in a real country, like America

too expensive for me

The poor man's option is to go to school in the UK. You can also go to school in a European country but no one outside of the EU takes European universities seriously because they're a cheap joke.

Hi India bro. I wish I could give you some advice.

>but no one outside of the EU takes European universities seriously because they're a cheap joke.
Lmao you're fucking retarded

Everyone in the world has heard of Harvard and Stanford. Even McState Universities are considered more desirable by people from China and Saudi Arabia than universities and technical training centers in their home countries.

Second to this are UK universities, but almost only Oxford and Cambridge still carry any real weight.

As for the EU, who the FUCK has heard of Universitat Leiden or Maastricht? Almost no one from outside of the EU goes to those third-rate free-for-alls. Because the higher education options in Europe are free and subsidized by the government, they are very low quality, and globally widely considered a joke.

You are so obviously a high school dropout NEET. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Wow that's amazing if you can get into Oxford, Cambridge, or an Ivy League. If you can't, then what? Who gives a shit what Saudis or Chinese people think is good?
>they are very low quality, and globally widely considered a joke
How are they low quality? And I've never met someone who considers top European universities like University of Amsterdam or Lund University as jokes. At the end of the day, mid tier and top tier European universities offer THE BEST bang for buck education by far. Nobody gives a shit or even knows what University of Central Florida or University of Iowa is, these are shit universities that cost at least 3x more to attend than top European universities.

You keep on fucking around with your useless European degree bought and paid for by the EU nanny state and see how far it gets you when you apply for any kind of meaningful high level job in the US

>EU nanny state
Lmao delusional american retard
Why would anyone want to work at a high level job in the states when you could do so in Europe? A more interesting place, with better healthcare systems, paid parental leave and paid vacation days guaranteed.

>I pay $50-100k for my bachelor's degree

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Which makes it actually worth something. EU degrees are worthless because they're handed out like candy.

>Says EU has better education
>Wasn't educated to speak or write more eloquently than calling people retards on the internet
>Wasn't educated to back up loaded statements with supporting points

Wow, you must have had a really stellar academic career..... /s

How do you explain top European universities with low acceptance rates retard? You think your degree from University of Alabama is worth more than University of Amsterdam? Lmao you have to be trolling. Have fun getting ripped off in the states.

The US and the UK aren't even the most developed countries, why on Earth would you think they have the best universities?

The quality of the university is dictated by the land and people. If you put good people in a nice campus, you get a good university.

The English speaking world is behind that of the European continent in terms of both aspects in almost every facet of life.

The universities are no different. I would much rather graduate from UniAmsterdam or Ecole Normale Superieure than hang out with butch shaped Americans.

I'm almost starting to think the genetics of white people are inferior to that of Europe.

>Continent that literally created universities
>Continent whose universities have made over 90% of scientific discoveries of the world in the last centuries
>Continent with universities that have existed for hundreds of years
You must be trolling. Not even Americans can be this dumb. In what world are these "low quality"? Let me guess, the basement you live in.

Do you have a source to back this up? Because what you are saying is utter horseshit.

Uh, where are the genetics of white people if not in Europe?

>The 21st century is the same as the 1700s

This ain't the pre-colonial era anymore, bro. All of today's great scientists are either American or British. Or if not, they went to an American or British university.

Typo, I meant to compare North Americans whites have inferior genes relative to European whites. Especially when comparing with Scandinavia.

If I name a couple of European great scientists, will you admit you were totally wrong and know nothing about what you were talking about?

Mainly British influence I suppose.

So is this what European education does, indoctrinates students with Nazi ideology?

I thought you guys were over that.

I'm Chinese from Canada, Scandinavians do more than just dress better than the folks here.